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Looking For Affordable, Dentist-Trusted Whitening Kits That Help Protect Sensitive Teeth And Brighten Your Smile?

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CRI Naturals has a financial connection to products sold via links on our website such as our top choices.

A Comprehensive Guide to 2021’s Most Effective, Easy-To-Use and Safest Whitening Kits on The Market.

“Dr. Bruening, how do I get whiter teeth?

As a dentist, this is the most common question my patients — of ALL ages — ask me.

While many of us want to know the “secret” to getting whiter teeth, it can be a struggle to find a product that provides consistent results.

Laser whitening is a procedure offered by many dental practices, including my own…

But it is expensive, must be applied and monitored by a dental professional, and yields inconsistent results. What’s more, many patients are not candidates for laser whitening due to sensitive teeth.

And what about all those over-the-counter whitening products on the market?

Whitening strips, for instance, don’t require a prescription, but their strength is not enough for adults. They’re also extremely messy.

This is a big concern of mine, since whitening gels can irritate the gingiva (gums).

Being a medical professional, it is my mission to ensure that my patients purchase and use highly safe and effective products.

In recent years, teeth whitening kits have gained significant traction among people who want whiter teeth faster.

While, in my professional opinion, most whitening kits fall way short in effectiveness, there are a few exceptional products that get the job done quite well.

High-quality whitening kits are state-of-the-art, but easy-to-use and safe, and will not cause tooth or gum sensitivity.

In fact, the best whitening kits are designed exclusively for folks who already experience sensitive teeth.

These devices feature cold light technology, also known as blue + red light therapy, which works together with a sensitivity-free whitening serum to brighten teeth faster, while boosting the user’s overall oral health.

A top-notch whitening kit will also prove durable — not just for a few weeks or months, but for years. Maintain your device and maintain your smile.

Keep reading to find the top dentist-approved whitening kits.


Why Whitening Kits?

Whitening kits have become an easy, efficient and affordable way to whiten teeth quickly. In some instances, the user will see results within a matter of days.

A number of whitening kits incorporate cold light technology, also known as blue + red light therapy, an advanced method for removing tooth stains and whitening teeth faster.

People who experience sensitive teeth and gums are often concerned about using whitening kits. The good news is that most whitening gels do not contain harmful chemicals and are very safe to use.

What’s more, the blue + red light wavelengths will not cause harm to one’s mouth or body. In fact, red light therapy actually helps prevent a number of oral health issues.

Using a whitening kit from the comfort of one’s own home is also considerably less time consuming and expensive than multiple trips to a dentist.

As dental professionals with active practices, we encourage patients who are interested in whiter teeth to schedule laser whitening sessions at our office.

However, we understand that not everyone can afford these laser whitening sessions — or has the time for multiple appointments.

It is also a procedure that can have inconsistent results. And many patients are not candidates for laser whitening due to sensitive teeth.

Our mission, first and foremost, is to ensure that our patients achieve their best and brightest smile. That’s why we recommend whitening kits that are safe, effective and durable.


With so many options online how do you choose the right whitening kit?

How To Find A High-Quality Whitening Kit

  • Easy, Safe and Dependable – There are a number of “state-of-the-art” whitening kits on the market, but most units yield inconsistent results, and are not the easiest to set up. In addition, many are not safe for people with sensitive teeth. It is also very important to purchase a reliable device that comes backed by a rock-solid warranty.
  • Cold Light Technology – Also known as blue + red light therapy. Blue light therapy helps whiten teeth. Red light therapy protects against oral health issues and bad breath. Using both modes at once can help whiten teeth twice as fast.
  • Whitening Gel – An effective and safe proprietary serum will work in tandem with the red and blue light wavelengths to eliminate the most stubborn stains and brighten teeth.
  • Thermoforming Moldable Mouthpiece – Arguably, the most important component of any whitening kit, you’ll want to use a mouthpiece that is safe and comfortable, especially if you experience sensitive teeth and gums. A thermoforming moldable mouthpiece is also safe to use for people with a variety of dental work, such as bridges, crowns, implants, fillings, as well as lingual braces and clear removable aligners.


Top 3 Whitening Kits




#1 The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit From CRI Naturals

Perfect Smile Whitening Kit

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is clinically tested to get your teeth 3 shades whiter in only 7 days. Uniquely designed for people who suffer from sensitive teeth, it features dual blue + red light technology to prevent stains. Developed by CRI Naturals, the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is trusted and approved by dentists.

Get Noticeably Whiter Teeth Fast.

After reviewing a number of dentist-recommended whitening kits, we’ve determined the product in a class all by itself is the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit.

Not only is this advanced device clinically tested and dentist approved to deliver real results in just 16 minutes a day, it keeps the most sensitive teeth safe and protected.

