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What’s the best kitchen sponge for 2021?

Deciding the best sponge to use for your kitchen cleaning needs involves trial and error. No sponge reigns superior over the others; it truly depends on your needs and preferences. Think about what you want your sponge to do: cut through grease and grime, gently clean, be environmentally friendly, etc. In our hunt for the best kitchen sponge of all, we narrowed the long list down to six of the most popular and effective sponges to help make cleaning your dishes easier.

Scrub Daddy Sponge

One of the most popular sponges on the market and a relatively new contender for best kitchen sponge is the Scrub Daddy. If you can get over the name, the sponges are durable, absorbent, and cleans anything from seasoned cast iron, crystal, glass, and pans with non-stick coatings. The Scrub Daddy Sponge is made from a highly engineered polymer foam called FlexTexture that is exclusive to the brand. It will not scratch any of your dishes, but it can scrub through almost any food or grease without the sponge getting too gross. The Scrub Daddy also reacts to the water temperature, getting soft in warm water and firm in cooler water. It does not hold odors for up to eight weeks when properly maintained, and its fast drying time prevents molding.

The Scrub Daddy Sponge comes in multiple colors and multi-packs. The other models of the sponge, such as the Sponge Daddy and Scrub Mommy, also have rave reviews.

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge

An old standby, the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge is still the best kitchen sponge for many everyday jobs. It has scrubbing fibers made from 100% recycled content and inexpensive. The sponge has two sides, an abrasive side for scrubbing and a spongy side for lathering. It’s comfortable to hold and does not get dirty after a few uses. This sponge dries quickly after use to prevent mold and bacterial growth. The only downside is that the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge is not long-lasting. You’ll need to change it out every couple of weeks if you wash all your dishes by hand; however, since these sponges are inexpensive, it’s worth the trade-off.

Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Silicone Scrubber Sponge

Kuhn Rikon offers a sponge different from the run-of-the-mill sponge. They make a silicone sponge made with food-safe silicone that is also dishwasher-safe and heat resistant for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Silicone sponges are cleaner, as they dry very quickly, and since they are non-porous, the Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Silicone Scrubber doesn’t harbor bacteria. With over 5,000 silicone bristles, it can clean your dishes without scratching or holding any odors.

The only thing to be aware of is that silicone sponges are best for gently cleaning your dishes. These sponges are not the best at scrubbing stuck-on messes. The Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Silicone Scrubber is available in seven colors for between $6 and $13. Though more expensive than other sponges, it’s long-lasting, which in turn is better for the environment.

Nano Sponge

The Nano Sponge is a more eco-friendly sponge available in one of two sizes: 4.5×3 or 6×4. While this sponge is larger than the typical sponge, it also works a bit differently. The Nano does not need any chemical cleaners to help break through any grease, grime, or food to make your dishes squeaky clean. Using only water, the Nano Sponge can cut through any mess. Made from two unique weaves of proprietary Nanolon fiber, the Nano Sponge helps reduce cleaning products from your home so you can breathe easier and lower your risk of chemical exposure. The sponge is dual-sided: one side scrubs without scratching, and the other absorbs liquid and traps & wipes away debris. The only downside is that the Nano Sponge can stain easily; however, if you need to clean it, toss it in the dishwasher.

Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber Sponge

The Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber is resistant to wear and tear. And due to the sponge being black, it will not stain or discolor. The Jetz-Scrubz is durable and long-lasting, as one sponge could last up to several months or longer with proper care. This sponge is gentle enough to not scratch anything from copper, porcelain, glass, crystal to non-stick cookware. The Jetz-Scrubz is not the best for scrubbing dishes, but it does hold suds, making it great if you have plenty of dishes to wash by hand. The sponge is at a higher price point, but since you won’t have to buy a new one every month, it’s worth the investment.

Scrub-It Multi-Purpose Sponge

The Scrub-It Multipurpose Sponges are machine washable, dryer safe, and dishwasher safe. This sponge is durable and made with the best quality polyester, polyamide, and polyurethane to last. It has a scrubber on one side and a microfiber cloth on the other. The Scrub-It can get through burnt food and polish silverware, which makes it versatile. This sponge is also free of any chemicals, making it safe for anyone in the family to use. You can purchase these sponges in a pack of six in either small or large sizes for between $11 and $14. When used properly, the Scrub-It sponges can last weeks longer than a typical sponge.