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2022’s Top 3 Mechanical Keyboards for Elevating Your Gaming Performance

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Apakula Gaming has a financial connection to products sold via links on our website such as our top choices.


A free guide to this year’s fastest, most smartly-designed blue switch keyboards.

If you’re a dedicated gamer looking to dominate the competition every time you play…

Your keyboard has to strike the perfect balance of power, speed and precision whenever you fire up COD, Final Fantasy or your favorite game.

The truth is you can’t afford to miss your mark by a millisecond…

Because that’s often the difference between victory and defeat.

But finding that ideal blend of power, speed and accuracy in a mechanical gaming keyboard can be a challenge.

Even the most successful gamers experience the frustration of lag and faltering keys.

It could be an issue with the switches, the paracord (if you’re using a wired device), or worse, the frame itself.

You need a fast but smartly-designed product to last you through all of those intense gaming sessions that go late into the night.

And here’s some great news!

There are a few mechanical keyboards that will give your set-up and performance an epic boost.

Better still – we’ve gone ahead and performed the research for you!

That means all you need to worry about is picking the right equipment to fit your gaming preferences

So you can outlast your competition and WIN BIG!




Use the best gaming keyboard that fits your playing style to dominate your competition.

What Separates The Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards From The Pack

  1. Clicky Blue Switches That Give You Instant & Responsive Feedback

    For hardcore and professional gamers, control that is fast, sharp and accurate is not something that can ever be compromised.

    And the right mechanical gaming keyboard will have clicky blue switches that provide instant, responsive and precise feedback.

    They’re also super durable, featuring a keystroke life of 50 million or more in some models, which means you won’t experience a breakdown when it matters most.

    Last, but not least, most users just love the sound those clicky switches make!


  3. Accurate & Durable Paracord That Eliminates Lag (Wired V. Wireless)

    Wireless keyboards can have trouble staying connected during long gaming sessions.

    And when you’re in the middle of a pitched battle against the competition, the last thing you need is lag slowing you down.

    That’s why it is strongly recommended to select a keyboard with USB-wired functionality.

    They offer better response time when compared to wireless models, giving you a distinct advantage over your opponents.

    Another huge plus? You’ll never stress about using batteries. Just plug the keyboard into your computer and get down to gaming!


  5. Advanced, Durable & Comfortable Frame

    A smart and well-designed mechanical gaming keyboard can absorb many years of intense gaming sessions…

    Even a keyboard smackdown or two, which may occur during bouts of gaming rage.

    A quality mechanical keyboard should also be very comfortable to play on, since you’ll want to use it most days for several hours at a time.

    Make sure to look for models with an ergonomic wrist rest, which can take a lot of pressure off your wrists and fingers.


  7. Long-Term Product Warranty

    If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on a cutting-edge product, you expect it to last for a long time.

    Unfortunately, many “brand-name” keyboards only offer limited warranties of a year or two.

    But certain mechanical gaming keyboards provide a warranty of 5 years or more.

    So, if you ever experience any technical issues, these companies have your back, and can replace it for a very small fee…

    Giving you serious peace of mind!

    Check out the top 3 mechanical gaming keyboards for 2022 below, based on all the key criteria mentioned above!

Top 3 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards




#1 Alpha Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Alpha Elite Gaming Keyboard

The Alpha Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard tops our list, due to its superior design, durability and, most importantly, effectiveness in boosting your overall performance. This full-size RGB backlit keyboard is wired, features extremely fast and responsive blue clicky switches and has a durable reinforced frame. It is also simple to set up and incorporates very easy-to-use software.

Regular Price: $150.00

A keyboard with a super-smart design that is designed to help you WIN!

If you’re an experienced gamer searching for a serious upgrade to your current set-up, then look no further than the Alpha Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

With its gorgeous and sleek black design, and ultra-responsive blue clicky switches, Alpha Elite outperforms the competition, landing in the top spot on our annual list for the best mechanical gaming keyboard.

For gamers who crave fast-paced play, Alpha Elite gives you clear and immediate feedback with every keystroke. Its blue mechanical switches allow you to feel and hear every click, which is essential when you’re in a pitched battle against your opponents.

The Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is multi-platform and wired, so you’ll experience a faster response time whenever you play. Remember, a secure connection between your keyboard and computer is crucial, since each single click counts.

You can also choose from over 20 custom RGB lighting settings. The keyboard’s multimedia keys and volume wheel add a nice touch, giving you the ability to pause and play your favorite music all in one place.

The company behind the Alpha Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Apakula Gaming, stands behind its keyboard with an incredible 10-Year Product Warranty! So, if you experience any technical issues, you can return your keyboard (for a small restocking fee + plus shipping/handling) and receive a new one!

They also have a phenomenal customer service team, all of whom are professional, friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have about the product.

Sign up for Apakula Gaming’s First Time Customer Discount and save big on the Alpha Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard today.

  • Designed for Advanced & Fast-Paced Gameplay
  • Blue Clicky Mechanical Switches for Super-Responsive Feedback
  • Dependable Paracord Eliminates Lag
  • 50 Million Lifetime Keystrokes
  • 20+ RGB Lighting Patterns
  • Easy-To-Use Software to Customize Your Lighting Setup
  • Durable Frame with Wired USB Functionality
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee + 10-Year Warranty

  • Only Available Online
  • Sells fast


#2 Corsair K70

Regular Price: $153.00

The Corsair K70 mechanical gaming keyboard is a wired and well-built product with an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame. It features cherry MX mechanical switches and offers multi-color RGB backlighting for nearly unlimited color customization.

This device is on the lighter side, though it does provide reliability and accuracy. With its 8MB of dedicated onboard memory and hardware playback, you can take your settings with you wherever you go. Mouse included.

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame
  • RGB Backlighting Offers Unlimited Color Customization

  • Software May Require A Steep Learning Curve
  • Key Responsiveness May Vary

#3 Logitech G513

Regular Price: $112.99

Logitech’s G513 provides solid performance with blue switches. Like the wired Corsair K70, it features an aluminum alloy top case for a professional look and gives the user plenty of protection.

The G513 is a solid product, though it does take some getting used to. Another benefit is its soft and durable Memory Foam palm rest, which takes a lot of pressure off your wrists and fingers!

  • Consistent & Smooth Performance
  • Durable & Professional Aluminum Frame

  • Requires Batteries
  • Key Responsiveness May Vary


Apakula Gaming’s philosophy: “Take the best of what modern gaming technology has to offer and simplify it, so that you spend less time trying to figure out how your gear works, and more time logging in hours online with your friends, while crushing your rivals and getting lost exploring your favorite open world maps.”

We believe this simple philosophy is one of the reasons the Alpha Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard stands apart as 2022’s clear winner in its category.

The clicky blue switches, dependable paracord and reinforced frame sets you up for continued success in whatever game you love to play.

It should also be noted that while Alpha Elite sells at a higher price than its competitors, Corsair and Logitech, you are getting a premium product that will last you for many years.

This is where Apakula’s 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 10-Year Warranty serves their customers well. It’s a company that really does have your back from Day 1.

Bottom line: after you experience all the Alpha Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has to offer, you’ll want to make that upgrade quickly–and never look back!