The dual blue + red light technology effectively interacts with the whitening gel to prevent tough stains, like those from red wine and coffee. The gel does not need refrigeration and comes in three pens that provide a total of 12 daily treatments. Its thermoforming mouthpiece is very soft, comfortable and easy to use.

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is also wireless, allowing you to move around freely during your daily treatments.

In addition, CRI Naturals offers an incredible 90-Day 100% Money Back guarantee and 10-Year Product Warranty! So, if you don’t love it, you can return it — hassle-free.
You can sign up for their First Time Customer Discount and save big today.

  • Helps You Achieve A Smile That Is 3 Shades Whiter In 7 Days
  • Very Safe For Sensitive Teeth
  • Dual Blue + Red Light Technology Helps Eliminate Stains
  • Thermoforming Moldable Mouthpiece is Soft and Comfortable
  • Hands-Free Unit Allows You to Move Around During Treatment
  • Love It Or Return It With Incredible 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 10-Year Product Warranty

  • Only Available Online
  • Frequently On Backorder

Click here to visit the official Perfect Smile Whitening Kit website to see which special offers are available.


#2 Snow

Launched in January, Snow’s latest roll-out is the 2nd Generation Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit. The company bills this advanced unit as its “best at-home kit ever.” It is, in fact, easier to use than the previous model, in addition to being more powerful.

The product features their unique whitening serum with an LED mouthpiece to whiten teeth faster. Cold light technology brightens teeth, while supporting gum health during the whitening process.

Snow is self-sanitizing: an automatic UV light cleans the mouthpiece while it’s stored inside the charging case. It’s also water-resistant, travel friendly, manufactured in California and comes with free shipping and a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

While we find Snow’s 2nd Generation Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit a solid product, our main issues are affordability and durability. Selling for nearly $300, the device is one of the most expensive of its kind on the market. In terms of durability, after several months of consistent usage, we found that several kits stopped working after 4-5 daily whitening sessions.

It also took several attempts to finally get a hold of someone in customer support, which we found frustrating. And while their 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 5-Year Limited Warranty demonstrate that they stand behind their product, they are not anywhere near industry-leading.

  • Easier to use and more power than previous Snow models
  • Cold light technology brightens teeth and supports gum health

  • More Expensive Than Other Proven Wireless Whitening Kits
  • Durability

#3 Glo

Glo is a well-designed whitening kit that features an advanced warming heat acceleration technology. Designed and patented by a top aesthetic dentist, the mouthpiece incorporates a sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide gel in its treatment.

The product is registered with the FDA, though the company provides only a 1-Year Limited Warranty on the product. Glo comes with a special app that connects to the device through Bluetooth, allowing you to track your results and receive reminder notifications when it’s time to whiten your teeth.

In addition to being one of the more expensive whitening kits on the market, we also found the device a bit cumbersome. The mouthpiece plugs into a power pack, which you wear around your neck, essentially “wiring you up” more than some other quality wireless products currently available.

  • Features an Advanced Warming Heat Acceleration Technology
  • Registered with the FDA

  • Company Only Provides a 1-Year Warranty
  • More Expensive Than Other Proven Whitening Kits


Of the top-three whitening kits we selected, Perfect Smile is our clear-cut winner. Right out of the box, it’s easy to use and, most importantly, highly effective at eliminating stubborn stains that have built-up over the years — in just a matter of days. The user is left with a brighter smile and a renewed sense of confidence.

This high-quality unit is also more affordable than much of its competition, and a fraction of the cost of multiple laser whitening sessions at a dentist’s office.

The company behind the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit, CRI Naturals, deserves much credit for creating another superior oral care product, following in the footsteps of its predecessors: the Perfect Smile Electric Toothbrush and Perfect Smile Water Flosser.

While the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is just as good at whitening teeth as its competition, our favorite qualities about this product are its dependability and durability. Over the course of eight months, we tested the unit at various times — and it’s still running strong, with no sign of breaking down.

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit comes with an incredible 90-Day Money Back Guarantee AND an unheard of 10-Year Warranty. So, if for any reason the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit shows even a hint of wear and tear, you can easily contact the CRI Naturals customer support team and they’ll replace your whitening kit free of charge.

Last, but not least, my team and I feel extra good about recommending the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit because it is eco-friendly. We love the fact that we’re not adding more whitening strips, toothpaste tubes and gum packets to our landfills. The fact that it is wireless saves energy and cuts down on more batteries being thrown in the trash. Whenever you can do something that makes life easier, makes you healthier and helps the planet… why wouldn’t you do it?


Dr. Shawn Marie Bruening has been a licensed dental practitioner for nearly 20 years, providing cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She received her DDS at the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, while completing her postgraduate training at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Bruening also holds a certificate in Hospital Dentistry from UCLA Medical Center. As a Clinical Educator for UCLA, she serves disadvantaged children in the L.A. County School District by performing pediatric dental procedures.