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Looking For Affordable, Dentist-Trusted Whitening Kits That Help Protect Sensitive Teeth And Brighten Your Smile?

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Perfect Smile has a financial connection to products sold via links on our website such as our top choices.

A Comprehensive Guide to 2022’s Most Effective, Easy-To-Use and Safest Whitening Kits on The Market.

Yes, it’s true! Investing in a high-quality at-home teeth whitening kit today will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed about tomorrow. The best brands can deliver noticeably brighter teeth within a week.

Purchasing a whitening kit is an excellent decision because many of these devices do get the job done.

Not only will you achieve a whiter and healthier-looking smile without having to visit a dentist for expensive and time-consuming laser whitening treatments

You’ll also experience a shot of confidence in both your professional and social life.

Walk into any room with beautiful teeth and people pay attention.

While smoking, drinking coffee, tea and red wine can lead to superficial tooth stains, aging and genetics play a role as well…

It’s a frustration for people who do everything they can to prevent tooth stains – flossing, brushing regularly, eating healthy – and wind up with them anyway.

Here’s the bottom line: they want to love their smile again.

That’s why every year millions of Americans turn to a variety of teeth whitening products. Over 36 million were sold in the United States alone last year. 1

And we’re here to help you discover how the top teeth whitening kits can get you wonderful results that will keep your smile shining for years to come!


How To Determine Which Whitening Kit Is Right For You

Every year more and more at-home teeth whitening kits hit the market. This can lead to confusion over which ones deliver the best results.

With so many options online how do you choose the right whitening kit?

Each whitening kit has its pros and cons. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top-3 products currently on the market.

But first, let’s take a look at the 4 most important criteria to look for when considering which at-home whitening teeth kits to buy.

  1. It is safe for sensitive teeth and gums.
    The slightest trace of harmful chemicals in a teeth whitening kit’s gel can cause severe discomfort for someone experiencing tooth and gum sensitivity. For example, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) discovered that products with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can lead to a variety of tooth issues. 2

    But there’s great news! A number of whitening kits now incorporate carbamide peroxide as the key whitening agent in their gels. Carbamide peroxide is FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved and considered very safe, because it contains a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide. And that means you can expect to brighten your teeth with no pain!

  2. It has been tested.
    Safety and efficacy testing by a reputable and trusted company or laboratory is essential to ensure consumers get what they pay for. Unfortunately, not all teeth whitening kits are tested by dentists and healthcare professionals.

    So, when you are shopping for a teeth whitening kit make sure it has been tested and dentist-approved to deliver the amazing results it promises.

  3. It is built to last.
    Like any number of products, certain whitening kits have been known to break down fast. And some of these products run upwards of $300! That’s a problem, especially when you need to whiten your teeth again after a few months and your device doesn’t work.

    Keep an eye out for teeth whitening kits that are designed to last for years. A trustworthy company will stand behind their device with a long-term product warranty. This way, you won’t have to think twice about whitening your teeth whenever you want.

  4. It is wireless.
    Being able to move around freely during your daily whitening treatment is a key benefit that not all teeth whitening kits provide. Wireless devices give you the convenience and flexibility of handling other tasks while your teeth get whiter.

    Cooking, working on the computer or getting your kids ready for school are just a few examples of what you can accomplish during your daily treatments. You will save time, energy…and love what you see in the mirror!

The Top 3 At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Now that you know the top criteria to look for, we want to reveal our selections for the best teeth whitening kits currently available.


#1 Choice

#1 The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit

The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is a high-quality wireless unit that gets your teeth shades whiter in days.* An advanced, but easy-to-use product, it features blue + red light therapy that eliminates stubborn tooth stains and is very safe for sensitive teeth and gums due to its soft thermoforming mouthpiece and chemical-free whitening gel.


