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Get The Curls You Deserve With The Infrarose

Let’s be honest – I was never a whiz when it came to curling my hair. I would religiously watch all of the YouTube tutorials and listen intently when my hairdresser would impart her wisdom, but no matter how many tips I’d be given, I always found a way to mess it up.

The worst part wasn’t the amount of time wasted, or my sad, burned fingers. It was that no matter what technique I tried, the style always came out the same. After many years of not being able to master a perfect beach wave, I discovered something that changed my curling game forever: it wasn’t me, it was my curling iron!

What they don’t tell you is that most curlers are designed to be one trick ponies and only allow for a basic style or two. Once I realized this, I ditched my mother’s old curler and began the hunt for a new and improved styling tool.


Along Came The Infrarose 

I was on a quest for a curler that wouldn’t damage my hair and was easy to use, but most importantly – it had to be versatile. I had no idea it would be so hard to find. The beloved wands only ensured loose waves, the smaller barrels only left me with tight curls, and the automatic curlers were a bit too intense and scary for my inner control freak.

After much research, I stumbled across Skin Research Institute’s new Infrarose Curler. This one of a kind curler fit the bill to a tee! The key to its versatility lies in its 1” ceramic-tourmaline barrel, which is the perfect size because it allows you to wrap hair around the barrel securely, but not so many times that you’ll end up with a super tight curl. It also heats up super fast and the clamp actually holds all the hair in place without any strands slipping away. The digital temperature screen on the Infrarose puts you in complete control of the heat settings and is very handy when attempting to try a bunch of different looks and styles.



Once I got to know the Infrarose and all that it could do for my hair, the possibilities seemed endless. It all depends on how you hold the iron, what temperature you use and how you wrap your hair around the barrel. I found that when I started styling with the clip facing away from my face, I had more control over the iron and the curls looked more natural. In general, holding the curler vertically will create a relaxed curl while holding it horizontally forms bouncier curls. Smaller sections create a tighter curl and larger sections create looser. After playing around with the iron and discovering a bunch of styles, I narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.


Messy beach waves

The key to the art of messy beach waves is keeping the clamp slightly open when curling and using medium-high heat. Leaving the ends out straight gives it a cool, bohemian quality.

Spiral curls

I achieve amazing, fun spirals by sectioning off the hair and twisting a small section with my fingers before I wrap it around the barrel. Gives it that extra edge.

Voluminous wide curls 

When I want to add body to my fine hair, I opt for a wide curl with lots of volume by wrapping wide sections of my hair flat against the barrel at a lower temperature. Without moving the iron, I continue to wrap the hair around the barrel, leaving out the ends.

Relaxed loose waves

For a relaxed and loose wave, I wrap my hair half-way down the barrel then switch directions for the remainder of the section. Switching directions of the curl gives it a more natural and lazy look.

Tight ringlets

The trick for tight, ringlet curls is working in very small sections throughout the entirety of the hair. I turn the temperature up high, hold the iron vertically toward my face and curl the half-inch sections one at a time.


Extra Benefits

Before I discovered this superior curler, my curls were not only boring and one dimensional, but also a bit frizzy and quick to fall. To compensate, I’d overstyle my hair and apply too much heat which really started to take its toll on my once-healthy locks. 

Not only does the Infrarose allow for endless possibilities when it comes to styling, it also comes with a few extra benefits from red light therapy packed into its design. Red light therapy emits wavelengths that penetrate down into the hair follicle, which allows the hair to heat from the inside out by drawing moisture from deep inside the strand. Instead of fried and damaged hair, you are left with frizz-free, healthy and long lasting curls.

Finally having the right tool to style my hair is a game changer!  I never realized that I could achieve so many different looks with just one tool. I only wish that SRI had come out with the Infrarose sooner. But I’m glad they took their time to perfect this ingenious curler. Now that I’ve experienced its superior styling ways, I’m never going back to a basic curling iron ever again!

Kim is a beauty writer who propelled herself to the cosmetics mecca of Los Angeles by way of New York and Chicago. If she’s not writing or researching what’s new in the hair and skin care game, you can find her at home mixing up some DIY face masks and other various beauty brews. A self-proclaimed Libra, she values the importance of looking and feeling your best and that’s what she wants to drive home to you. Keep an eye out for her latest finds.