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Autumn Hair Care – Time to Show Some Love to Your Hair

During summer our hair goes through a lot, things like constant exposure to UV rays and chlorinated water. Let’s be honest here, most of us spend much less time caring for our hair than we usually do. With all the sun soaking, socializing, and traveling, who has the time to think about hair care anyway? Instead, we opt for quick hairstyles and fixing our hair on the go. Which can include the use of hot tools such as a curling iron or flat iron which further damages the hair.

Now that summer is over, we can finally start thinking about hair care. You can easily go from fried hair and split ends to stunning and healthy-looking hair with these hair care tips!

No More Split Ends  

After months of being exposed to UV rays, chlorinated water, and high heat, our hair looks like it could use some professional help. Fried, dry hair is more susceptible to breakage and tangles. It’s the perfect time to visit your stylist. He or she will trim your hair and might even apply some serums or a deep conditioner to revitalize it. Try to book in regular appointments with a stylist to keep your hair strong, healthy and beautiful. 

Make the Color Pop

This is the perfect time to make a big change and glamorously dive into cold winter months. Your stylist can add wonderful dimensional tones to your hair to give you a new look! If you’re more into low maintenance, Balayage, or baby highlights, are great options that stay looking fresh for months.

Invest in Hair Care Products 

Dry air can make our hair prone to breakage. Fall is a great time of year to  add a few products to your hair care arsenal. Heat protectant is a must-have to minimize the damage from a hair dryer or iron. Also, buy a new shampoo and conditioner. Preferably a moisturizing one. Fall is a great time to hydrate your locks.

Bring the Gloss Back

Our hair needs a regular and generous dose of protein to keep it healthy and glossy. A keratin-based mask is great for dry and damaged hair as it prevents moisture loss and nourishes your hair structure on a deep level. A protein mask is a great choice for thin hair as it makes hair stronger. For curly hair, try a mask with argan, coconut, or avocado oil.

Go Gentle on Your Hair

Try not to wash your hair daily. Everyday washing contributes to a loss of natural oils in your hair. On a shampoo day use warm water for washing your hair. Hot water can be damaging to hair. The final rinse should be with cool water this helps to seal the cuticle of your hair giving you a more silky finish. Use a towel to remove excess moisture. Gently squeeze the sections of your wet hair with a towel to keep your hair strong. Then apply a detangling spray to your hair before blow-drying. Use a wide comb to remove any tangles in your hair. 

Choose Simple Hairstyles

Autumn is a time of simple hairstyles. On the days when you want to do something to your hair, simply opt for low knotted ponytails and buns. Avoid tight elastics when possible and opt for a trendy scrunchie instead while your hair is healing.

Eat Food Rich in Nutrients

One of the best autumn hair care tips is to eat healthy foods. Make sure to add lean meat and protein-rich food to your diet. Don’t forget to eat vegetables and fruits as well. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from these foods will make your hair stronger and hydrated. You can even talk to a doctor about taking some vitamins to boost your vitamin intake.

Final Thoughts

Your hair deserves love, so be sure to give it what it needs, lots of moisture, and vitamins. Follow the tips for washing and drying your hair to prevent hair damage. As a result, your hair will look shiny and healthy  What more could you ask for? 

Christy is a licensed cosmetologist with 10 years of experience working for one of the top 20 Paul Mitchell Salons in the US. She is also an experienced Brand Advisor, and Beauty Blogger.