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3 Best CPAP Machines on Amazon


Sleep apnea is no joke. It is a potentially life-threatening condition that needs your attention and needs it now. Neglecting this issue can jeopardize your health. You’ve waited for retirement for such a long time, and you don’t want to cut it short, after all, we are talking about your golden years of enjoyment.

One of the solutions for treating apnea are CPAP machines. In this post, we will explain to you what they are, how they can help you, and in the end, we will give you three excellent products you should consider buying.


But first, what is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that happens while asleep. Simply explained, people who have this condition repeatedly start and stop breathing while sleeping.

There are three types of sleep apnea – obstructive, central and complex, which is a combination of the first two. Obstructed occurs if your throat muscles get in the way of normal breathing; central sleep apnea has roots in your brain, as it doesn’t send proper signals to muscles in charge of breathing.

There are many symptoms of sleep apnea. The most obvious one is loud snoring, but also stopping of breathing, both of which will be noticed by your spouse. Other symptoms include insomnia, tiredness, irritability, and headaches in the morning, but apnea can manifest itself in many different ways.


Why is it dangerous?

Not being able to breathe normally while you are sleeping will obviously affect your rest. Because of poor sleep quality, your daytime performance will suffer, especially cognitive. You will have issues with concentration, and you will feel tired and groggy throughout the whole day. If the condition is severe, you might fall at sleep at work, or even while driving, which can put lives in danger.

Having difficulties breathing in your sleep can also trigger hypertension, which puts more strain on your whole cardiovascular system. Because this happens every night, it can seriously damage your heart and supporting organs. Sleep apnea is closely linked with metabolic syndrome, a condition which is a combination of several chronic diseases – high cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure – which all increase the risk of heart diseases and eventually death.

And it is not only about you. Apnea will affect your spouse hard. You can’t hear yourself snoring, as you snore while you are sleeping, every night. Your spouse, on the other hand, can hear it, and they won’t be able to fall asleep because of it, every single night. Your relationship can really suffer because of apnea. Both of you will be more irritable, knowing that it will happen again and again, night after night. This will undoubtedly lead to fights, and you wouldn’t be the first to break up because of snoring.

How can PAP help?

Positive airway pressure is one of the ways to treat apnea. Positive air pressure is applied through the nose, via a special mask that is connected to a machine with a hose. The air is also filtered and humidified.

Depending on your prescription (you need to have one in order to get these devices), you will either need a CPAP or BiPAP systems – continuos/bi-level positive airway pressure. There are also auto-adjusting machines that provide different levels of pressure during the night. You will not have to worry about which model is right for you – your prescription will tell you all you need to know.


The idea is simple – pressurized air will prevent relaxed muscles to get in the way of normal breathing. This will reduce or completely prevent sleep apnea and also snoring. You will kill two birds with one stone – your sleep quality and long-term health will improve, and your partner won’t have to withstand all those horrible noises coming out of your throat every single night.

Do CPAP machines have any downsides?

The issue with CPAP is the mask – it is uncomfortable to wear, and takes a while getting used to. Additionally, some people will need to change the way they sleep, since the mask will only allow sleeping on the back, or on the side.

Because the mask and the whole apparatus is rather strange, people often abandon CPAP machines, or they decide to wear them from time to time, or only in one part of the night. That is something we are firmly against. If you are serious about treating apnea, which is a serious condition, you need to wear the mask consistently, throughout the whole night. You don’t want to gamble with something that serious.

CPAP machines produce noise, how much depends on the model. However, the sound is quite consistent, much more tolerable than snoring. But yes, you will replace one noise with another, which is far from perfect. While this will be an improvement for your partner, you will need to get used to it – you can’t hear your own snoring, but you certainly can hear a CPAP machine.

Also, CPAP machines sometimes lead to a sore throat and dry nose, sneezing, and similar benign conditions. This is nothing compared to the benefits you get from using one.

Factors to consider when browsing for a CPAP machine

CPAP machine is only one part of the system – you will also need a hose and a mask. But, in this post, we will stick only to the machine itself. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Humidifier – depending on the type of your machine, the humidifier is either built-in or detachable. Also, humidifiers come in different sizes – more will allow longer work time.
  2. Noise – as mentioned, CPAP machines are noisy, so try to pick a quieter model, if possible.
  3. Ramp time – the time needed for the machine to reach the optimal air pressure.
  4. Size – this one is only important if you travel frequently. If that is the case, try to get a smaller, lighter device. Also, most CPAP machines work best up to certain altitudes, so take that into consideration too.
  5. Additional features – maybe you want your CPAP to have a built-in alarm that will inform you if something unpredictable happens, or if the mask falls off? Or, you may want automatic controls that regulate altitude changes or adjust to different breathing patterns. Or maybe you want a smart device that keeps your sleep data. These are also welcome additions but are not essential, so try not to base your pick on them.
  6. Price – last but not least, price. CPAP machines are expensive, but the prices vary. Try not to get the cheapest model, if possible. You don’t buy these every day, and they last for years, plus, we are talking about your health, and this is not the area of your life where saving is the smartest decision.

3 Best CPAP Machines on Amazon

*to buy these products, you will probably need an Amazon Business Account and a healthcare license

# 1 – DeVilbiss Healthcare IntelliPAP Auto Adjust

DeVilbiss Healthcare IntelliPAP AutoAdjust is a great machine because it can operate both in the CPAP and auto adjust modes. The self-adjusting mode will smartly lower or raise the pressure, as needed.

Furthermore, this machine is ultra sensitive, and it will detect even the slightest snoring. Also, it can detect if the mask got out of position, or if any leaking is present. It has three comfort settings (SmartFlex technology) that will switch to the prescription setting gradually, which will not wake you up. IntelliPAP AutoAdjust also has a timer that can delay the pressurization up to four hours.

DeVilbiss Healthcare IntelliPAP Auto Adjust has a three years warranty on the machine and the heated humidification system, which is quite a lot, and it speaks about the quality of the device.

#2 – Respironics DreamStation CPAP

Respironics DreamStation is a smart CPAP machine made by a high-tech giant, Phillips.

We say smart because this machine has Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect it to the DreamMapper app through which you can track your sleep patterns. The same date is displayed on the LCD. You can later share the information machine collects with your doctor, which can help him make a better decision regarding your apnea therapy.

Also, the C-Flex Technology allows more comfort, as it reduced the air pressure as you exhale. This machine has an integrated heated humidifier for more convenience.


The device looks very good, quite futuristic but unobtrusive, unlike most medical devices. It is pretty quiet, and quite small, and it won’t take up much space in your luggage.

#3 – 3B Medical RESmart CPAP

3B Medical is a veteran in the sleep-improvement industry, and this company is making devices that help sleep disorders for more than 20 years. RESmart CPAP machine is one of those devices that provides excellent value for money.

Although it isn’t the prettiest or the smallest on the list, this machine has everything you need, including smart functions such as sleep tracking data for a full year. All data is synced to the cloud, and you can access it from your PC or phone.


This traditional CPAP model will provide constant positive air pressure through the night. Besides the above-mentioned tracking, it has a heated humidifier and an exhalation relief with three pressure settings. The smart system will also alert you if your mask gets out of place, or if there are any tube-leaks. Also, 3B Medical ReSmart CPAP is very quiet, and it won’t bother your partner too much.


That was our take on the fight against sleep apnea and the world of CPAP machines. Remember, it is a long battle, well-worth fighting. It is all about consistency, so make sure you use your machine every single night, no matter which model you buy. With enough dedication you will finally start sleeping better, feeling rejuvenated and younger than ever. And no more snoring, meaning that your partner will feel the same!

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