  • Clinically Tested To Get Teeth Noticeably Whiter*
  • Very Safe For Sensitive Teeth & Gums
  • Easy To Use Right Out Of The Box
  • Wireless
  • Dentist Approved
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee & 10-Year Warranty
  • Live & Helpful Customer Service Staff That Is Always Available

  • Only Available Online
  • Sells Fast

*Based on the clinical study results of 32 adults conducted by Allergisa, an internationally-recognized lab for safety and efficacy testing.


The Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is at the top of this list because it is an outstanding product that delivers real results safely, effectively and fast. Its main claim, that it will get teeth 3 shades whiter in only 7 days, is backed up by extensive clinical testing run by Allergisa, a trusted, international pioneer in safety and efficacy testing. 3

Designed for people who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums, the Whitening Kit uses a gel containing carbamide peroxide and other chemical-free ingredients that will not cause pain or discomfort. It features blue + red light therapy, ensuring that tough stains are removed, oral health is protected and teeth are whitened faster — in just 16 minutes a day.

This is a smartly designed, wireless device that will last you for years. The Perfect Smile Company stands behind it with an incredible 10-Year Warranty. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can return it within 90 days for a fast refund (you will be responsible for the shipping and handling charges). The customer service staff are among the best in the business: highly knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. Click here to learn more.


#2 Snow


  • Easier To Use & More Power Than Previous Snow Models
  • Cold Light Technology Brightens Teeth And Supports Gum Health
  • Designed In The USA

  • More Expensive Than Other Teeth Whitening Kits
  • Durability Concerns


People searching for an efficient teeth whitening kit will usually find Snow at the top of their list. It features a unique whitening serum with an LED mouthpiece that whitens teeth quickly. Cold light technology brightens teeth, while supporting gum health during treatments. It comes with a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and limited 5-Year Product Warranty.

While we find Snow’s 2nd Generation Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit a solid product, our main issues have to do with cost and durability. Selling for nearly $300, it is one of the most expensive of its kind. Customers have complained about reliability, noting that their device stopped working after only 4-5 treatments.


#3 Glo


  • Features an Advanced Warming Heat Acceleration Technology
  • Approved by the FDA

  • Company Only Provides a 1-Year Warranty
  • Not Wireless


Glo is a well-designed device that features an advanced warming heat acceleration technology. Patented by a top aesthetic dentist, the mouthpiece incorporates a sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide gel in its treatment.

This product is registered with the FDA, though the company provides only a 1-Year Limited Warranty. In addition to being one of the more expensive whitening kits on the market, it is not wireless. The mouthpiece plugs into a power pack, which you wear around your neck, essentially “wiring you up” for daily treatments.


Of the top-three whitening kits we selected, Perfect Smile is our clear-cut winner. Right out of the box, it’s easy to use and, most importantly, highly effective at eliminating stubborn stains that have built-up over the years — in just a matter of days.* The user is left with a brighter smile and a renewed sense of confidence.

This high-quality unit is also more affordable than much of its competition, and a fraction of the cost of multiple laser whitening sessions at a dentist’s office.

The company behind the Whitening Kit, Perfect Smile, deserves much credit for creating another superior oral care product, following in the footsteps of its E-Brush and Portable Water Flosser.

While the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit is just as good at whitening teeth as its competition, our favorite qualities about this product are its dependability and durability. Over the course of eight months, we tested the unit at various times — and it’s still running strong, with no sign of breaking down.

The Whitening Kit comes with an incredible 90-day money back guarantee and 10-year warranty. So, if for any reason, it shows even a hint of wear and tear, you can contact the Perfect Smile customer support team and they’ll replace your whitening kit (you will be responsible for a $17.99 restocking fee, plus shipping and handling).

Last, but not least, my team and I feel extra good about recommending the Perfect Smile Whitening Kit because it is eco-friendly. We love the fact that we’re not adding more whitening strips, toothpaste tubes and gum packets to our landfills. The fact that it is wireless saves energy and cuts down on more batteries being thrown in the trash. Whenever you can do something that makes life easier, makes you healthier and helps the planet… why wouldn’t you do it?

*Based on the clinical study results of 32 adults conducted by Allergisa, an internationally-recognized lab for safety and efficacy testing.