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Capture Each Moment of Your Favorite Adventures With Top Three GoPros in 2024

Never miss a thing with the amazing GoPro cameras, crafted specially to capture actionable videos even in the most extreme conditions.

The high demand for the actionable cameras, that can satisfy the needs of the extreme adventurers, professional sportsmen and travel bloggers alike, has made the 2019 the year of the GoPro cameras. Action cameras are specially crafted to be light, compact, but powerful. They created a whole new trend. They’re designed to be “invisible’’. People attach them to helmets, bikes, surfboards, drones and many other objects, in order to get interesting perspectives and first person views that transfer all the excitement, emotion and unique energy of every memory. They’re small and simple, but they are tough. They are durable. Their lens captures the world in HD and has many interesting features that enhances the experience like a wide-angle fish-eye perspective, that dominates the advertising world as well as viral social media videos worldwide.

Who is GoPro camera suited for?

While the GoPros camera undeniable suit all the adrenaline junkies, sportsmen, and video bloggers, you don’t have to belong to any of these three categories to get the most out of the camera. Action cameras in general are great way to capture the first water adventures of your kids, a fun way to record the family time, or record that crazy party that you’ve expected for so long. The interesting wide perspective captures more than a typical iPhone, offering more compound recorded material of your events, adventures and memories.

While action cameras are created specifically for shooting video, the best action cameras have the various options of shooting still photos as well, although their quality is not significantly better than an average photo camera.

How to choose the best GoPro that suits your needs

It’s important to note that as GoPro pioneered the trend of the action cameras, they are not the only brand who makes them nowadays. They are, however the definite market leader, offering the vast variety of choices and functions, proven durability and unquestionable quality of standard. With their growing popularity, the competitors started offering alternatives, and even the Chinese copies started coming out. Still, if you want the best of the best, and the most value for your money, we highly recommend any of the top three GoPro cameras.

In order to choose which GoPro suits your needs, let’s grasp the basics of the features and equipment they come with. GoPro comes with many accessories that enhance its functions in accordance with what the camera is used for. There is wide array of additions: from a compact handheld mounts, tripods and stabilization systems, to the wifi connection and mobile and desktop apps that make editing very easy.

While the latest flagship model “Hero6” has the most modern and advanced options, its ancestors still offer enough quality to dominate the market, so we didn’t base this list solely on the newest trends, but on the combination of the features, quality and price balance.


GoPro Hero6 Black

GoPro Hero6 Black

If you are looking to buy the best action camera available in 2019, look no further, the GoPro Hero6 Black holds the title, and it’s unrivaled!
The changes in the software and the shooting capacities are just enormous, and opening the new era of action cameras. The Hero6 Black contains a new GP1 processing engine, capable of recording high-quality 4K footage at 60fps and 1080p videos at 240 FPS. Well done, GoPro!
Some highlights of the newly established model include advanced stabilization system resulting in better image and video quality, and the best performance in the low light, among all the GoPros yet. As the previous version it’s waterproof until 10 meters, supports voice commands and an interactive touch screen controls. Another handy addition is the QuikStories software that automatically sends your video to your phone, which you can edit easily with the app and create stunning videos within minutes.

  • Automatically sends your footage to your phone where the app turns it into an awesome edited video
  • Has 5GHz Wi-Fi, so copying photos and videos to a phone works 3x faster than with HERO5
  • The most advanced video stabilization yet capturing super smooth footage
  • Includes touch zoom and additional touch screen controls
  • 4K 60FPS and 1080p 240FPS video, it delivers 2x the performance compared to HERO5
  • GP1 chip is optimized for GoPro capture, so the image quality is significantly improved
  • Simple setup out of the box
  • Refined design

  • Battery life runs short
  • Possible troubles with the GoPro editing software QuikStories



GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro’s most popular model so far, the Hero5 Black, was a real innovative model when it initially came out. Many claim that it’s still much better choice than the newly designed Hero6 that has couple of hundreds higher price. With variety of interactive features like voice control that enables you to give commands like “GoPro, take a photo,” or “GoPro turn off,” and the touch screen, the navigation and use for the average user has never been easier. Additionally, it’s capable of capturing beautiful 4k videos and 12-megapixel photos in different settings like single, timelapse, burst, making sure to capture every single moment of fun. The Hero5 Black is waterproof and can sustain the depth of up to 10 meters without any additional housing protection. And considering the variety of equipment available, GoPro Hero5 black can easily become become the unbeatable best choice of the action camera in 2018!

  • Available trimming and basic editing on the GoPro itself
  • Touch screen controls
  • Many shooting options: still photos, bursts and timelapse (with adjustable time lapse photo intervals 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds)
  • Great underwater footage, waterproof for up to 10 meters of depth
  • Can take 60-90 minutes of continuous 4K video per battery
  • Easy to connect to android, Iphone and computer.
  • Light and easily portable.
  • Built-in stabilization system works great.

  • Doesn’t record well in the low light.
  • The batteries and chargers of the older versions are incompatible with GoPro Hero5
  • Slightly bigger and heavier than previous versions


GoPro Hero5 Session

GoPro Hero5 Session

Best choice for the 4k video, at an affordable price. While it has many of the basic action camera options, not-so-advanced at the first glance, it is actually the most similar to the leading GoPro Hero5 Black for the specifications. Even though the basic design may look disappointing to some, it includes powerful 4K video capture with up to 30fps,and built-in image stabilisation. Similar to its bigger cousin GoPro Hero5 Black it supports voice control and is waterproof down to 10m. There is no screen, which adds to the compactness of this action camera, but the general controls are handled by the big record button on the top. The settings and modes can be changed through an accompanied app on the phone, making this camera a convenient choice for an average action camera user.

  • Built-in waterproof system
  • Great 4k video resolution
  • Simple, basic design.
  • Easy to use one button control.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a phone, allows for live streaming while recording.
  • Audio controls and video stabilization
  • Many fine-tuning options available in the app
  • Linear FOV Option (this FOV option helps remove the fisheye that is required for wide FOV shots without noticeable distortion)
  • Very compact and powerful

  • Bad low light performance
  • No screen (requires a phone to see the recording)
  • Short battery life when actively recording 4k


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