#1 Choice: SRI Straight Pro by Skin Research Institute


The Skin Research Institute is a name often at the forefront of anti-aging skin discoveries, but this time they have surprised us with their latest venture dominating the world of hair. The SRI Straight Pro is a hair straightener that works like magic on all hair types. Its design is based on the latest research in infrared heat with negative ion technology and features pure ceramic plates giving each customer a glossy, sleek waterfall finish no matter the hair texture or thickness. This is the product of years and years of research coming together to finally create a tool that doesn’t sizzle or snag strands, doesn’t take hours to work and doesn’t cost half your monthly rent. The concept of taking breakthroughs in science and turning them into everyday, durable products is what makes the SRI Straight Pro our #1 choice and cements it as the complete styling tool.

Why SRI Straight Pro Stood Out…

At first, SRI Straight Pro wasn’t a big player when testing and research first started on our quest to find the best hair straightener.  We weren’t sure if it would make the top 5 let alone end up our number one choice, simply because there are so many big brands out there making so much noise. Truthfully, we wondered if we were missing something or didn’t use the others correctly, but after repeat trials SRI Straight Pro continuously came out on top. When it came down time to choose, the SRI Straight Pro just handles hair way better than any other option. It has a fast heat up time to all of the possible temperatures and the result was soft smooth locks time and time again. On top of the easy, quick styling process, after we monitored long term use, the SRI Straight Pro showed to actually improve hair strength and luster. It didn’t cause damage, it reversed it which we didn’t know was possible from a hot styling tool.

  • Triple action technology resulted in soft, shiny, salon-quality hair
  • The cutting-edge infrared heat with negative ion technology removed static, frizz and flyaways
  • Fast and powerful heat temperatures, longest duration to straighten a full head of hair was 15 minutes on coarse curly strands
  • Easy to maneuver and sleek design
  • Ceramic plates evenly distribute heat to the follicle actually IMPROVING shine and softness and sealed existing split ends
  • Happy and approachable customer service reps went out of their way to accommodate questions and special requests

  • Sometimes on back order
  • Only available online
  • Only ships within the US


What we found

The SRI Straight Pro worked better than most of the professional $300+ products you see celebrities use and after researching the technology, it made sense as to why we were getting the results we did. The ceramic plates were able to glide through any hair texture with ease the ionic technology neutralized static and kinetic strand expansion (aka frizz).


Hair straighteners often get a bad rap for painful neck scorches and leaving behind that horrible acrid burnt hair smell, but with SRI Straight Pro none of these were an issue. There was no sizzle or steam when tested even on wet or damp hair.

The SRI Straight Pro was a sturdy device that didn’t burn the surface it was on and also features a 60 minute shut-off timer in case it is mistakenly left on. There was no follicle damage at all and the website has suggested temperatures depending on hair texture if you were wondering what the best temperature for you might be.

Suggested temperature settings:

For fine or damaged hair: 250-300 degrees For medium/average hair: 300-350 degrees For thick or coarse hair: 350-400 degrees

SRI also offers a 60-day money back guarantee, meaning that if you aren’t in love with the straightener you can return it for a full refund for 60 days after purchase.

They also offer a 10-year warranty so if you need experience technical issues their customer service team is always accommodating and available to issue refunds and replacements.


The SRI Straight Pro technology uses three of the latest innovations in hair science.

Ceramic Plates: Ceramic is an excellent for getting hot and staying hot EVENLY. The composition of these smooth plates ensure that there are no hotspots which is often a reason why hair steams or burns unexpectedly in random areas. The smoothness also prevents snags or tearing and instead allows a pleasant glide as you clamp on and run through any size section of hair. This is important for those trying to beat the clock, who use big sections to cut down on minutes and end up painfully losing half of their strands in the clamp. The thing with ceramic is it stays hot for a long time, so always be careful even after you shut off the device in case any heat still lingers.

