#4 Choice: Rusk Engineering CRC Technology Professional Str8 Iron


Rusk Engineering is a Salon-inspired manufacturer of hair products composed of a team of editorial stylists, business-owners, and according to their website, even some TV pros. The memory function on this specific straightener is extremely useful for those who need specialized temperatures since it remembers the exact temperature to return to whenever you snap it on.

Why Rusk Engineering…

Rusk Engineering is composed of dedicated and passionate professionals who have been in the beauty and hair space for a long time. The creative team is also composed of some pretty big names in the industry such as Maybe Saylor, a stylist known for her bold blend of vibrant colors like aquamarine and magenta heads this team that clearly knows what they’re doing and is also a part of the Conair corporation.

  • CTC technology
  • Titanium-infused plates
  • LED temperature settings allowed this tool to work on various hair types (up to 450 Fahrenheit)
  • Memory function
  • Can be shipped to select countries outside of the US

  • Titanium plated plates were not as effective as evenly distributing heat to hair strands
  • Hard to shut the clamp completely together was not that effective at straightening small sections of hair since some would fall out
  • The iron took a bit of time to heat up as they were very cautious of increasing damage and didn’t want the titanium to diffuse heat at dangerous levels.


What we found

Many customers loved the way this straightener worked on their damaged and dry hair, but it did take a lot longer than others. This is a great straightener for professionals with clients that have severely crunchy, crispy hair or for people who have an extra 20-30 min to spare everytime they are planning on using a straightener. The results were good if you overlook these main issues and you don’t even need to use a heat protectant or other product since it is such a timid hot tool it barely counts as lukewarm in my book.


The number one goal of Rusk Engineering was to create a safe product for people who need to put caution as a priority. No matter if your hair is wet or dry or severely in need of a deep conditioning this tool will straighten and care for your hair as if it were its own daughter.


Sol-Gel technology provides a smooth glide while leaving hair in optimal condition. It also has a Ryton cooling technology to ensure the strand retains maximum moisture. The plates are also plated with titanium and fired with ceramic.


Special Purchase Options

If you are interested in ordering the Rusk Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straightener you can order from the sellers page or Amazon. Due to the numerous counterfeit products circulating we recommend ordering it from the seller’s website here.


Visit Their Website Here

Return Policy

While there is no return policy there is a 24-month warranty available for replacement products and parts should your straightener be faulty upon arrival.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or want immediate assistance, you can reach out to the customer service team at the below information.

Technical Questions: 1-800-USE-RUSK

Customer Service (Australia): 1-800-126-806

Customer Service (New Zealand): 1-800-003-618

Service for Appliances (USA): 1-800-326-6247

Service for Appliances (Canada): 1-800-472-7606

Or via the contact page here



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