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2024’s Best Hair Vitamins To Help Your Locks Grow Longer and Stronger

Written By : Ginger LewisJul 20, 2024

Ginger is a chef and dietitian with a keen understanding of how diet affects overall health.

Ginger is a chef and dietitian with a keen understanding of how diet affects overall health.

It’s time to look in the mirror and swoon over your hair growth.

Supplements like Nutrafol, RenewGlow, and Ouai can help with hair loss, nail-breakage, and even dry, dull skin.

Picture it: You’re getting ready for work in the morning, brushing the bed head from your hair, when you see it — a tangle of strands the size of a small animal stuck in the bristles. Ugh. 

Whether it’s due to age, stress, or hormonal issues like the post-baby blues, hair-thinning isn’t something anyone celebrates. It’s also something loads of people overcome every year.

Don’t panic. None of these situations indicate a lifetime sentence of brittle hair and thin ponytails with annoying gaps. Hair vitamins can help reverse thinning, speed up growth, and improve the texture of your ‘do without a host of topical products or an hours-long hair-care routine.

The other awesome thing about hair vitamins is that they also help the body systems that regulate your nails and skin. So, with any hair vitamin, you’re also getting bonus nutrition to freshen up your look overall.

Beyond the Hairbrush - Other Cool Benefits of Hair Vitamins

Trying to quit those expensive nail extensions? Oftentimes, after months of abuse with glue and acrylic, nails can be soft, thin, and easily broken. Your nail tech might recommend biotin. Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is a primary ingredient in most hair vitamins. And that same vitamin helps your body convert nutrients from food into energy for your body to grow new hair, skin, and nail cells.

Ever wonder why hair stylists recommend people take prenatal vitamins to encourage thicker, stronger hair growth? Many prenatal vitamins have biotin, as well as other vitamins beneficial to hair — like vitamin C. 

And speaking of vitamin C, did you know that it has the potential to be the most abundant antioxidant in your skin?! Humans can’t synthesize vitamin C on our own; we have to consume it through food and drink. But when we do, this powerhouse vitamin acts as a defender against cell damage from free radicals. That’s right: Vitamin C helps to prevent signs of premature aging.

It’s time you stopped suffering for beauty and started thriving for it instead with a hair vitamin that nourishes your body inside and out. So, which hair vitamin will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Here’s what our research showed…

RenewGlow Biotin + Antioxidant Supplement from SRI

RenewGlow is a workhorse hair vitamin from the folks over at SRI. It’s packed with vitamins and other nutrients that will help you maximize your hair growth, nail strength, and skin vibrance. But it doesn’t stop there…

$33.99 each for 2

We’ve already talked about the benefits of biotin and other vitamins on your hair health, but RenewGlow takes it a step further by packing in a lineup of rigorously tested botanicals, like gotu kola, amla fruit, and goji berry, which help increase collagen production, decrease oxidative stress on the liver, and battle pesky free radicals, respectively.

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Regular Price: $83.60

Nutrafol is another popular product that really works, but the steep price got this hair vitamin at the number two spot. Compared to RenewGlow, it’s twice as expensive for their cheapest option! Backed by clinical studies, Nutrafol incorporates a similar powerhouse list of ingredients. They even have their own patents. But how does that compare to RenewGlow? Well, we didn’t find conclusive evidence that their formula is much better. So, while your hair might be gaining volume quicker, your wallet will slim down just as fast.



Regular Price: $67.49

Ouai Hair Vitamins claim the third spot, following RenewGlow and Nutrafol. The reason for its position isn’t about lack of quality, but rather a matter of ingredients and specific effectiveness in comparison. Ouai, while packed with essential nutrients like biotin and folic acid, has a formulation that’s a bit lighter compared to the more robust ingredient profiles of RenewGlow and Nutrafol. These two lead the pack with their comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals that target a wider range of hair health issues, from strength to growth.