Negative Ion Technology: This entire feature is added to erase static and frizz and add shine and smoothness. This tech also quickly dissipates water molecules from the hair shaft allowing the device to be used on damp hair with fast-acting beautiful results and zero steam damage. When certain objects rub against each other, the molecules transfer negative charges or electrons. This is why when you comb your hair, the strands stand up; it simply means your strands are now positively charged since they are missing the electrons that were passed to the comb. The negative ion technology in the SRI Straight Pro returns negatively charged electron your strand molecule and neutralizes that imbalance. The result is a sleek, smooth finish that stems from restoring hair follicles at the cellular level.

Infrared Heat: The last science-based feature that makes SRI Straight Pro so special is the infrared heat. In scientific terms, infrared heat is a form of electromagnetic radiation which is a fancy way of saying, we can feel it this type of heat, but can’t see it as it penetrates objects through the inside out. It uses the plates of the device which has higher temperature to transfer it to the core of your hair follicles, which have a lower temperature. It creates an effect that relaxes and softens your hair strands enabling a faster, more effective and HEALTHIER heat transfer.

How you can use the SRI Straight Pro to achieve different styles

This straightener features plates that are 1 1/2 inch in length that allow you create different wavy styles in addition to the pin straight sleek look. The SRI website has an instructional page on how to use the device and different methods of achieving the variety of looks.

Notable Reviews

“My daughter is a hair dresser and only uses the best equipment for her clients. Needless to say she couldn’t believe it when she saw what the SRI Straight Pro did for my thick curly hair. This iron has had the best results on my hair every single time I use it. It takes seconds to heat up and I feel like each use is only making my hair shine more! I am an absolute fan and want to check out their other products.”

“I usually just throw my hair into a bun since I don’t have time or energy to straighten my long thick hair. But I saw some reviews saying how quickly SRI Straight Pro handles coarse texture and with the 60 day refund there was no reason to not give it a shot. I am so glad that I did. It takes 5 minutes tops to fix my hair in the morning – the exact time it takes to brew my coffee. I look so much more put together all day long and am even starting to mix up my styles. I honestly never thought I’d be the girl with smooth, picture-worthy hair that looks like I go to Blowout Salons but I totally am! I’m so excited and cannot be more happy with the SRI Straight Pro!

“I’ve been using hot styling tools on my hair since middle school and they have taken their toll on my poor damaged hair. I have been looking for a tool that won’t make my split ends look worse just for those really bad hair days and SRI Straight Pro blew me away. I can use this straightener EVERY day despite my brittle ends. When they say it restores the strand at the cellular level they mean it I really think it’s made my hair healthier and definitely shine more than it has in years. I would recommend this to anyone!”

Special Purchase Options

If you are interested in ordering the SRI Straight Pro you can order directly from this page and it will be submitted directly to the SRI website on an encrypted checkout and shipped within 24 hours of purchase (not including holidays or weekends).

If you want a refund, simply ship the item back to this address or call email using the below contact information (also displayed on their website):

2425 Olympic Blvd.
Suite 4000
Santa Monica
CA, 90404

Phone: (800) 958-1094

Note: The Skin Research Institute occasionally runs special discounts on various products. Currently they are offering one of the best straightener deals we’ve seen with a First Time Customer discount marking it down to $69.00 with free shipping. Originally priced at $97.00, this was reassuring to see since it proved SRI wants to build long-term valuable relationships with their customers.

Status: In Stock

Payment Accepted: 


SRI Straight Pro Hair Straightener

Org. Price: $97.00 First Time Customer Special Price: $69.00 + FREE shipping! Save up to 29%

Choose your ideal FREE Delivery option below

Order ships within 24 hours of being placed.


Return Policy

SRI Straight Pro offers a 60 day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your product. All you need to do is ship back your straightener for a full refund.


Skin Research Institute ships their orders within 24h of your order and the average time to receive your product is 1-3 business days. You will receive a confirmation email after making a purchase as well as a tracking number for your order.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or want immediate assistance, you can reach out to the customer service team at the below information.

Customer Service: (800) 958-1094


Or via the contact page here



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