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Behind the Scenes with Our Editorial Team


Our Process here at Shopper advocate is constantly evolving – every day, we strive to do better than the last. We’ve grown our team of testers, researchers, and writers and trained them the shopper advocate way – to give you the clearest, most straight forward information so that you can make the best decision for yourself.


Jack of all trades – master of none. We understand that individually we can’t be experts in everything – that’s why we work with teams of specialists from beauty salons to dentists to dermatologists, we really make sure we know what we are writing about – So you can expect the highest quality coming from us.


Our Testing has evolved through the years and will continue to do so. We have our main office in Southern California where we invest in lab grade tools to deliver the best, most holistic data points you need to make the best decisions with your money. We love to provide evidence such as visuals and audio, and share quantitative measurements side-by-side in various categories to best inform you of the facts.


We would be nowhere without you – and we understand that. That’s why we take high priority in evaluating all the products from a user’s perspective. We take pride in listening to every customer voice because in the end – we do this for you.