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12 essential products you need to declutter your home

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” That’s how the old saying goes. But notice which part comes first. Before you can organize your things, you need a place to put them. If your organizational problem isn’t that you don’t know what to do but that you don’t have the tools to do it, we’re here to help. We found the 12 best products to organize your home. It’s all you need to get your place in tip-top tidy shape.




Charging station

These days, our homes are also our offices. And our devices —phone, tablet, laptop —double as both personal and work gear. A misplaced or battery-drained device isn’t just annoying; it could be a disaster. Organize and keep your stuff juiced with a dedicated charging station.

Buy it: Vogek 5-Port 50W 10A USB Charging Station.




Door-hanging organizer

These door-hanging organizers are super versatile, adding a dose or organizing power to any door. They’re truly the best products to organize any room, so don’t be surprised if buying one leads to buying several. You won’t remember how you lived without all the extra storage space.

Buy it: Simplehouseware Over Door/Wall Mount Pocket Organizer.




Mop-and-broom organizer

Where are your mops and brooms? Shoved into a musty hall closet? Splayed in a corner of the bathroom? Standing on the floor, bending the bristles? What a mess. This door-mounted mop-and-broom holder will keep your tools organized and make cleaning your floors a pleasure.

Buy it: The Organizer by Berry Ave.




Drawer dividers

When you were a teenager or living in a college dorm, shoving your socks, underwear, T-shirts or whatever carelessly into drawers was fine. It’s not such a good look for grown adults, though. Give your underwear the respect it deserves with these handy drawer dividers.

Buy it: Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider.




Snack containers

There are tons of “life hacks” on the internet and TikTok teaching people all different curious ways of opening and reclosing chip bags to keep the snacks fresh. It all seems pretty silly when you realize how much better and easier it is to store your snacks in snack storage containers.

Buy it: Chef’s Path 7-Piece Food Storage Container Set.




Document container

Some documents are more important than others. Birth certificates, social security cards, passports, contracts and other critical papers deserve better than a folder in a drawer where they can be easily lost, stolen or damaged. A secure, fireproof lockbox is a better way to go.

Buy it: Honeywell Safe Box Chest.




Cutlery tray

Why is it that the items we use the most are often the ones we organize the least? Forks, knives and spoons are truly the socks and underwear of the kitchen. That is, they deserve better than to live in a jumbled heap in a drawer. A simple cutlery tray will get your kitchen under control.

Buy it: Extra-Wide Expand-A-Drawer Cutlery Tray.




Under-the-sink shelves

Lots of us store the most toxic and dangerous chemicals and products we own in that cupboard under the kitchen sink. It’s dark, it’s hard to reach and it’s often chaos in there. What better candidate for a space that could use a little more organization? These shelves help a lot.

Buy it: Lynk Professional Under Sink Cabinet Organizer.




Boot tray

Not all of us live in homes large enough for dedicated mud rooms, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the entrances to our studio apartments to be neat and organized. This clever boot tray gives you and your guests a place to put wet and muddy footwear when you walk in. Sometimes the best products to organize your life are also the simplest.

Buy it: SafetyCare Rubber Shoe and Boot Tray.




Canned goods rack

When it comes to organizing your pantry, why stop at the spice rack? If you’re someone who buys a lot of canned goods, you’ll love this adjustable can rack. It fits typical 15-ounce cans, large 32-ounce cans and even those little cat-food cans. All the cans.

Buy it: SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer.




Under-the-bed organizer

After you’ve outfitted every door in your place with a door-hanging organizer, you may ask yourself, “Where else am I missing extra storage space?” Here’s your answer. Why let all the empty space under your bed collect dust bunnies when you can store stuff there?

Buy it: StorageLAB Under Bed Storage Container.




Valet tray

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” But what about the things — keys, wallet, phone, etc. — whose place is in your pockets all day? A handsome valet tray is where to gather all of your pocket and purse stuff at night so you don’t have to hunt for them in the morning.

Buy it: Vixdonos Leather Valet Tray.