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The 3 best meal kit delivery services

One thing we really do have in common is that we all have to eat. If you’re like a lot of people, you want to cook at home more, but don’t know where to start. Or you may not want to cook at all but still want options for healthy meals at home. Or maybe you’re looking for more variety with less work. Whatever your needs, there is a meal kit delivery service to match them. But as the demand for these meal kit delivery services has grown, so has their variety. These days, there are more meal kit options on the market than ever. It can be hard to know which ones are worth your money. So we did the legwork for you and narrowed down the list to the three best meal kit delivery services.

Best meal kit delivery services – Blue Apron

Blue Apron was one of the first meal kit delivery services on the scene and it’s still one of the most popular. Blue Apron sends insulated, pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards to your house. Having everything pre-portioned also helps cut down on food waste. You won’t have a bunch of leftover ingredients you don’t know what else to do with. Blue Apron designs its meals to take an average of 45 minutes from prep to completion. We do think Blue Apron’s meals are more involved than some of the other meal kit delivery services. So this service is for people who are willing and able to cook but don’t want to plan a menu and shop for groceries.

What kind of ingredients does Blue Apron use?

Blue Apron’s chefs work closely with farmers when making meal plans. These relationships allows the service to provide detailed information about the ingredients so you know exactly where your meal came from.

What meals are on Blue Apron’s menus?

Blue Apron offers a solid variety of meal options on their weekly menu. Examples include pasture-raised roast chicken and rosemary-lemon sauce; crispy tilapia and caper mayo; and lentil and roasted cauliflower salad. There’s also a 100% vegetarian option with the two-person plan. Diabetes-friendly and wellness menus are available too.

What is Blue Apron’s wine subscription?

Want to take your home-cooked meal to the next level? Blue Apron also offers a wine subscription box curated to pair with their meals.

What subscription plans are available for the Blue Apron meal kit delivery service?

Blue Apron’s meal kits come in two-person and four-person plans. At two, three or four meals a week, and you can adjust servings and delivery day weekly to match your needs as they change. There’s an introductory deal of $20 0ff your first five boxes. Free shipping is available for the three- and four-meal plans.

Best meal kit delivery services – Sunbasket

Sunbasket is a hybrid meal kit service that is great for anyone who wants to cook, but not necessarily for every meal. They value sustainability, and it shows in their packaging and portions. Everything can be recycled and no food is wasted. Their chef sources local ingredients so they are always fresh when they land at your door. The you-cook meals are designed to be ready in 20-30 minutes and come with easy-to-follow recipe cards while the Fresh & Ready meals just need to be heated up and are designed to be ready in six minutes.

What kind of ingredients does Sunbasket use?

Sunbasket puts their emphasis on ingredients as the key to a good meal. Their produce is organic, their meat never has hormones or antibiotics and their seafood is wild caught.

What meals are on Sunbasket’s menus?

Choose from pre-portioned meal kits that you prepare and cook yourself or from Fresh & Ready meals that come cooked and all you have to do is heat them and serve. The ready-to-cook meal kits come in a wide variety of recipes like meatballs with mushroom ragu over wilted cabbage, spicy Greek shrimp with tomatoes, feta and orzo, and Asian rice noodle bowls with sesame dressing. The Fresh & Ready meals include meals like chicken cacciatore with spaghetti, beef chili with cheddar and Greek yogurt, and risotto verde with broccoli, spinach and peas. You can also cater your meals to almost any dietary needs or restrictions. Sunbasket also offers meals for breakfast and lunch, an option some other meal kit services do not.

What is Sunbasket’s market feature?

Their market feature allows you to order a la carte items such as pastas and sauces, proteins, including plant based, and a variety of snacks including cheese and sweets.

How much does the Sunbasket meal kit delivery service cost?

Choose either a two or four person plan and then choose two, three or four meals per week. You can mix and match meal kits with Fresh & Ready meals as well as the diet types. The meal kits start at $10.99/serving and the Fresh & Ready meals start at $8.99/serving. Sunbasket offers free shipping on your first order.

Best meal kit delivery services – Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a meal kit service that was formed in response to somewhat limited vegan and vegetarian options offered by other meal kit services. It offers an entirely plant-based menu so you don’t have to choose from a limited menu. It is a great option for experienced vegans and anyone newly-vegan and learning how to cook for it alike. Purple Carrot’s chefs work hard to provide flavorful vegan meals, and each kit comes with pre-portioned ingredients and detailed, easy-to-follow chef’s recipes. Because there is no meat involved, these recipes are generally ready very quickly.

What kind of ingredients does Purple Carrot use?

Their ingredients are 100% plant based and include a variety of vegetables, sauces and plant-based proteins for filling, complete meals.

What meals are on Purple Carrot’s menus?

Their plant-based menu offers kits for meals like rainbow vegetable bowls, kale pesto cavatappi, and crispy mushroom chick’n sandwiches. They also offer menus for breakfasts and lunches, and a variety of snacks to get you through the week.

What extras does Purple Carrot offer?

If the meal plans don’t feel like quite enough, you can add up to three extras – snacks or other ingredients you like that don’t come with your plan – to any two-serving plan or one extra to any four-serving plan. The site also offers Purple Carrot branded merch like tees, onesies and organic cotton tote bags.

How much does the Purple Carrot meal kit delivery service cost?

You can choose between two or four servings and two, three or four meals a week. You can also choose between high protein, gluten free, quick & easy and chef’s choice and can easily customize your order every week. Dinners start at $9.99/serving, lunches at $8.99/serving and breakfasts at $4.49/serving and they offer $25 off your first box.