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Out of all of the digestive enzyme supplements we came across in our research, ACTZYM has by far impressed us the most. They’re the only product hailing from an esteemed leader in gastrointestinal health, such as the Digestive Center. Utilizing a powerful formula composed of fresh ingredients designed to work together seamlessly, this supplement does everything it says it will and more. Add a customer service team that goes above and beyond expectation and a 90 Day Money Back guarantee, there’s no reason why anyone should look beyond ACTZYM when shopping for a digestive enzyme supplement.

Company Background:

As a forerunner in the realm of health, the Digestive Center has partnered with world-renowned experts to create groundbreaking discoveries and once again, they’ve created something exceptional. The team of relentless pioneers working at the Digestive Center proved to be extraordinarily dedicated to their mission, constantly at the forefront of breakthrough research and discovery. With access to cutting-edge facilities and high-tech laboratories, the Digestive Center has been consistently devoted to creating supplements specifically geared for the gastrointestinal system.

Boasting a full resume of past successes, we were thrilled to see that the Digestive Center had done it again and released an astonishingly effective digestive enzyme supplement.

  • Plant-based and gluten free, worked especially well for those customers sensitive to dairy or suffering from a gluten intolerance, a must have for IBS sufferers!
  • Customers found they were able to introduce a wider variety of food to their diet after taking, thanks to the powerful formula
  • Made in American GMP and FDA certified facilities
  • The potent formula packed with 18 powerful digestive enzymes proved to ease uncomfortable gas and bloating after heavy meals
  • Extremely cost effective with free shipping and a discount when purchased in bulk, 3 bottles for only $33.00 each and 2 Bottles for only $40.50 each with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Only need to take one pill as needed compared to competitors’ requiring up to 6 per day
  • Incredibly responsive and helpful customers service team that made themselves available and accountable for every customer inquiry

  • Often on backorder to ensure ingredients are fresh
  • Only available online
  • Can only be ordered during business hours

Ingredients and Effectiveness

With 18 different digestion-enhancing enzymes all bringing something vital to the table, this blend of organic, fresh ingredients hits every mark when it comes to what you want in a supplement.

Invertase: a carbohydrate-digesting enzyme specifically known for its ability to break down sugars so they can be stored and used by your body for energy.

Lipase: The enzyme in charge of breaking down fats into fatty acids and glycerol. To put it simply, Lipase helps package cholesterol cells for transport into your blood stream. This enzyme is produced by your pancreas, and acts in your small intestine.

Amylase: This enzyme tackles all of starches that enter your system and help turn them into glucose, one of your body’s primary energy sources. This means that the presence of Amylase is particularly important to maintain high energy levels.

Protease 1 & Protease 2: These two enzymes were an exciting find, since they help the gastrointestinal system digest a multitude of proteins as well as process toxins so your body doesn’t have to. By digesting the cell walls of harmful organisms, these enzymes save your immune system from toxin overload.

Papain: a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the leaf and raw fruit of the papaya plant. It helps process tough amino acids (or protein fibers) into smaller strings of proteins. This results in improved nutrient absorption and overall digestive health. Research shows that Papain effectively eases digestive symptoms such as constipation, inflammation, and bloating.

Bromelain: This was also thrilling to see in the ingredients label since it is a mixture of digestive enzymes derived from the pineapple fruit with strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial abilities. This secret treasure has been used by Central and South America populations to treat Inflammation and indigestion for centuries. German scientists discovered in a double-blind trial that it can reduce pain and swelling after surgery.

With these vital ingredients plus over ten other enzymes packed into each capsule, the formula concocted by the development team over at the Digestive Center proved to be extremely effective.

User Reviews

Supplement Safety

A large concern to keep an eye out for is whether or not a supplement contains any additives or preservatives. These fillers often are not seriously harmful, but they do cause unwanted side effects that would have otherwise been avoided.

We are thrilled to say that ACTZYM had the purest formula out of all of the products we tested and it boasted clean bill of filler-free health. Completely additive and filler free, ACTZYM contains a clean digestive formula that packs a punch.


A money back guarantee is a huge factor when debating which product to buy and distinguishing trustworthy companies from the hoard of sketchy ones. After thoroughly examining ACTZYM’s offer, we were thrilled to see that not only did they indeed provide a risk-free guarantee, but at 90 Days, it was the longest lasting one that we found. Most of the competitors displayed a 30 or 60-day guarantee, so it was great to see a company go above and beyond by offering a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.


After all of our investigating, ACTZYM came in first place across the board crushing the competition in every category. It’s potent one-two punch formula featuring all-natural ingredients and vital enzymes would’ve been enough by itself to land at number one. However, after taking into account the renowned history of the manufacturer, top-notch customer service, generous risk-free guarantee, and multitude of overjoyed customer reviews, it’s the clear as day that ACTZYM is the ultimate product that fits your every digestive enzyme need.


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