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See Which Top-Rated Product Came Out #1 In Head-to-Head Tests

If you’re suffering from uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, gas, acid reflux or painful abdominal cramps, mastic gum is a one-stop shop remedy that can help you feel better.

Hippocrates, Christopher Columbus and many other famous ancient doctors sang praise for Mastic in their journals and medical encyclopedias. All these centuries later, medical science has finally rediscovered Mastic Gum and has taken notice of its potential, as study after study appears to confirm many of the benefits promised by Columbus and the doctors of Ancient Greece.

And that means a lot of new Mastic Gum products have recently come to market and we’re here to help you decide which one is best for you.

See Our #1 Top Rated Mastic Gum Product

Mastic gum is an easy, simple all-natural solution for digestive issues that often slides under the mainstream radar because of its scarcity.

Mastic Gum fares especially well against harmful gut bacteria, such as H. Pylori, the bacteria most well-known for causing gastric problems.

H. Pylori is one of the main culprits behind many of the digestive issues you and so many other Americans may be suffering from today… An overgrowth of H. Pylori is thought to be a leading cause of many digestive problems.

How To Make Sure You Only Buy The Highest Quality Mastic

Mastic Gum is actually exceptionally rare and hard to get a hold of…

That’s because only the Mastic sap from the Greek Isle of Chios can be harvested into droplets of gum packed with health benefits, due to the extremely specific climate requirements.

Mastic Trees only produce sap for 3 months out of the year, from June through August…

AND, that sap can ONLY be tapped once every 15 days!

Which means that a lot of the products out there don’t contain high-quality mastic, and you’ll receive a lot less health benefits if you pick the wrong mastic product.

You can take a look at the “The Chios Mastiha Growers Association” website for more information, but the main indicator of quality is the color, which you can only view once you purchase and actually see it.  

In order to find the best, purest quality we purchased a bunch of different mastic products to see which had the most transparent crystals (the more yellow a piece the less fresh it is and the lower the quality).

A Gum That’s Actually Good For You!

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who regularly suffer from digestive issues like bloating, indigestion, constipation, or abdominal pain trying out mastic gum is a great option, especially as mastic gum is being gradually accepted by the scientific community and  if you’ve gone down the probiotics path with little success.

There are a number of Mastic products available that we tried and tested to confirm the health benefits. The top products are listed below.  And always consult with your doctor first before you take any supplements.

Here Are The Best Mastic Gum Products


Mastic Gum from the Digestive Center

100% Natural Mastic Gum from Digestive Center 35g

These droplets of sap have been used in Greek medicine going all the way back to antiquity to improve digestion and cure multiple ailments — so valuable that it was worth its weight in gold!

Our research showed that Mastic Gum from Digestive Center was a huge success for anyone fed up with bloating, heartburn or cramping. It comes in a small cylinder and as soon as you open it you can smell the pine scent and the crystal-like pieces are all of different sizes. The different sizes are a good sign because that means there’s no manufacturing machine cutting them all the same shape (and potentially adding in synthetics to cut costs).

You can tell that this particular product is pure because it comes in its raw natural state with zero additives. The more transparent the mastic gum is the better the quality and when compared to other mastic gum products this one had the largest and clearest pieces.. Plus we noticed results right away when we tried it like fresher breath, clearer skin and even better nights sleep.

The Digestive Center is a facility that continues to impressively release products that are not only 100% pure and high-quality but cost effective. The founder, Dr. Roberto Contreras, has been a frequent authority in the world of digestive health solutions and their customer service team is also one of the most highly-trained..

Their 90-day money back guarantee is one of the longest risk-free guarantees we’ve seen that gives customers plenty of time to try the product and see for themselves whether they want a refund or three more packs of gum.

  • Clear, Grade A quality crystals (highest you can find)
  • Offers a refund if you don’t like it
  • Reasonably priced
  • Refreshing pine-tree scent and taste
  • Follows FDA manufacturing guidelines
  • Non-GMO, vegan friendly third party tested

  • Only ships to USA
  • Can only be ordered online and a few local health stores in southern California


Active Restore – A Mastic Supplement With Probiotics

Active Restore from Digestive Center - 60 Capsules

A comprehensive digestive formula developed to support your digestive system.

We had to mention Active Restore because of the super unique formula that combined mastic AND probiotics together into one capsule. The Active Restore formula (Mastic Gum, Bromelain, and Probiotics) can do a LOT for your gut: including the ability to reduce pain & discomfort so you’re free to enjoy the things you love. It also supports your immune system.

It contains a unique enzyme that’s specifically found in Pineapples. Multiple recent studies, including one out of Duke(1), that shows Bromelain reduces Irritation and fights off harmful bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, while also fostering the ideal environment for the Probiotics inside Active Restore to grow and thrive. Which means more “good” bacteria in your digestive tract to balance your gut’s health.

If you don’t want to to chew Mastic Gum all day long to get the health benefits, you should definitely try Active Restore.


  • Offers a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Combines mastic with probiotics and bromelain so you get a one of a kind formula that can can repair, replenish, and restore your gut
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to swallow capsules
  • NON-GMO, vegan friendly, third party tested

  • Only ships to USA
  • Can only order online


Chios Mastiha Small Tears

Chios Mastiha Small Tears Gum Mastic Bag 4x10g

100% Natural Mastic - Gathered From The Mastic Growers Of Chios Island

This mastic gum is straight from the grower’s association on the Isle of Chios. They divided the product into tiny oval shaped pieces. While you can tell the authenticity of this product the color is definitely more yellow than clear and we aren’t sure if they are exporting the highest quality pieces to the States since these seemed a much lesser quality than the above choices.

  • Authentic gum, straight from the Grower’s association
  • Helps reduce digestive problems
  • Comes in a tin can stamped with authentic trademark

  • Lower-quality pieces than other options
  • Takes a really long time to ship
  • No refund offered
  • No security encryption offered for online purchases


Jarrows Mastic Gum

Jarrow Formulas Mastic Gum -- 60 Tablets

Supports gastrointestinal and oral health

Jarrows is another great product if you’re looking to purchase mastic gum in a supplement form. It had a bunch of positive reviews on Amazon. We did notice that the price was a little bit higher than the above two choices and a recent change in production process switched the end product from capsules and tablets. While a lot of testimonials mentioned their success, the tablets seemed to be an unpopular change and customers mourned the loss of the previous tablet form.

  • Easy supplement to order for digestion
  • Non GMO, FDA Guidelines
  • Friendly Customer service team
  • Comes in supplement form

  • Works like regular gum (not that many health benefits)
  • Switched to less effective tablet form
  • Higher price
  • Not sure quality of mastic


Allergy Research Group Mastica

Allergy Research Group Mastica Chios Gum Mastic - 500 mg - 120 Capsules

Supplement derived from Mastic tree resin. May provide digestive health support

This product is actually gum infused with mastic rather than just 100% raw mastic. Since we weren’t able to determine the quality based on color (it is after all inside of a piece of opaque gum), we weren’t sure if high-quality mastic was used and we didn’t notice any benefits right away. However, we thought it was worth testing out especially compared to other products out there.

  • Tastes like regular gum

  • Works like regular gum (not that many health benefits)
  • Switched to less effective tablet form
  • Higher price
  • Not sure quality of mastic



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