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Diary Of A Mad Gaming Woman

I have a double secret confession.

By day, I am Tera Kiner, Creative Director of a California e-commerce firm.

By night…I am Mad Gaming Woman, or MGW27, avid PC gamer. That’s right. I admit that I’m one of the millions of American women who LOVE to game in their free time. FIFA and Tomb Raider are how I get my fix.

What about that double secret part, you ask? If I’m on a date, but my mind is at home going all Lionel Messi on some FIFA bro halfway across the country, I know we don’t have a future.

Sorry, fellas. But here’s the thing…

Gaming isn’t a man’s world. According to Statista, a whopping 45% of PC gamers are of the female persuasion. You can click here to see the splits for yourself.

And like the guys, most of us gals invest time and money into a set-up that not only looks cool, but gives us a competitive edge.

We also have many preferences when it comes to our gaming equipment. Other than PC’s, keyboards and mice get a lot of heat, but take a lot as well.

Both are essential to anyone’s gaming performance. Especially for those of us who need our devices to react with speed and precision.

I favor a keyboard that’s RGB backlit, wireless and customizable. But the three most important factors for me are: durability, quality and NO software.

Same goes for a mouse. The problem is, it can be harder to find than a keyboard. That’s because no two hands are alike. All too often, gamers think they’ve discovered the perfect mouse…only to learn it’s a tiny fit.

As we all know, the gaming market is a blue ocean. And it can be overwhelming trying to navigate your way to the RIGHT equipment.

Worse, big-time issues can arise with big-name brands. Whether it’s glitchy software and ghosting keys or poor padding that wears out quickly. To name a few.

The bottom line: we often overspend on certain popular keyboards and mice that underperform. Which is beyond frustrating.

I recently reached the end of my rope trying to find a decently-priced, high-quality keyboard and mouse that wouldn’t need to be replaced once a year.

But then…

I came across Alpha Elite’s Keyboard and Mouse.

Two words: Game. Over.

Start with the wireless, membrane keyboard. A beautifully-designed, plug n play device that’s Mac-compatible, waterproof and ready to go right out of the box. Yep, there’s no annoying software to install or download. Hallelujah! The RGB backlit keyboard also features 104 easy-to-strike, customizable keys with 7 colors and 3 adjustable pulse modes.

Alpha Elite also includes their lightweight, wireless Gaming Mouse in the package. It’s a great fit and grip for most gamers and uses a built-in professional gaming engine. This mouse won’t jam and comes with an adjustable four-speed DPI switch (800-2400 DPI).

Apakula Gaming, the company behind Alpha Elite, isn’t far from my own southern California office. Way better is the fact that they provide a 10-year product warranty and 90-day money back guarantee on every keyboard and mouse they sell.

If you’re not knocked out by either product, like I am, you can return it for a fast and full refund. FYI, many gaming companies only offer a 30-day return window.

What’s the best part about the Alpha Elite Keyboard and Mouse? I’ve noticed my gaming performance has improved. The reaction time for both devices is faster and more precise than the previous ones I owned. Both were”marquee” brands that shall go nameless.

Aware that I don’t have to worry about these products wearing out on me anytime soon…

Or a thousand software updates slowing me down…

This Mad Gaming Woman finally has some peace of mind.

So definitely check out Alpha Elite Gaming Keyboard and Mouse today. You have nothing to lose and everything to game.