Top Flat Irons 2020

Finding A Flat Iron that Straightens Your Hair WITHOUT the Damage Can Be Overwhelming… So We Did the Research For You

A professional hairstylist’s guide to the Best Flat Irons for at-home styling

Looking to upgrade your old, ‘so last decade’ straightener to a brand new one with the most advanced features of 2020? Want something that can get you that salon-sleek hair from the comfort of your own home? And what about something that tames frizz without leaving your hair dry and brittle with split ends that look like a pitchfork?

When it comes to using a flat iron, every woman knows the predicament: we love that silky straight style, but hate damaging our delicate locks!

As a professional hairstylist for over 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients recover from the WORST cases of hair damage– we’re talking fried, over processed, frizz-ridden hair hanging on for dear life.

And here’s the good news you need to know– Whether you are glamming up for a Facetime call, a fancy party (post COVID-19), or just quickly freshening up on your way out the door to work, straightening your hair does NOT have to result in damaged hair! You just need a professional quality flat iron that achieves the salon-chic results you want at home, without overexposing your hair to heat.

The problem is, many expensive flat irons are advertised as “high quality” but are actually made of cheap plates that burn your hair and leave you with more of the very frizz you were trying to tame… so it’s important to find a brand you can trust.


The latest generation of 2020 professional salon hair straighteners save you time and preserve the health of your hair with high-quality plates made of materials like tourmaline and ceramic that naturally reduce frizz and static with their ionic properties. These tools heat up quickly and give you that silky straight hair in a single pass to avoid unnecessary heat damage.

As the age-old saying goes, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” And this holds true for your hair too!

Deep inside each strand is the cortex, which is responsible for hair’s strength and texture. So it’s important you protect it at all costs… and a low quality straightener is definitely not up to the task.

With modern technology like red light therapy, it is possible to find a flat iron that doesn’t just protect the cortex of your hair, but actually strengthens it as well.

My highly-trained team of BEAUTY EXPERTS and I researched, dissected, tested, and compared hundreds of straighteners to determine which features we love and actually make a difference. We then went out into the market and handpicked the crème de la crème so you don’t have to.

From ceramic-coated titanium plates to the recent innovation of an infrared light strip, there are several high-quality straighteners on the market using modern innovation to help give your hair that strong, shiny, salon-chic look you’ve always dreamed of without costing you a fortune.

7 MUST-HAVE FEATURES in THE BEST Hair Straighteners


  1. Infrared Heating Technology – One of the most exciting recent developments in hair straightening technology is infrared heating, which gently heats hair from within rather than without. This ensures that hair retains its moisture and a healthy shine, without heat damage, frizz, or split ends.
  2. Fast Warm-Up and Adjustable Heat Settings – A straightener really shouldn’t take more than 45 seconds to heat up, and you should be able to get silky smooth swaths of hair with just one pass. It’s also just as important to have a flat iron with a range of temperature options–from lower temperature settings for fine or damaged hair all the way up to high heat for thick or curly hair.
  3. Ceramic Plate Composition – High-quality plates made of ceramic eliminate the risk of burning your strands. The even distribution of heat these high-end materials provide has proven to smooth those stubborn spots and ensure you won’t need to go over the same section of hair more than once to achieve that salon look. However, full ceramic plates often take forever to heat up, meaning ceramic-coated plates strike an ideal balance that provides the best of both worlds.
  4. Negative Ion Technology – Negative ions neutralize static and allow more moisture to be retained within your cuticles. This helps reduce unwanted frizz and split ends, giving your style better hold.
  5. Lightweight and Easy to Use – Lightweight irons travel better and don’t leave your arms tired or worn— your morning beauty routine should never feel like a visit to the gym.
  6. Value – Rather than dishing out a hefty chunk of cash on a flat iron with a cringe-worthy price tag, look for a straightener that uses current technological advancements to do the same amazing job at a fraction of the price. (In fact, most of our top picks fall near the $100 mark, so you don’t have to feel guilty about taking the plunge on a professional-quality straightener!)
  7. Durability and Warranty – The last thing you want is to fall in love with an amazing straightener only to have it break in 3 months, leaving you with nothing but a futuristic-looking paperweight. When choosing a flat iron, make sure the company offers extensive warranties, uses sturdy materials with a durable design, AND offers a money back guarantee.

So ladies, end the vicious cycle of hair damage that old straighteners cause and upgrade to that salon-quality professional straightener your naturally beautiful hair deserves!

To simplify your shopping process, we’ve compiled a list of our new favorite professional flat irons on the market that meet all of our standards listed above. These straighteners will get you the BEST RESULTS and do the LEAST DAMAGE to your hair… AND wallet!

Our Top Choice


SRI Xtreme Health Straightener

4.9/5 Overall Rating: Excellent
SRI Xtreme Health Straightener

1.0 inch ceramic-coated plates Professional Infrared Hair Straightener


Our #1 Choice, Without a Doubt!

