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John Frieda Reviews 2023 | Everything You Need to Know

John Frieda hair care products are constantly being refined and perfected. The brand has been helping their clients achieve high style for over thirty years. The original salon began operating in London, but today, fans around the world enjoy John Frieda’s shampoos, conditioners, and styling tools. The company tackles styling issues by designing products that leave hair with salon quality results.

Color-Specific Hair Treatments

There are many treatments to combat dry hair. For brunette-highlighted locks, the Multi-Tone moisturizing line starts with a shampoo. The shampoo will not change the color of the hair. It contains almond oil and pearl dust to help keep the hues vibrant. Paired with the Multi-Tone moisturizing conditioner, the two together increase softness and brighten colour.

Blonde hair has specific styling needs too. Lighter colors need to hold shine to appear fuller and with more body instead of flat. Brilliantly Brighter adds shimmer and shine. This “perfecting” product helps each hair strand reflect more light. To use, shampoo as regular and then rub the shine promoting gloss into your hair. After five minutes, rinse out.

For other hair colors, there is a clear shine glaze. Luminous Glaze boosts shimmer by increasing depth. It is not a permanent dye. To really amplify shine, rub the gel thoroughly into each individual strand of dry hair. Leave the glaze in for a full 20 minutes before rinsing out.

Polishing serum will tame frizz. Once the serum is applied, the frizz is immediately flattened, but the hair remains lively and has shine. The serum is designed to help guard your locks against future frizz as well. This formulation is a proprietary combination of protein from silk and silicone. A little goes a long way, though: One pump is all that is needed for most hairstyles. It is not applied to the roots, but rather, rubbed evenly through the hair as a leave-in serum.

Flyaway or frizzy hair can be managed with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner product appropriately called Frizz Ease. The shampoo eases the locks and restricts the texture. The wash promotes soft and smooth control, and it is formulated for medium wavy or thick and curly hair patterns. The conditioner from the lineup completes the wash by adding another layer of control for a sleek finish.

Redheads also have specific needs. Keeping the hues bright is what the Boosting Shampoo for red hair accomplishes. Nature has been seamlessly woven into the shampoo. Extracts from pomegranates mixed with E vitamins creates a color-loving wash. The moisturizing conditioner will lay red color on the locks to enhance the brightness and add depth.

Many styles are sleek, but some require lots of volume. If you’re trying to achieve a full look, the John Frieda Volume Spray can help produce that effect. With this spray, which is activated with a hair dryer, you can now achieve salon styling at home. Fine locks plump up but remain light to the touch. The spray works best when applied to damp freshly washed hair. The hair should not be soaking wet. After spraying the volumizer, comb to coat any remaining strands, and then use a blow dryer to create the style. Once the hair is totally dry, the polymers in the spray will hold the volume.

Salon Quality at Home

John Frieda hair care products and tools can be helpful in achieving that fresh-from-the-salon style at home, and they tend to be affordably priced as compared to high-end salon products. These products also tend to have mostly positive user reviews. The only downside is you do not get a teacher to help you learn how to make those salon styles yourself!

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