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Brilliant camping tips and hacks every camper should know

Even the most seasoned wilderness explorer can benefit from learning a few more tips and tricks. When it comes to camping, it’s important to be prepared for any situation that may arise and to always have a backup plan in case all else fails. The more you go into a camping situation knowing a thing or two about what you’re doing, the more fun you’ll have. So whether you’re a total camping novice or if you’re and old hand, a few ingenious camping tips and hacks will make your next time roughing it a little (or a lot) better. We’ve got some are some really easy and useful camping tips and hacks everyone should know before heading to the campsite.

camping tips and hacks tent

Photo by Jarhead Core on Unsplash

Camping tips and hacks: how to buy the right tent

Obviously the most important gear to bring on a camping trip is a tent. So knowing how to choose the right one is the first and most important of camping tips. Experts suggest the following tips when it comes to deciding on the perfect fit.

  1. Test before you buy: Before being fooled by online retailers boasting irresistible deals, most travel sites suggest visiting a physical store to get an understanding of different tent sizes and what they look like fully assembled.
  2. Bigger is better: Depending if the trip is a solo adventure or a group activity, make sure the tent is adequately sized for your needs. Choosing a size bigger allows for more elbow space and room to walk around.
  3. Practice makes perfect: Once purchased, make sure you understand how to fully assemble and dissemble your tent. Waiting until the last minute may put you in a frustrating and even dangerous spot. You don’t want to discover you’re missing an essential structural piece while in the middle of nowhere.
camping tips and hacks campfire

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash.

Camping tips and hacks: how to start a campfire

No camping tips and hacks list would be complete without the original life hack: how to start fire. Starting a fire may seem like the easiest thing to do when it comes to setting up a campsite. All you need is firewood and a lighter, right? But sometimes even the best experts can be reduced to cavemen.

Use the chocolate and soda can hack. Some outdoor experts have discovered a soda can and chocolate will work wonders. All it takes are three easy steps; the entire process available to watch.

  1. Vigorously polish the metallic bottom of the can with the chocolate — toothpaste also works great — for roughly half an hour to create a mirror-like shine.
  2. Aiming the shiny surface toward the sun and focusing the rays into a small beam of light will spark a flame on a piece of char cloth or fine tinder.
  3. Once lit, place the smoking object into a larger tinder bundle and, after some encouraging prodding, flames should gradually build.

Another instant fire-starter involves using Doritos or tortilla chips as kindling. Most of the oils and starches that make up these tasty treats are flammable, so they can work in a pinch if regular kindling isn’t readily available.

How to deal with bugs while camping

While burning sage helps clear away negative energy, this plant is also a great way to keep away pesky mosquitoes. Opt for using sage during dusk and dawn when the bloodsuckers are most active instead of spraying chemically concocted bug spray and ruining the space with fumes.

How to make a DIY camping night light

If you want to create some ambiance at your campsite or simply don’t want to waste the battery from your flashlight, using a water jug and smartphone light will do the trick. Just put your phone in flashlight mode and set a clear bottle or colored thermos on top. It will create an ethereal glow to surround your while telling ghost-stories at night.

How to cook while camping

Make perfect campsite eggs. In the morning, waking up to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and eggs is amazing. But the messiness of broken shells and loose yolks is a huge pain. Instead, crack the eggs ahead of time and store them in a water bottle. For instant scrambled eggs, whip with milk, cheese and seasonings. Pour the mixture in the pan or use a bottle with a larger opening to keep fried eggs intact.

Maintain your cookware. When it comes to outdoor dining, it’s important to keep cooking supplies protected from the elements, especially anything that rusts easily. One of the best ways to keep cookware dry is tossing in a few silica gel packets to attract excess moisture. You can buy them in bulk, or, when your online clothing purchases come with those little white packets, make sure to keep them and bring them along with you.

How to keep the campsite clean

Use bread tags as clothespins. Instead of ordering a bunch of wooden clothespins that will only take up room in your luggage, collect these helpful pieces of plastic instead and take them with you. While probably not ideal for heavy items, drying T-shirts and light sweaters will be a breeze.

Use slices of soap instead of the whole bar. Wishing to freshen up but don’t want to carry around bottles of body wash? Sticking with a bar of soap is the best solution. But instead of using it all at once and getting stuck with a disgusting mass in your bag, use a vegetable peeler to slice single-use strips for bathing and sanitizing.