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CocoCleanse Scalp Detox Shampoo And SolShine Daily Deep Conditioner: Do They Work and Are They Worth The Money?

We’ve tried countless detox shampoos and conditioners, each promising stronger, less dull hair without the embarrassing flakes. And with each failed attempt, we made it a priority to take notes as to why women were wasting their money on lackluster results.

Our team promotes the importance of investing in natural hair care products that keep clear of harmful toxic chemicals, and that’s why we were thrilled to hear about the recent release of Skin Research Institute’s CocoCleanse Shampoo and SolShine Conditioner.

We’ve had great results with SRI’s products in the past, but would this duo deliver as well? First let’s break it down, shampoo by conditioner.

Formula (9.7/10)

    • CocoCleanse – The science of CocoCleanse focuses on scalp health. This clarifying shampoo uses volcanic minerals to gently exfoliate the scalp and scrub away at the excess build-up and dead skin cells that cause dandruff. The sulfate free formula uses coconut water to relieve the itchiness associated with dry scalp, as well as coconut water’s natural minerals and electrolytes to revitalize hair and restore hydration. Blood flow stimulation is promoted by the addition of peppermint oil, which as many of you know, leads to accelerated hair growth.


  • SolShine – Most conditioners contain silicone, which is what leaves that waxy, greasy coating on hair, and also actually prevents key nutrients from bonding to the hair. SolShine’s silicone free formula instead uses the science of argan oil and sunflower oil to repair your damaged strands.

    The argan oil locks in the moisture which not only boosts shine but also fights the frizz. Sunflower oil has always been well known to moisturize against dryness, most commonly caused by UV rays and heat damage, but it also contains fatty acids that naturally prevent early hair loss, thinning and water loss in your hair.

Company Background (9.9/10)

As I mentioned before, we have had great success with SRI’s other natural skin care products in the past, many of which you’ve hopefully added to your arsenal. They have a reputation of using only the highest quality and proven ingredients in their products, which has been demonstrated by the success of Protein Plump (their highly regarded peptide face cream), as well as Yuzu Youth Brightening Eye Cream (a stand out in the market).

Their predominantly female research team and roster of first-rate dermatologists is led by a Harvard educated scientist who founded the company with a mission statement in mind: to celebrate a woman’s beauty and age gracefully.

Skin Research Institute maintains an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and even offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their extremely courteous customer service team is so confident and knowledgeable in their product that they stand behind a no questions asked, 60 day full refund policy.

Health & Safety (9.9/10)

Just like all of SRI’s products, CocoCleanse and SolShine is free of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients that are found in most other shampoos and conditioners. The company has a list which they deem the worst ingredients running rampant in today’s skincare industry, called the No-No Nine: Parabens, Mineral oil, Sulfates, Phthalates, Hydroquinone, Talc, Titanium dioxide Oxybenzone, Formaldehydes & formaldehyde-releasing agents. Just as they refuse to use any of the No-No’s, they also refuse to use an ingredient found in most other dandruff shampoos, Pyrithione Zinc. Pyrithione Zinc, along with sulfates, is known to cause eye irritation, stinging and even blistering, and should most definitely be avoided by pregnant women or those nursing. SRI’s all vegan and cruelty free products are backed by independent third party testing, making sense of their motto, “so safe you could use it on a baby.”

Reviews (9.8/10)

As CocoCleanse and SolShine were just recently released to the public, new reviews are coming in daily, most of which have been 5 star. One of today’s testimonials includes, “My hair actually feels thicker and less oily. Smells good too!” Another woman reported, “I have really curly hair, and this actually tamed the frizz without making it feel weighed down.” And consistently on SRI’s website, you will notice rave reviews for their customer service team including, “easy ordering”, “fast shipping” and “great customer service”. In fact, their customer service team is currently offering a 30% off summer special, exclusive to first time customers.

Kim is a beauty writer who propelled herself to the cosmetics mecca of Los Angeles by way of New York and Chicago. If she’s not writing or researching what’s new in the hair and skin care game, you can find her at home mixing up some DIY face masks and other various beauty brews. A self-proclaimed Libra, she values the importance of looking and feeling your best and that’s what she wants to drive home to you. Keep an eye out for her latest finds.