The Best Curling Irons of 2020 That Won’t Break Your Hair Or The Bank

Choosing the best curler for your hair type, desired style,and price range is not as easy as it sounds. We took the time to test over twenty-five curling irons to narrow down a top 3,so you don’t have to!

Get shiny glamorous curls or beach waves, with the same amazing tool, without any unwanted heat damage!

Whether you only do your hair for special occasions or if you’re an everyday styler, owning a curling iron that treats your hair with care is key!

The #1 thing to look for in a curling iron is a high-tech curling rod. Celebrity stylists say that if it’s not tourmaline, it’s not worth it!So we narrowed down the top 3 best tourmaline styling tools for getting glam, gorgeous curls.

Who has the time or patience (or money!) to get their hair curled every time they want some volume, or even nice soft beach waves? Not us! That’s why an effective, good-for-your-hair curler is a must for women. 

BUT! Overtime, heat styling tools can do serious damage to your precious locks. Some women experience minor breakage, while others experience major hair loss. Yikes!

Our favorite curling irons out of the top 3 use infrared light technology that actually helps to stimulate hair growth, and produce naturally shinier, healthier hair over time!

Another thing to look out for in a curling iron is temperature control. If you can’t determine exactly how hot your curler is, you may be burning your hair without realizing! Even just a few degrees can be the difference between crisped ends or healthy hair.

Now that you know a little bit more about what to look for in a curler, let’s break it down!Infrared technology is the #1 thing to look for in a curler, but here are four other amazing qualities you don’t want to skimp out on!



Avoid burnt fingertips with an easy-handling cool tip. 
True professional stylistsknow that you can’t have a curler that’s going to be burning you or your client all day!


Invest in one powerful, long-lasting tool that can style any look, with the least amount of damage.

Be sure to get a curler that can achieve a variety of styles, such as big, voluminous curls 
andlight beach-blown looking waves.


  1. Tourmaline-Ceramic BarrelIf you’re hot tool isn’t made of tourmaline and/or ceramic (bonus points if it’s made of a combination of the two!) then you are probably doing a lot more damage to your hair than you realize. The gentle gemstones help to reduce damage, fight frizz and static, and produce the most beautiful lightweight curls. Curling irons made with gemstone barrels are the only way to go if you want to care for your hairand help minimize breakage and damage.
  2. Digital Temperature Screen –Knowing exactly what temperature your curling iron is set to is so important! Not only does utilizing a range of temperatures help you reduce unwanted damage, but it’s the only way to get the exact style or curl type that you’re going for. For loose waves, a lower temperature will be best. For voluminous, bouncy curls, you’re going to need a higher temp. Especially if you’re sharing your curler with a daughter or sister or friend who has a different hair type than you do, knowing the exact temperature to set it at for a range of textures and types is best.
  3. Easy Grip & Cool TipNo one enjoys burning themselves when styling their hair. Yes, it happens, but it’s not ideal or safe! Buying a curler that is easy to hold will help you enjoy styling again. No one likes holding up a tool that weighs you down. Plus, having a cool tip grip for holding curls makes it safe for handling when you’re in a rush or need to hold a curl for longer than a few seconds.
  4. 360º Orbit CordThis is the #1 attribute that women overlook! Having a 360º orbit cord allows you to seamlessly style and move around your bathroom or bedroom without getting all tangled up. It makes it easier to plug into an outlet that’s farther away, and you’re less likely to burn yourself in the process! Full range orbit cords also help you style from all angles, getting perfect curls even in the most hard-to-reach spots on your head!

Styling with the right curler should be a fun experience! Finding the right one is the hard part!
Get a curler that meets all of your styling criteria, will look nice in your bathroom, and won’t do major damage to your hair.


Top 3 Curling Irons That Help Rejuvenate Hair



#1 Award Winning Infrarose Curler

4.9/5 – Excellent

Infrarose Curler

This beautiful 1” Curler is designed to create gorgeous curls and waves with ease. Its unique red light therapy and negative ion technology help to rejuvenate hair from frizzy to silky, so you can rock gorgeous hair all day long.

$99.00 $165.00

Increase Shine, Reduce Damage & Frizz, & Love Your Curls Every Time!

