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4 of the best earwax removal products

Have you been suffering from a buildup of earwax? Earwax is actually quite important for our ears and can be a good thing if in the right quantity. However, when there is too much wax build up in your ears it can lead to hearing loss and other problems. As such, it is important that you keep your ears clean by using an earwax removal product. Dealing with earwax is a tough thing to do. It’s sticky, smelly and can be difficult to remove from your ears. But if you don’t get it in balance in your ears, it can cause all sorts of problems like infections. However, you can’t just use any product to get the earwax removed.


You’re not still using Q-tips to clean our your ears, are you? It’s not a lie or an urban legend that cotton swabs are not good tools for ear cleaning. That’s because they can cause inflammation and other problems like causing bacteria to get into the skin.

Additionally, using earwax removal candles, aka “candling,” is not a safe or effective way to remove earwax from your ears. According to ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Nguyen-Huynh, “These candles don’t work, AND they may burn you.” Yikes. Stay away from earwax removal candles.

Luckily there are a few alternative tools and kits out there which, when used as directed, will actually work better in aiding your ear care. Always remember to consult your doctor if you’re experiencing persistent problems.



You can remove excess wax buildup easily in your own home with an electric earwax remover. Electric earwax removers are a safe, easy to use and convenient way of removing the buildup of excess wax. Made out of soft silicone that is gentle on your ears, these portable gadgets will make sure not to damage your ears or eardrums.

The Electric Ear Cleaner with LED Light from BedWellbing is an option that users rave about. Kathryn Aguilar wrote a review stating, “I am rating this five stars because it is easy to use, easy to clean, and a good value for the money. It is much better than using q-tips. Highly recommended.” This product comes with four different tips so the whole family can use it.


Peroxide earwax removal kits offer a safe way to soften, loosen and remove earwax. These kits are safe to use because they’re gentle and will not irritate you like some other types of products might. In addition, these products clean with microfoam action that gets rid of dirt and debris while soothing dryness due to mineral deposits or allergies. We like the Debrox Earwax Removal Kit because the gentle formula is safe for all ages and will not irritate sensitive ears. This kit also comes with a durable tube to contain any mess so that your hands stay clean.


For those among us who love gadgets, a smart earwax removal cleaning kit is the most high-tech way to clean your ears. Have you ever seen the inside of your ear? The Spade Ear Cleaning Kit by Axel Glade comes with a built-in camera that connects to your smartphone over Wi-Fi. With it, you can actually look inside your ear while you scoop out the earwax with the device. This is a true game changer in home ear cleaning technology.


When it comes to earwax removal, safety is key. This can be achieved by using a syringe. It works by flushing out the ear wax from your ears while not being able to be inserted too far into the ear. We like the CVS brand syringe because pharmacists developed it for maximum safety. Its flared design prevents it from being inserted too far into the ear.