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2024 Best Rated Multipurpose Pens Worthy of Mr. Bond Himself

The Multipurpose Pen is Mightier Than The Sword

Tactical defense and writing tools are rarely strung together in the same sentence let alone one all-inclusive product. So when multipurpose and tactical defense pens first started growing in popularity most assumed they were geared towards inspector gadget enthusiasts or aspiring secret agents. Well, you don’t have to be a 007 in training or flash a security clearance that would make Edward Snowden jealous to enjoy the many uses of these handy tools. So let’s take a jaunt down this vigilant lane of security-minded consumers all looking for a pen that does quite a bit more than make lists.  First, I’ll go over the available functions of a multipurpose pen so you know if you should just stick with an Office Depot ballpoint or take the plunge and start ordering martinis shaken not stirred, cue the bottle opener attachment.

MultiPurpose Pen Purposes

There are a countless number of functionalities that can be loaded into your multipurpose pen ranging from an aluminum array of swiss-army knife appendages, LED lights, sound recorders or even ultraviolet lights to scan currency for watermarks and other faint markings. Half the time, these multipurpose pens aren’t even the classic ink-fueled writing tools we’ve come to know and love, but a simple stylus for iPads or other tablets that have replaced paper in the green revolution.  The typical uses that were commonly found in a variety of multipurpose pens were:

  • ballpoint pen
  • bottle opener
  • ruler
  • spirit level
  • tweezers
  • philips screwdriver
  • stapler remover
  • knurled screwdriver
  • hole punch
  • stylus (for tablets)

Other additional features were LED lights to act as a flashlight or as an aid for writing in darkness as well as UV lights or black lights to help spot harder to see materials. The difference between these two functionalities relied on where the light was placed on the pen, with stronger lights being placed at the end and smaller lights in the middle that successfully illuminated areas near the tip of the pen for writing in the darkness needs.

Another potential route a multipurpose pen shopper can embark down is tactical defense. These types of multipurpose pens are sturdy, baton-like utensils that provide users with an added layer of unseen security in case of an attacker. They also feature “glass-breaker” capabilities for emergency situations when breaking glass on an auto or the window of a building is necessary.

What Would James Do?

If these tactical defense multipurpose writing devices are on your radar make sure that they are made of quality steel or other sturdy metal type as this is the most important facet of this tool. Since you are to rely on this as your last resort against muggers or in some other type of dire emergency, you don’t want something that crumbles during crunch time. Recommended composition types include: tungsten steel, air grade aluminum, titanium, or anodized aluminum. The length ranges were all about 5.5-6.5 inches and weighed between 1-2 ounces.



Premium Tool Pen by Muninch

Premium Tool Pen by Minich

The Premium Tool Pen by Minich comes in at our number one spot due to its sleek look and consistent use of titanium. Many products will have features composed of shabbier metals or require different casings in order to be able to use them. The Premium Tool Pen makes using all appendages easy and harmless. The composition is durable titanium in a glossy cold color finish that looks elegant and acts lethal. The unique heat-powered coloring technique and sleek workmanship ensure that no two pens are the same, perfect for those who value originality and extravagance. Every item from Minich is created in close cooperation with internationally acknowledged experts in military, police and security to develop and test for tactical use.

  • Durable composition of titanium
  • All appendages are easy to use
  • Available in both metric and imperial sizes
  • Customers raved that this pen was one of the best tools they have ever owned
  • Interchangeable Phillips, Flathead, Hex, and Star Bolt Head

  • One of the heavier items at 2.05 lbs
  • Tool does not work right unless all the slots are filled up


Boker Plus BP MPP MultiPurpose Pen

Boker Plus BP MPP MultiPurpose Pen

This multi-purpose pen titan flame was created based on popular customer demand.

  • Heat-colored pen body ensures that no two pens are alike
  • Made of Titanium for its anti-allergenic and high-strength properties
  • Equipped with glass breaker
  • Perfect size for kubotan techniques
  • Boker Plus known for its professional and elegant products crafted by experts in military, police and security
  • Guaranteed to last the lifespan of the purchaser or money back.

  • Doesn’t feature as many functionalities as competitors
  • Only ships in the US


Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool Edgeworks

Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool Edgeworks
  • Bright yellow color makes this gadget fun for the whole family
  • 100% money back risk free guarantee
  • Ships in a classy white box, perfect for gifts
  • Arrived two days after ordering, very fast fulfillment center

  • Aluminum body seemed a little shabby and some customers complained of broken items after only a few days of use
  • The clip is made of plastic and bends/breaks easily



These pens are simply a glimpse into the possibilities your multipurpose pen might contain and as technology and our needs evolve, these handy gadgets feature more and more functionalities that would make any wannabe spy say “ooh and ahh”.


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