The Infrarose Curlercame in at the #1 spot for good reasonit’s the BEST! This sleek, tourmaline-ceramic gemstone barrel curler is the best on the market in terms of quality, price, reviews, and they even have an amazing refund policy (though you won’t need it!).

The best part is it has an infrared light strip! Red light is what the sun gives off, whereas blue light is what phones and other harmful screens give off. Red light therapy has been used on hair to increase shine, encourage hair growth, reduce frizz, and support overall healthier hair. The  Infrarose Curler’s red light strip is reason enough to award it the top spot.

Still, there’s even more to love about it…

Honestly, we fell in love with it before even trying it. It comes in a gorgeous box, and arrived a day earlier than anticipated. Which was perfect, because this was the one curler we could not wait to try!

It is beautifully designed, research-backed, and is so easy to handle. The smooth, ergonomic grip is perfect for long-term and everyday use. It has a cool tip, a 360º orbit cord that allows you to style every strand of hair without getting all tangled up, and a digital temperature screen! Anyone who styles their hair regularly knows how crucial a digital screen is.

We weren’t surprised by the incredible quality of the Infrarose Curler, because we swear by the Infrarose straightener. The company honors a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can send it back within 60 days if you don’t love it. Since there’s no doubt you will love it, they also offer free replacement parts and repairs for one full year from your purchase.

Any company that puts health and wellness at the forefront of their products gets an A in our book. The Infrarose Curlernot only helped us get the exact gorgeous look we were going for, but it also left our hair feeling good, too! A++!

The other great thing about SRI is that they always have an amazing sale for their First Time Customers!


Our Final Verdict on the Infrarose Curler: Highly Recommended


#2 DryBars 3-Day Bender

4/5 – Good

DryBar’s 3-Day Bender curling iron was a great purchase, and it came in a very close second! The only thing that set this one apart from a 5 is that it would snag our hair every couple strands. Otherwise, it was a lovely styling experience and had almost all of the qualities we were looking for!

Like the Infrarose, the DryBar curling iron utilizes powerful red light therapy to reduce frizz and flyaways, and its ceramic barrel leaves hair looking mega shiny.

The curling iron overall was very easy to use. It had a perfectly legible digital temperature screen, heated up fairly quickly, and is lightweight enough to pack along for a, well, 3-day bender! Not sure where they got the name from, because these curls did not last even close to three days.

Still, we loved the way the curler was able to create relatively big, bouncy curls just as well as it allowed for soft, loose waves. We didn’t even have to torch our hair to get it to hold the big curls, which is always a plus!

DryBars warranty program is pretty good, too! They offer a two-year warranty, but if you do end up wanting to return it, you have to have the receipt. If you purchase online they offer free shipping, which is awesome!

Overall, we were very pleased with DryBars curling iron. It was efficient, easy to handle, had the digital temperature screen that we love, and left our hair pretty shiny. Its solid 4/5 rating was well-deserved!

#3 T3 Curling Iron

3.5/5 – Fair

The T3 styling tools are fairly well known in the curling iron world. However, we can’t seem to figure out why after trying it for ourselves.

While it looks beautiful, and has a great return policy (thankfully), it didn’t give our hair the same shine as the other two curling irons we tried. It was able to give us beautiful beach waves and semi-big curls, but it didn’t have a digital temperature screen. We did love that we got our curls styled in one single pass, though!

We thought the T3 was going to be our favorite because of the interchangeable wands, but it ended up just snagging our hair.

The cool tip made it easy to handle, and the sleek grip was comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, but the hair pulling just made the experience disappointing.

The T3 is beautifully designed with its crisp white exterior and rose gold accents, so it would be easy on the eyes in a suitcase and bathroom, but the cord does get pretty unruly. After just one time wrapping it around the iron, it became misshaped.

T3’s curling wand is perfect for a styling tool photoshoot or as a prop on a set, because again, it truly is a gorgeous tool. However, as far as styling quality, ease of use, and comfort, we had to rate it a 3.5. It is a passing grade, but we would probably choose the Infrarose or DryBars curler over this one.


While the above list barely scrapes the surface of the numerous hair curling iron products available, hopefully it gives you a starting place in the process of buying your new glamorous tool.

You are moments away from acquiring a high-quality hair curling iron that will not only generate the ageless glamour you see dazzling the pages in magazines, but you will also be taking a new step towards making sure you have a healthy head of hair for a good long time..

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