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GLAMGLOW Reviews 2023 | Everything You Need to Know

GLAMGLOW: Revolutionizing Skincare

Beauty line GLAMGLOW has a following that has been described by many as cult-like. People who use GLAMGLOW products are incredibly loyal to the brand and often purchase the entire line, or at least a large chunk of it, simply after trying it once.

The company is probably best known for its highly unique and pretty revolutionary Liquid Charcoal Clarifying Oil treatment, called Starpotion. This product helped launched GLAMGLOW to the status it has today due to the initial shock that came with the fact that liquid charcoal would be so clarifying and leave skin so healthy and clean. But GLAMGLOW has many other facial treatments that are designed to handle everything from excess oil, to dry skin, to masks that help firm skin.

GLAMGLOW also offers a highly select line of cosmetic products. However, the company wants to stay true to the products it really excels at creating, and those are highly custom masks that contain the finest and purest ingredients available on the market today.

GLAMGLOW Company Background

GLAMGLOW was founded by Glenn and Shannon Delimore. The couple founded the company in 2010 and the products were originally designed to exclusively be used in a professional capacity by models, actors, singers and other performers who needed to be camera-ready at all times.

However, samples of the products were soon passed to the non-famous and friends of performers quickly got a hold of the products and it became so highly in-demand that the couple soon decided to take GLAMGLOW mainstream.

After GLAMGLOW became available for retail, it became a snowball of success that just would not stop rolling. The company is now in nearly 100 countries and has its own line of over 6,000 upscale retail stores and that number is growing rapidly every month as the GLAMGLOW products become more in demand globally. It can also be found in the most luxurious hotels and cruise lines, as well as several other places. The company has received award after award and consistently receives rave reviews from some of the world’s biggest celebrities. It truly is the go-to mask provider of the rich and famous.

GLAMGLOW Masks and Other Skin Care Products

GLAMGLOW has grown from a simple conversation between the Delimores and an actor acquaintance who couldn’t find a mask that made him camera-ready, into a global empire. He had many complaints about the masks he had used and their lack of effectiveness. He also had noted just how many masks he had purchased over the years, only to be incredibly disappointed at the results he received after application. The end result was a deep conversation between the Delimores about an obvious gap in the marketplace that would appeal to just about anything, including both women and men.

The couple quickly rounded up test subjects and began creating the masks utilizing only the finest and most pure ingredients that were sure to work wonders on both oily, dry and combination skin. The goal was to create masks that addressed specific issues, but to also ensure that the line also offered masks that could serve a variety of skin types. The couple continues to expand their line, as well as focus on the staples of what truly makes GLAMGLOW great. Below is a recap of some of GLAMGLOW’s most popular items as well as common facts from hundreds of reviews.

  • Starpotion Liquid Charcoal Clarifying Oil: This product is known for its clarifying capabilities as well as protecting skin from pollution and free radicals. It is known as a wonder-product, yet the downside is that is can definitely be overused. Many reviewers recommend using every 3 days.
  • Supermud: This is one of GLAMGLOW’s most popular products. It can work wonders on the most oily skin to the driest. Among its many qualities it has the capabilities to fight blackheads, fighting pimples, battling dryness and also keeping oil at bay. The only possible downside found in most reviews is that it has a pretty extreme tingle. Yet, I personally liked it because that helped me know it was working!
  • #Glittermask: These masks are collector’s editions and come in bright, gorgeous colors that are loaded with glitter. These masks are best known for their firming capabilities, but also deeply moisturize but still work well on oily skin to battle oil. Many reviews note how great these masks smell.
  • Supercleanse: This is a cream to foam cleanser that has been recommended for normal, combination or oily skin. The cleanser has a large variety of superpowers, including refining the pores, removing makeup, clarifying and battling the demon that is oil. In most reviews it received a great deal of praise. However, a few people did note that people with very dry skin should probably use the product just once a day.
  • Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray: As the name implies, this product is designed to set your makeup. You can apply both before and after makeup application. It can also be utilized throughout the day to give you a nice refresh and a burst of moisture. Many reviews also noted how much they liked the fact that the Glowsetter includes caffeine to give a burst of energy. Many reviews also noticed that the spray worked flawlessly to set and moisturize the light makeup of a workday, all the way to heavy makeup of formal events. The reviews noticed that the spray was still moisturizing and had no heavy feeling.
  • Plumprageous Lip Products: This lip product comes in several shades available in matte, metallic and a gloss style. You can easily mix and match, as well as use underneath or on top of your favorite lipstick. These glosses contain ingredients such as coconut, shea butter and a variety of other go-to healthy ingredients that help it stand out from other glosses as having only the purest ingredients available. In reviews of the gloss, it is often noted not only how silky the lip glosses feel, but the fact that they have the ability to last for an incredibly long time. Reviews often cite the unique nature of the metallic colors.

In addition to the ones listed above, there are over a dozen types of “mud masks,” that all have their own highly specific capabilities designed to address certain concerns. Among these products include:

  • Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment
  • Flashmud Brightening Treatment
  • Gravitymud Firming Treatment
  • Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment
  • Supermud Clearing Treatment
  • Youthmud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment
  • Potmud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment
  • Gravitymud Power Rangers Exclusive 30G Tube

If you haven’t gotten on the GLAMGLOW bandwagon, it may be time to hop on board and give these products a try. They are on the pricey side, but many users swear by the results they achieve.

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