Dry Your Hair to Polished Perfection Without Frizz, Sweat, or Tears: 2018’s Best Blow Dryers

It’s Not Just A Blow Dryer. It’s Your “Hairy Godmother” Designed To Make Your Secret Beauty Wishes Come True

If you’ve been wasting time sweating in front of your bathroom mirror, holding a garbling blow dryer with shaky arms and a wet mop of steaming hair, then we are here to help you.

Blow dryers aren’t just a means of drying hair: they are style tools sent from the hair gods to smooth out frizz, heal split ends and let you style your hair no matter what type of texture you’ve got.

With the power of a quality blow dryer at your command, you don’t have to slick down unruly strands with greasy serums or shove an unmanageable mane into a ponytail. In a matter of minutes, you can transform yourself from being a frustrated hair hostage to a Grecian goddess floating down the street with glossy, tumbling waves.

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In fact, salon-quality dryers you can now use at home have been proven to actually make your hair healthier and easier to style in the long run.

But many people can’t stomach the idea of spending over $50 on a blow dryer. They think, “What’s the difference between $30 hot air vs. $100 hot air?” And the answer to that is: everything.

You see, although hot air might be the only thing you physically see coming into contact with your precious hair strands, there’s a whole layer of unseen tech lurking within the body of the dryer. It is this internal technology that truly makes a difference for both making your hair healthier and making it easier than ever for you to create extraordinary, stunning styles.

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We are here to shine the light on these holy grails of hair because as soon as you try one for yourself to see how fast and easy it is for these tools to make you look amazing day after day, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get one in the first place.

When considering the results of our research below, it’s important to remember that lesser quality devices simply don’t last as long and you end up spending just as much on replacements as you would a blow dryer that gets you gorgeous results. Below we’ve added our top choices based off of primary first-account results, customer reviews, and other significant criteria.

#1 Top Pick: SRI Salon Dry Pro

We are completely obsessed with the new blow dryer coming from SRI, one of our favorite top-of-the-line beauty brands.

The SRI Salon Dry Pro is itself a gorgeous lightweight tool with a matte black design and easy-to-handle grip that feels more like an extension of your arm than a blow dryer. Most importantly, this tool comes loaded with cool features designed to give everyone who uses it (no matter what hair type) an amazing blowout.

SRI Salon Dry Pro has 3 temperature settings & 3 power settings so you can adjust how hot the air is and how hard it blows. This is perfect for those who want to try different styles and might not always have the same level of wet hair. For instance, if you’re just using it for styling purposes you can safely use it on dry strands at a lower heat and power setting….and vice versa.

It also comes equipped with a new cool shot setting that blasts hair with a stream of cold air, sealing the cuticle and topping the style with a glossy finish.

One of the most important aspects of a blow dryer lies in the method of heating since that is the root cause of hair damage and luckily the SRI Salon Dry Pro uses infrared heat technology. This method is the key to the SRI Salon Dry Pro’s success because it warms each hair strand from the inner core and then spreads to your outer layers. Since this method doesn’t fry the outer layer with shocking heat, you are able to coax amazing softness and shine into the hair shafts giving you amazingly smooth styles.

Expert stylists and amateurs alike both praised the fast yet gentle heat up of the SRI Salon Dry Pro that coaxed gorgeous, soft curls out of the finest hair and smoothed thick coarse hair with ease. Shoppers loved their light-as-feather-locks and couldn’t stop raving about the easiness and speed of the entire process. It did the job of a $300 device at less than a third of the price, making it an easy choice to claim the number one hair dryer slot.

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Our #2 Pick: Harry Josh Pro Dryer

Another extremely lightweight design that comes in a very pretty and unique mint green color. We noticed a lot of customer reviews praised it’s speed and efficiency that saved them time, but many were unable to figure out the heat settings.

The Harry Josh Pro Dry is one of the more expensive products since it comes from a professional brand used by supermodels and actors. The high price point was off putting, especially when you will receive very similar results with products like the SRI Dry Pro at half the price.

It was also hard to discern which was a real Harry Josh product as there are many duplicates and imitation products flooding the market.


Our #3 Pick: Elchim Classic 2001

This is an Italian made blow dryer that achieved great looks thanks to its infrared heat technology and cool shot setting. However it has an incredibly small nozzle that took forever on users with thick hair. While these three picks are our top choices there are many other products available and hopefully these research results give you some insight on what features to look for as you continue your journey to purchasing a professional quality blow dryer.



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