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Discover The Innovative Technology Behind 2021’s Best Water Flossers

Advertising Disclosure

CRI Naturals has a financial connection to products sold via links on our website such as our top choices.

Find Out How The Top Brands Are Using The Latest Advancements To Boost Your Oral Health.

Traditional water flossers are a wonderful option if you’re looking to blast away plaque in those hard-to reach-areas of your mouth

Or if you want to make the process of flossing your teeth easier.

But two key issues often plague legacy water flossers.

Unfortunately, these are problems that rarely get mentioned. Especially by the big brands.

And they can have a major impact on your flossing experience and your health.

Number one: durability.

Many water flossers, including the most popular ones, can break down in months.

If you’re paying a lot of money for a top-name product that bills itself as high quality, you expect it to function for years, right?

You want a dependable water flosser that comes backed by a solid warranty — and won’t fail you.

The second issue: mold.

It’s lurking everywhere in your bathroom — including inside your own water flosser.

There have been frequent consumer reviews highlighting this concern.

But there’s great news!

Several companies are quietly designing revolutionary products that address these two issues to help ensure that you can have peace of mind.

Keep reading to see our list of the year’s most innovative water flossers.


Finding A Water Flosser That Is Ahead Of The Game

Products that offer cutting-edge updates to traditional models share these 4 qualities:

  1. Built To Last – You want a water flosser that is designed to last you for many years, especially if you’re counting on it every day to help you keep your gums healthy, your breath fresh and your teeth white. Too often, legacy water flossers will falter or fail after just a few months.
  2. A Strong Warranty – A company that stands behind their product for years to come is definitely one to consider. Certain companies back their water flossers for up to a decade. If you’re searching for a reliable unit, this could be very appealing.
  3. Premium Modulation Technology – A superior product will offer a range of pressure settings that are easy to adjust while you floss, whether you want a less intense stream of water or something more powerful. It should also feature a powerful modulation speed of up to 1,700 pulses per minute.
  4. Mold-Resistant – There are certain water flossers on the market that are better than others for tackling mold. Make sure the ones you’re considering are up front about their appliance being mold-resistant, or offering cleaning solutions for their product.


Invest In A Water Flosser That Helps Prevent Mold

Let’s face it: limescale and grime build-up inside your water flosser are one thing, but mold is something else entirely.

And a big problem for many water flossers is that they’re not the easiest to clean.

This means you’re not always going to get most of the mold and other bad bacteria out of your device.

With that in mind, here’s a look at your options when it comes to choosing a water flosser that helps prevent mold:

Detachable Reservoir Water Flossers – A significant amount of mold build-up occurs in the reservoir. Having a detachable reservoir that you can clean in the dishwasher or by hand is a wonderful option to have. You can also run more cleaning solution through a larger reservoir, helping to ensure the hose assembly, dental handle and jet tips are thoroughly flushed out.

Cordless Water Flossers – Many big name cordless water flossers have reservoirs that aren’t removable. This makes it very difficult to scrub out all the gunk or mold that builds up. Running a cleaning solution through these non-detachable water flossers is your only option. And it won’t always do a thorough job.

Cleaning Tip #1 – Cleaning your water flosser can be as easy 1-2-Vinegar. Once a month, apply 1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar to the reservoir and fill it with warm water. Run the solution through the unit until the reservoir is empty. Then run a full reservoir full of clean, warm water through the device.

Cleaning Tip #2 – Since the reservoir and dental handle may not dry out between uses, mold can grow inside the rubber gaskets and reservoir. Simply remove the reservoir, invert it and let it dry on a towel. Lower the dental handle into the sink, so that it is below the level of the pump. This will allow the remaining water to drain out and dry the hose.


Top 3 Water Flossers




#1 The Perfect Smile Water Flosser

The Perfect Smile Water Flosser

The Perfect Smile Water Flosser is an exceptional product that will last you many years. Its smart design makes it very easy to clean and maintain, with the risk of mold build-up reduced. This flosser’s cutting-edge modulation technology means the entire flossing experience is very soothing and safe for teeth and gums. It blasts away more plaque faster, leaving your mouth feeling healthier and your breath more refreshed.

A Product That Is Built To Last And Designed To Keep Away Harmful Mold.

Consumers looking for a state-of-the-art water flosser that will keep their gums and teeth in tip-top shape for a very long time have found their match in the dependable, expertly-designed Perfect Smile Water Flosser.

It’s super easy to clean and maintain, keeping you and your family healthy and safe from the harmful effects of mold and other bacteria lurking in your bathroom.

The Perfect Smile Water Flosser’s advanced modulation technology is gentle on the gums, rinsing out those hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. Featuring a high speed of 1,700 pulses per minute, its 10 pressure settings are easy to adjust.

And then there are the 8 dental jet tips, which can be stored in a compact case that fits on top of the reservoir. Each one is a different cleaning attachment, including high pressure, orthodontic (perfect for cleaning around braces and bridges), periodontal (for sensitive gums) and dental plaque.

But what’s the best part? Perfect Smile’s incredible 10-Year Warranty and 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for their First Time Customer Discount and save big on the Perfect Smile Water Flosser today.

  • Designed & Built To Last For At Least 10 Years
  • Very Easy To Clean & Helps Prevent Mold
  • Super Gentle On Sensitive Teeth And Gums
  • Premium Technology Cleans Out More Plaque Faster
  • 8 Enhanced Jet Tips
  • 10 Adjustable Pressure Settings
  • No Risk 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Only Available Online
  • Frequently On Backorder

Click here to learn more about the Perfect Smile Water Flosser and see which special deals are available right now.


#2 Oral B Cordless Water Flosser

The Oral B cordless water flosser incorporates Oxyjet Technology, which helps target and remove more plaque by creating thousands of microbubbles that power wash teeth and gums.

Its On-Demand button gives the user greater control without the mess. In addition, the product has 3 flossing modes to choose from. It includes: 1 Water Flosser Advanced Portable Handle, 1 Charger, 2 Nozzles, 1 Aquafloss and 1 Precision Jet. The Oral B Cordless Water Flosser is a light product that can sit conveniently on any bathroom counter.

While we found its Oxyjet Technology appealing, it is not an easy device to clean and maintain, especially if you’re worried about bacterial build-up inside.

  • Advanced Oxyjet Technology Helps Remove More Plaque
  • Easy & Convenient Storage

  • Not Easy To Clean Or Maintain
  • Small Reservoir

#3 Oral B Aqua Care Pro Expert

A combination e-brush and water flosser, the Oral B Aqua Care Pro Expert features micropulse bristles that penetrate deeply along the gumline to brush away plaque, while providing a refreshing and clean feeling.

The Aqua Care Pro is cordless, portable and a terrific travel companion. It’s also compatible with the full range of Oral B models.

Like the Oral B cordless water flosser, cleaning out the Aqua Care Pro’s reservoir can be a challenge.

  • Micropulse Bristles Help Eliminate Bad Bacteria
  • Easy To Transport

  • Reservoir Is Not Detachable
  • Battery Operated


If you’re looking for an advanced water flosser that is durable, effective and will keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape, then you should strongly consider picking up the Perfect Smile Water Flosser.

The company behind it, CRI Naturals, deserves a lot of credit for believing in a sustainable and safe product that will keep you healthy and function at a high level for years to come.