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4 awesome journals and planners that will organize your life

If you’re looking for a way to better organize your life, journaling can help you do it. Journaling lets you reflect on what has happened in the past while setting goals for the future. This helps process our thoughts, gain insight into ourselves, and keep track of how we are progressing with our goals. However, sitting down and staring into a blank piece of paper can be intimidating. Many people want to begin journaling but don’t know where to start. We have selected a variety of journals, from heavily guided to more free-form, that will help you reflect on your life and make progress toward who you want to become. These are the four best journals for organizing your life.

Before you begin your journaling practice, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions:
— What type of writing instrument do I want to use (pen or pencil)?
— Where do I plan on writing? (Dedicating a special place can help you get into the flow.)
— When do I plan on writing? (Sticking to a certain time of day will help you practice longer.)

Best journal for organizing gratitude – The Five Minute Journal

best journal for organizing 5 minute journalThe Five Minute Journal is a bestselling journal with almost a million copies sold. The journal is set up for very brief morning and evening practices every day. The practices will help you focus on gratitude, what is great in your life, and how to make things better. Plus, the journal is filled with quotes to help keep you inspired.

In a recent review from a verified purchaser, Erin writes, “I’ve really enjoyed the process of building gratitude into my daily routine, and this journal has made it so easy to start creating this new habit! Whether you are looking for a place to jot thoughts, a way to add your gratitude into your life, or just some form of accountability for your own happiness, this is the perfect place to begin that journey.”

We believe that you’ll be able to join thousands of satisfied users and lead a productive and happy life with the help of The Five Minute Journal.

Best journal for organizing mindfulness and happiness – The Best Journal Ever

best journal for organizing best journal everTrying to be more mindful and positive can be a challenge, but having a journal of daily thoughts and feelings can help. The Best Journal Ever is a daily positivity journal for happiness, wellness, and mindfulness. This simple self-care activity is perfect if you’re looking for a way to better yourself on all fronts.

This journal gives you plenty of space to write your own thoughts, as well as areas where you can track your habits and reflect on weeks at a time. It’s filled with inspirational quotes and affirmations so you can stay focused on what matters most.

The hardcover on this journal makes it durable, sleek, and stackable. And you can keep additional notes in the pocket inside.

Best journal for organizing your food, exercise and sleep – Food, Exercise, Sleep Journal

best journal for organizing food exercise sleep journalWhile journaling can help your mental health, it can also be great for your physical health. Diet and exercise goals are some of the most difficult to achieve; it’s natural for your motivation and commitment to waiver over time. However, you won’t forget what you’re working towards with this Food, Exercise, Sleep Journal. Remembering that you want these changes will help motivate you when times get tough.

Brought to you by the Swedish design and stationery business kikki.K, this Food, Exercise, Sleep Journal will help you track your health journey and give your daily routine a boost. The founder of kikki.K, Kristina Karlsson, is on a mission to empower people to write down their dreams and bring them into the world. and that’s exactly why she created this journal.

Complete with gold foil detailing and a spiral softbound cover, this journal is perfect for helping you take care of yourself and achieve your wellness goals.

Best journal for organizing your goals – Self Journal

best journal for organizing self journalCreated by BestSelf Ventures, this journal will help you optimize your day while tracking progress toward your goals. One of the most structured journals on this list, Self Journal is a 13-week goal planner that helps you set big goals and follow them through to their completion. If you’re looking to crush some goals and hold yourself accountable in the process, this journal is perfect for you.

The journal starts by having you set up to three main goals. Then it gives you progress goals to set every few weeks. There is a page at the beginning of each week to lay out what you hope to achieve that week, then daily pages for every day of the week. The daily pages have space for you to schedule your entire day in half-hour segments. Each day also has a section for daily gratitude, daily goals and targets, and a blank, dotted page each day for your notes, lists, or anything else your mind needs to get down on paper.

No matter which journal you choose, get ready for an amazing journey of self-discovery and progress. These journals do most of the work for you, all you have to do is not give up on yourself! You’ve got this.