New Year, New Hair! Experts Pick Their Top Three Blow Dryers to Start 2020 Off on the Right Follicle!

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Finding The Right Hair Dryer For Healthier Hair Can Be Overwhelming and Time-Consuming. But We’ve Got The Answers.

Hairstylists beg their clients to BE KIND TO THEIR HAIR by using a gentle hair dryer with modern technology that can improve hair health!

A quality hair dryer is one of the most important tools in your hair care arsenal. You’re either compounding damage, or increasing strength with each use… and most women use their blow dryer EVERY DAY. We’ll let you do the math.

The good news is, hair dryers are not the moisture-robbing, frizz-making, heat machines they were twenty years ago. Technology has come a long way and has made it possible to dry your hair guilt-free.

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There’s a LOT of information out there about how to keep your hair healthy, but when we’re talking blow dryers, hairstylists recommend you look for FOUR MAIN THINGS to ensure you’re blowing life into your hair, rather than sucking life out.

1)    Ionic Technology: Ionic dryers break down water molecules to cut drying time in half, allowing the hair to retain its natural moisture. Plus the ionic technology helps to neutralize positively charged ions in the hair, significantly reducing frizz. 

2)    Red Light Therapy: Infrared light can help stimulate hair growth and provides consistent heat that dries hair evenly throughout, which prevents the scalp from overheating or drying out. Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair.

3)    Ceramic and/or Tourmaline Air Outlet: cheap dryers use cheap metals in the grill that overheat and damage hair. Grills that use Ceramic and Tourmaline help provide mild heat that is evenly distributed, giving your hair a smooth, glossy finish.

4)    Multiple Heat Settings and a Cool Shot Button: different types of hair call for different levels of heat. If you have fine hair, you don’t need to use the highest heat setting to achieve great results, so blow dryers with only one heat setting force you to do unnecessary damage. A cool shot button is an extra bonus that helps set your hair and seals the cuticle. 

If you want healthy hair with less frizz and more shine, you need a salon-grade blow dryer, there’s no way around it. Your hairstylist isn’t using a magic potion to make your hair look perfect, it’s a quality hair dryer. 

We tested hundreds of blow dryers that ranged in function and price, and our TOP PICK can be found for less than $150—and includes all four of the recommended features listed above. Keep scrolling to see our top choice.


SRI Salon Dry Pro

SRI Salon Dry Pro Blow Dryer

Developed with safe and effective Negative Ion Technology, its Ceramic-Tourmaline Air Composition and Cool Shot Setting will give you shine and can help improve hair health.

$119.00 $199.00

Our number # 1 Top Pick: SRI Salon Dry Pro

The SRI Salon Dry Pro blow dryer achieves the perfect balance of affordability and professional-quality. Both expert stylists and amateurs loved how the red light therapy, in combination with the ionic technology, dried wet hair quickly and left hair frizz-free, looking shiny. 

The advanced infrared heating and ceramic air outlet also kept this blow dryer’s air flow super gentle and more consistent – it practically styles your hair for you while you dry it.  

The SRI Salon Dry Pro did the job of a $300 device for a third of the price. And the best part– they almost always have an awesome ‘First Time Customer Special’ ranging between 30-35% off, but right now, there’s an even better End of Winter Sale that’s 40% off! So for the next few days, it’s only $119 (I wish I would have bought mine at this price!)

We definitely recommend it.

  • Wide range of temperature settings achieved stunning styles for numerous hair types
  • Cool shot setting sealed the cuticle for a glossy smooth finish
  • Ceramic-tourmaline air outlet evenly distributed heat leaving hair healthier than ever before
  • 9ft cord made it easy-to-maneuver and the convenient hook was great for storage in small quarters
  • Has three attachments that made styling for specific textures easier than any other product we tried

  • Only available online
  • Frequently on backorder


Our #2 Pick: Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

The Supersonic Dyson Hair Dryer has a super-quiet motor that’s located in the handle instead of the head, giving it a more lightweight feel, and its patented Air Multiplier technology. It also measures the air temperature 20 times every second.


If you’ve never heard of the Dyson Supersonic, you must be blow-drying your hair under a rock. It’s basically the Beats Headphones, Voss Water, and Louis Vuitton of the blow-dryer industry. Very cool to look at, hold in your hand, and show your status in the bathroom. But how does that status translate out the streets for your red carpet Friday night?

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is hands down one of the BEST there is on the market. The problem is it’s also hands down one of the MOST expensive on the market too. Sometimes splurging for brand names and cool aesthetics… is cool. Especially when you consider the intelligent heat technology from the head of the dryer and the powerful digital motor in its colorful handle.

However, it does carry a ‘novelty’ feel to it that makes you question whether it’s worth the price tag. Without infrared technology, it doesn’t appear noticeably faster at drying hair. Also, its air intake is in the handle, which forces you to hold it higher up and strain your arms.

  • Sleeve, aerodynamic design comes in lots of stylish, fun colors
  • Engineered to protect your hair against heat damage for smooth, shiny styling
  • Intelligent heat technology available at most luxury stores like Nordstroms, Sephora, Ulta

  • PRICEY. On average, this product is at least $100-$150 MORE expensive than its competition
  • Air intake through the handle means tired arms and fatigue when you’re trying to get that perfect finish
  • No infrared technology means speed may not be noticeably quicker than its competition


Our #3 Pick: Harry Josh Pro Tools

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

The motor is designed for faster operation so that hair is dried faster with lower noise levels from the dryer and made in France


Another extremely lightweight design that comes in a very pretty and unique mint green color. We noticed a lot of customer reviews praised it’s speed and efficiency that saved them time, but many were unable to figure out the heat settings.

The Harry Josh Pro Dry is one of the more expensive products since it comes from a professional brand used by supermodels and actors. The high price point was off putting, especially when you will receive very similar results with products like the SRI Dry Pro at half the price.

It was also hard to discern which was a real Harry Josh product as there are many duplicates and imitation products flooding the market.

  • Lightweight design comes in a very popular mint green color
  • Multiple speed and heat settings for wide range of hair types and styles
  • Customer reviews praised it’s speed and efficiency that saved them time

  • The motor seemed to stop running after a mere three months of use
  • The high price point, especially when other sites were selling very similar products for half the price
  • It was hard to discern which was a real Harry Josh product there are many duplicates and imitation products flooding the market.


Christy is a licensed cosmetologist with 10 years of experience working for one of the top 20 Paul Mitchell Salons in the US. She is also an experienced Brand Advisor, and Beauty Blogger.