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ghd Reviews 2023 | Everything You Need to Know

ghd Tools and Products Help You Create Salon Quality Styles at Home

With so many hair products and styling irons on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Most people tend to find a brand they like and stick with it, which means that they get fairly reliable products and a predictable experience, but they might be missing out on exciting new brands.

However, it’s not too hard to research and try new products. Looking for brands that are widely available, that have good reviews, and that offer a wide range of products can increase a buyer’s confidence and lessen the sense of risk-taking. ghd meets all of the these needs, and, as an added bonus, has good business ethics.

ghd: A successful company with celebrity endorsements

ghd, or Good Hair Day, started in 2001 in Leeds, England without much professional advertising. Instead, local salons sold the products, and stylists shared their praise of the brand with each other, making it a hit right from the start. After taking off in a grassroots word-of-mouth campaign, the owners, Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls, were pleased to have several key celebrity endorsements including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna.

Beauty market products are in the position to align themselves with female centered charity organizations. ghd does this by partnering with the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity- even producing pink curling irons to promote breast cancer awareness. They also partner with a group called “Mom it Forward” and Safehouse Denver.

This is a smart marketing move as well as being socially conscious, since many of their target market of adult women are particularly concerned with these issues and feel good about buying from a brand that honors its customers with philanthropic pursuits.

Products for every style

Everyone knows that you need the right tool for the right job, and hair tools are no different. gbd offers a variety of flat irons, straighteners, hair dryers, and for that fun occasional look: crimpers. Crimpers allow you to create a nostalgic 80s look perfect for light hearted days around town or at work.

Flat Irons

ghd flat irons can be used for a variety of hairstyles, from sleek, shiny straight hair to big, beachy waves. To create each look, you really do need different tools.

For the sleekest of sleek hair (a la Demi Moore in the 1990s), ghd offers the Gold Styler. It works on most hair types from curly to frizzy to fine and can help fashion smooth and envy inducing straightness.

If you have long hair, however, you might want to go with the ghd Max Styler as it tackles length with ease. Long hair can tangle in flat irons, but the ultra smooth plates of the Max Styler tame it into place.

The ghd Platinum Styler which creates the perfect look of long, luscious waves. It even makes the hair shinier, according to user reviews.

ghd Curling Irons

ghd offers several curling irons and wands, all featuring tri zone heating, which allows you to effectively and efficiently curl your hair no matter the length. The products really do lock in your curls for all day staying power. The two types of curlers are the Soft Curl and the Classic Curl, which both come in wands and irons.

Perfect for crafting tumbling waves, the Soft Curl has a 1 ¼ inch barrel. With this tool, you can create voluminous curls.

The Classic Curl and Wave has six sensors in the tri zone heating with a 1 ½ inch barrel. If you are looking for big waves or tighter curls, try the Classic Curler or Classic Wand. Don’t forget to purchase a styling glove if you go for the wand. ghd offers one for an inexpensive price.

ghd Hair Dryers

For many women, one of the reasons they enjoy going to the salon is for the blowout that comes after the haircut and highlight. Scheduling that service alone isn’t always practical, so it makes sense to invest in a quality hair dryer perfect for home blowouts.

The ghd Air dries hair much more quickly than a standard hair dryer. If you have curly hair, you will probably want to invest in an additional diffuser. ghd even makes a travel version of their trusted drier, the Saharan Gold.

Yes, the price tag for ghd hair dryers is several times that of your most basic Conair hair dryer, but many users say that once they started using a professional grade hair dryer at home, they saw a huge difference in the sleekness and style of their hair. It’s ideal for those who want to give themselves a Kate Middleton quality blowout from the comfort of their own bathroom!

ghd Hair Products and Brushes

In addition to the tools of the trade, ghd also makes quality products from paddle brushes to smoothing serum. A customer favorite is the Smooth and Straight Spray, which is used before blow drying to help protect the hair from damage.

Total Volume Foam is another popular product, which helps to make voluminous, bouncy and soft curls.

ghd carries an extensive collection of brushes, from bristle to vented to paddle to round. The Pink Blush paddle brush is a simple, basic brush that’s gentle on hair but thorough. For blowouts, they offer vented radial brushes with barrels from 25 millimeters to 55 millimeters, perfect for any hair length.

ghd offers a variety of quality products

ghd ends to be popular with consumers who shop with brand loyalty, finding one item they like and looking for others from the same company. These products can greatly boost your ability to style hair at home. Although their prices are much higher than you’d pay for basic hair styling tools and hair product, ghd products consistently get high user reviews and have an extremely loyal following.

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