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14 of the coolest accessories to upgrade your Nintendo Switch

One of the main features of the Nintendo Switch is in the name: the ability to easily switch up how you game. There are a variety of accessories available for different styles of play, whether at home or on the go. In fact, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the universe of official and third-party accessories for the Switch. So we did the work for you. We found 14 of the very best Nintendo Switch accessories. You can’t go wrong adding any or all of these to your setup.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and controller accessories

While the standard Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Cons, certain games call for other controllers. There is also a range of controller add-ons available to improve immersion and mobility. Joy-Cons come in a variety of colors and styles to customize your device. Nintendo offers other standard Joy-Cons in fun neon colors. If the standard Joy-Con isn’t quite your style, there are options to replicate the feel of a traditional controller and others designed for a more comfortable grip.

Binbok Joypad Controller

This Joypad controller offers the feel of a traditional console controller, with the flexibility of Joy-Con. The adjustable LED buttons can cycle through eight colors, with three different light mode presets.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

Besides the standard Joy-Cons, alternate controllers are a staple for many Nintendo Switch users. 8Bitdo designed this controller to match that of the classic Super Nintendo. So it’s perfect for playing games from the SNES library on Nintendo Switch Online.

KDD Switch Pro Controller Clip Mount

This clip mount fits with ease onto a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller providing a new way to switch up your gaming experience. The sturdy rubber hooks hold your console securely in place no matter how intense your gaming gets.

FASTSNAIL 4 Pack Grips Kit

Great for multiplayer games, these add ons fit any standard Switch Joy-Con, providing a classic console controller experience for up to four players. The grips’ comfortable-to-hold design doubles as protection for your Joy-Con. Button covers are also included to further protect your devices.

Orzly Nintendo Switch Steering Wheels

These steering wheel add-ons snap onto any standard Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Whether you’re playing Mario Kart 8, Team Sonic Racing, or any of the other racing games available on the Switch, you can race against your friends and family for only $22.94.

Portability for your Nintendo Switch

The best part about the Switch is the ability to go from TV console gaming to portable play with a few clicks and snaps. There are a variety of accessories to maximize your portable experience, whether gaming around the house or around the country.

iVoler Carrying Storage Case

Keep all your Switch gear organized on the go with this iVoler carrying case. The soft interior provides protection for your device as well as 18 slots to store games. Spacious enough to fit your dock, switch, charging cables, and your controllers.

TFY Car Headrest Mount

Great for road trips! Whether gaming or watching a movie, this car headrest mount is perfect for keeping kids entertained in the backseat. The strap easily velcros around any headrest for seamless setup.

10000mAh Battery Charger Case

Perfect for gaming on the go, this portable charger snaps onto the back of any standard Switch device. The case includes a kickstand for table-tops, and two slots to hold extra games.

Protection for your Nintendo Switch

Cases and screen protectors help to reduce damage done to your device through drops, spills, and natural wear-and-tear, and prolongs the life span of your device, ensuring you’re set to game for years to come.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With 99.9% transparency, this screen protector is durable and scratch-resistant without obstructing the screen. A special coating helps reduce fingerprints, allowing for an ultra-clear display.

HEYSTOP Switch Case

This case provides 360-degree all-round protection, with a slim and lightweight design. Great for keeping your device safe, while still displaying its colors or designs. Since the case fits snug on the Switch, it allows for easy access to all ports, and seamlessly fits into the charging dock and most carrying cases.

TNP Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch

This fan attaches to the back of your Switch mount. Three high-speed fans help keep your system cool, reducing the chance of over-heating and malfunctions, and prolongs the life span of your device.

Keeping your Nintendo Switch gear organized

With all your accessories and games, it’s often hard to keep entertainment spaces organized. These mounts charge your devices while keeping things neat and tidy.

Skywin Game Storage Tower for Nintendo Switch

Organize and store all your Switch accessories with the Skywin Game Storage Tower. Holds up to four controllers, ten games, and has a special drawer for your Joy-Cons.

FYOUNG Charging Dock Base Station

This charging mount connects to the dock shipped with the Nintendo Switch and provides space to charge four Joy-Cons, and store up to 28 game cards.

Can’t decide?

With so many great Nintendo Switch accessories, it can be hard to pick one. Luckily, there are a variety of Switch accessory bundles to choose from. Perfect for those who are new to the Switch, or seasoned players wanting to get the most out of their device.

Switch Accessories Bundle

This ultimate Switch bundle offers everything you need to get the most out of your console and includes; a carrying case, screen protectors, two joy con grips, two racing wheels, and more!