Liven Up Your Beauty Station With 3 Hot Pink Hair Tools Your Inner Glam Goddess Can’t Live Without

Mornings are already rough enough with the dull haze of sleep and 7 snooze alarms clinging to cloudy minds, but your hair tools shouldn’t blend in with the fog. Gigi and Rihanna have made it pretty clear that hot pink is the new black so why not get your hair accessories in on all the bold color action?

We’ve listed 4 products that pop with the same pink that’ll flush your cheeks after you hear all the compliments these cute styling tools will earn you. Shiny gorgeous tresses are one thing, but shiny gorgeous tresses styled by a bold-colored tool with the same vibrancy as your glossy locks? That’s a recipe for the kind of dramatic glamour you need in your morning routine.

Funky fresh radiant elegance is a dynamite combo, so feast your eyes on the list of hot pink hair tools that’ll deck out any vanity starving for some pizazz.

NuMe Signature Hair Dryer

Sliding into work with a soggy mop of locks dripping well into lunchtime is a big fashion no-no (not to mention an employer pet-peeve). Avoid coworker’s scowls and snag the promotion by coaxing your hair into a warm polished style with this hot pink hair dryer from NuMe. Fast, reliable and most of all… fabulous! Start strutting your stuff with shiny locks every glam-goddess deserves, all day every day.

SRI Straight Pro Hair Styler

Smooth out bedhead in style with the Skin Research Institute’s chic punky pink straightener. Thanks to advanced infrared heat and negative ion technology this hair tool is as hot as it gets without any strand damage. Fast, reliable and most of all… fabulous!

Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers; Pink

If you’re looking to add a luscious curl to your locks look no more! The esteemed brand Conair offers hot pink rollers that work like a charm. If you’re a little too antsy to use a heated curling iron these are a great alternative for any chic chick who wants a zesty tool for voluminous hair.

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