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#3 Choice: BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium


BaBylissPro is another popular brand well-known throughout the industry since it’s origination 50 years ago. It was actually the first manufacturer of electro-beauty tools with the first curling iron to hit market in 1961.  It’s PRO division frequently utilizes experts in the professional hairstyling world to assist with design and development of new products. This brand always seeks to improve what is currently available making it a familiar name among qualified beauticians and other authorities in the industry.

Why BaBylissPro…

BaByliss has earned its reputation with over 5 decades of industry expertise and this straightener definitely comes to the table with improved tech and design. Using the same Ionic technology equipped in the SRI Straight Pro, the number three straightener choice comes featuring a series of functionalities that put it ahead of most of its competitors. In addition to the ionic technology that eliminates frizz and static, the BaBylissPro contains Ryton Stay Cool Housing to help keep hair protected and healthy. Unfortunately, we were disappointed to see that this brand used titanium plates which is not the best composition to evenly distribute heat and avoid damage. Despite this one major flaw, the BaBylissPro is a very effective tool from a reputable brand and thus takes home the number three slot.

  • Ionic Technology
  • Ryton Stay-Cool patented system designed to help protect strands from the high temperatures of the titanium plates
  • LED temperature settings allowed this tool to work on various hair types (up to 450 Fahrenheit)
  • Titanium-plates allow for extremely high temperatures in a short amount of time

  • The titanium plates corroded a bit faster than other compositions
  • Customers complained of their strands snagging or being pulled
  • The iron heats up extremely fast to high temperatures and sometimes overheats and cracks in half, be sure to monitor the temperature and if it seems like its overheating turn it off immediately
  • Did not protect strands with the same effectiveness as other straighteners and some shoppers experienced breakage at the ends and increased number of split ends


What we found

With over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and as the oldest manufacturer who actually invented the first hot tool, BaByliss was definitely one of the first straighteners we wanted to thoroughly investigate.  It definitely proved to make many professionals and amateurs happy, but also seemed to miss the five star rating. The ionic technology effectively smoothed strands, but the titanium plates often appeared to induce damage that dried out hair and gave it a dull look after long-term use. It’s also important to be cautious when ordering as this brand has a lot of counterfeit items being sold on Amazon who does not issue refunds or quality control returns.


The BaBylissPro Nano Titanium straightener does not feature the safety items we have come to expect from the top brands. One of the more “dangerous” irons, it is almost geared specifically for the pros since everyday use would cause lifeless looking hair after a while. It also is extremely lightweight for those who would be holding it for more than a few hours per day.  This is a small, powerful ultra-hot tool that does require a little bit more attention when it comes to safety.


The ionic technology effectively neutralizes positively charged hair and eliminates frizz and static. The Ryton stay-cool housing also combats short-term heat damage, but seemed to wear off and failed to protect strands from the ultra-hot titanium plate distribution following extended use. This resulted in some breakage and split ends but definitely made hair shiny and silky during the first few months and thick curly hair seemed to absorb the heat well. It was only on fine thin hair where the damage was noticeable.

Special Purchase Options

If you are interested in ordering the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Plates you can order from the sellers page or Amazon. Due to the numerous counterfeit products circulating we recommend ordering it from the seller’s website here.


Visit Their Website Here


While there is no available refund policy, they do offer a 3-year warranty for any faulty products. The customer service team at BaByliss effectively provided replacement parts and straighteners in their entirety when requested.

Customer Service

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