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Which Water Flosser Is the Best?

No Strings Attached: Here’s which flosser dentists recommend in 2024

Pop quiz: What do washing your hair, your dishes, and your car all have in common? They all use water pressure to blast away unwanted residue. Isn’t it time you gave your teeth the same treatment? Enter: the handheld water flosser, a portable device that allows you to clean between your pearly whites like never before. These are especially helpful for anyone with braces, which can make using string floss difficult to impossible.

In several clinical trials, water flossers have been shown to be as effective as traditional string floss at removing plaque and significantly more effective than brushing alone. For folks with sensitive gums that tend to bleed when they use traditional floss, water flossers also offer a respite from the bleeding, making them an easy choice.

Some dental hygienists have also pointed out that learning to use water flossers can be easier for kids, compared to traditional string floss. And we all know the value of a product our kids will actually use.

So, what else should you look for in your water flosser?

Safety testing: Rigorous safety testing is important for any health device. Some less-reputable water flossers can be too powerful and injure your gums. Make sure your water flosser has been vetted by professionals.

Mold resistant: If you’ve ever experienced the difference between a mold-resistant shower curtain and one that’s not, you’ll immediately know the value of a little anti-microbial engineering. You don’t want mold in your water flosser. I repeat: You do NOT want mold in your water flosser.

Detachable reservoir: Speaking of things you don’t want in your water flosser — bacteria. Having a detachable water reservoir allows you to give your flosser a good cleaning, with a simple vinegar and water solution, and to let it dry out between uses. You can thank us later.

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#1 The Perfect Smile Portable Flosser

The Perfect Smile Portable Water Flosser sits atop this list because it is an innovative and highly effective device that will help you achieve healthy gums, brighter teeth and all-around optimal oral health. It is very easy and convenient to use, and features a larger reservoir than most cordless water flossers, so you won’t need to refill it during your flossing session.

Regular Price: $125

The Perfect Smile is the best in every category here. It has an anti-microbial hose that prevents mold, bacteria, and limescale from building up in your water flosser. It also has a large, detachable reservoir that holds more water than most other portable options and is easy to clean, should you want to give it a wash.

It has been clinically tested and approved, showing an increased capacity to remove plaque, even when compared to traditional floss. The Perfect Smile portable water flosser also comes with three flossing modes — regular, soft, and pulsing. Folks with extra-sensitive gums will appreciate the flexibility these modes bestow.

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The cool thing about the Philips Sonicare power flosser is that it features a quad-stream jet, which means that with each blast of water, you’ll access more angles between your teeth. It’s also wildly customizable, with 10 intensities and four flossing modes. The downside, of course, is that this design is somewhat clunky and not terribly portable, since the water reservoir is larger and requires a tabletop.

It also requires a power outlet to work, so if your bathroom is short on plugs, this may not be the best choice for you.



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The Oral B cordless water flosser incorporates Oxyjet Technology, which is a fancy way of saying this gadget uses thousands of tiny air bubbles to help you power-wash your teeth and gums. The product has 3 flossing modes to choose from and is compact enough to fit conveniently on any bathroom counter.

While we found its Oxyjet Technology appealing, it is not an easy device to clean and maintain, especially if you’re worried about bacterial build-up inside.



The clear-cut winner is the Perfect Smile Portable Water Flosser. It will help you achieve quality oral health results by helping you harness the power of water to blast away plaque. And with the 10-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk to giving it a shot.

So, go ahead, make flossing a regular part of your routine, without any pain or bleeding, with a brand new water flosser.