As soon as we got our eyes on the SRI Xtreme Health, it stood out from the crowd. Its design and feel are luxurious, its floating plates work wonders on any type of hair texture and slide through your hair without pulling, tugging or snagging. And its technology is the latest on the market.

The SRI Xtreme Health combines ceramic-coated plates, negative ion technology, custom temperature controls, and infrared heating to ensure you get the best results in the least amount of time. Our tests proved you can effortlessly straighten your hair in one pass only to get the glossy salon finish you deserve without having to worry about damaging your hair.

In fact, we were relieved to discover that you won’t to worry about breaking hair, split ends and frizz when using the SRI Xtreme Health . Taking control of your hairstyle and looking great regardless of your hair texture will increase your confidence, while allowing you to feel beautiful and maintain your healthy look in any situation.

Even better, the Skin Research Institute, the company behind the SRI Xtreme Health , is renowned and trusted by professionals. It also ships with a 60-day money-back guaranty and 10 years warranty on parts.

And if you act quickly, you can actually save money on the SRI Xtreme Health for a limited time when you sign up for their First Time Customer Special!

Our Final Verdict on the SRI Xtreme Health Straightener: Highly Recommended

  • Ceramic-coated Plates that glide through your hair without pulling or tugging so you can achieve any look you want without the added hassle or pain of any kind.
  • Advanced Ion Technology to neutralize electrostatics and leave your hair smooth and shiny so you can feel confident knowing that you will always present your most beautiful you, that you will stay in control of your look no matter what, and that you will face any situation with class.
  • Infrared Light Heats from within, sealing in moisture and protecting hair instead of zapping it with direct external heat.
  • Reaches max heat in 30 seconds or less, saving you time getting ready.
  • Easy grip to allow faster & safer styling. Holding the SRI Xtreme Health in your hand will bring the feeling of luxury to your doorstep.
  • Works on every type of hair, every day allowing you to straighten or curl your hair within minutes so you never have to worry about breaking hair, split ends or frizz.
  • The Skin Research Institute is BBB approved and offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee AND a 10-year warranty
  • Only available online
  • Could use a traveling bag for convenience
  • Often on backorder


HAI GOLD Convertable, Premium Professional Flat Iron

Overall Rating: Good
HAI GOLD Convertable, Premium Professional Flat Iron

UNIVERSAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL styles thick, natural, curly, fine and color-treated hair (250°F to 450°F)


This was another amazing tool from a lesser known brand that did great on most hair types. We really loved the power this tool packed and it was really effective at taming flyways and frizz and didn’t cause any dryness or static. Sometimes it did pull and by the end of straightening there was usually about 3 hairs stuck in the temperature dial which was kind of bulky and a little too close to the plates. Overall it worked well just snagged a lot.

  • Fast heat up
  • Really nice luxurious design that looked and felt great when using
  • Upscale packaging
  • Very nice customer service team
  • Hairs snagged and were caught in the temperature dial
  • Needed to be cleaned quite often due to all the extra strands being tugged out
  • Hair lost some of the shine and luster due to the breakage


LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener

Overall Rating: Good
LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener

The innovative ceramic plates are infused with keratin micro-conditioners that transfer to the hair during styling for a healthy shine.


This tool is so pretty to look at we absolutely loved the pearly rose color. The Keratin infused plates made our hair look gorgeous and shiny, but it took forever to heat up and wasn’t as effective on naturally curly or ethnic hair as the 1 and 2 choices. If you have super fine hair and don’t mind waiting a little bit this is a great choice.

  • Super cute color and design
  • Keratin infused plates made sure the health of hair was maintained
  • 5 heat settings
  • Took forever to heat up
  • Low temperatures were harder to style on naturally curly hair or stubborn kinks
  • No money back guarantee


VIBRASTRAIT PRO 1″ Vibrating Flat Iron, by Beautopia Hair

Overall Rating: Good

High-quality tourmaline ceramic plates results in shiny, frizz-free hair


This product was surprisingly effective, it flattened hair, but not to the point where you lost volume. It was smooth and worked really well. However, the one drawback is that there is a very strange smell coming from the plates. I thought maybe it was burned hair smell, but my hair doesn’t smell but it happens even when I am not applying it to my hair. Also, we don’t expect it to last very long because it seems to be made of flimsier materials.

  • Effectively straightened hair and got gorgeous shine
  • Really nice customer service who was friendly to talk to
  • Had vibrating plates
  • Shipped late
  • Emitted a strange burning smell
  • Doesn’t seem like it will last too long


While the above list barely scrapes the surface of the numerous flat iron products available, hopefully it gives you a starting place in the process of buying your new glamorous tool.

You are moments away from acquiring the high-quality hair straightener that will not only generate the ageless glamour you see dazzling the pages in magazines, but you will also be taking a new step towards making sure you have a healthy head of hair for a good long time..

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