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For The Happiest Mornings: Top Three Coffee Machines


Start your day with an optimally brewed coffee, adjust a temperature and consistency individually and treat your senses every morning with any of the top three coffee machines in 2018.


In the 21st century, humanity runs on coffee. The modern lifestyle brings modern trends and habits with it, and one of those is that people massively rely on the coffee-to-go, coffee shops and cafes to get their morning dose of caffeine. The fact is that all the true coffee lovers know the struggle with finding the place that brews coffee in just a perfect way to suit their taste. So, why not take the things in our own hands, and skip waiting in lines and risking to get a too weak or too strong coffee every morning?

Coffee machine industry is going stronger than ever. People who enjoy the enchanting smell and flavor of coffee spend more than $30 billion annually around the world to get it. With ever-growing demand the manufacturers strive to improve every segment of the delicate process of the coffee making to answer to different needs and expectations of the customers. So, you decide to buy the coffee machine, wake up to the perfectly suited coffee every morning and feed your senses with the morning cup of energy, pleasure, and pure joy. But, where to start? Different coffee machines use different systems and belong to a very wide price range.

Filter coffee is usually the cheapest and the most common choice. Oh, you are the espresso type. So you probably know that getting a perfect espresso in the home environment, or a small office, can be a real challenge. Or is a cappuccino more of your thing? You want to treat your friends to a real bourjois coffee experience at the comfort of your balcony. There are the pods, the capsules, the whole grain, the ground versions. The options are so varied, it’s easy to get lost and confused when starting your research on the best coffee maker to buy.


How to choose a perfect coffee machine

The list of factors to consider when buying a coffee machine is not short, but don’t fret, it can be a fun and exciting process. In order to come up with the top three coffee machines available in 2018, that promise a safe investment into the less grumpiness and more happiness every morning, we took the below factors and types into consideration.

Automatic coffee machines. Currently the most popular coffee machines are totally automatized, where the process of grinding and extraction starts with a single click. Your desired, perfectly crafted cup of coffee is ready in seconds. Some coffee machines even have automatized cleaning process as well as the protection system from corrosion and rust, so you don’t even have to take the time to wash it.

Semi-automatic coffee machines. If you are more of a traditional type, and don’t strive to finish everything with a single click, than the better choice would be semi-authorized machines. Their main downside is the time needed for the coffee to be ready, as it’s a bit more demanding than just -click-and-wait from the automatic machines. Most of the time, they don’t include grinder, so the process requires additional effort – and additional grinding machine!

Water control. Most coffee machines also offer control of the amount of water used for brewing a single cup, meaning that you additionally decide how strong your coffee will be. Some machines allow you to choose the perfect temperature, and their exciting smart interface remembers favorite choices.

Milk or no milk. If you prefer beverages with milk, like cappuccino and latte, then these aforementioned functions are not so relevant for you. Milk that you add to coffee, further weakens its flavor, meaning that basically negates all the functions that enhance the flavor and strength of your coffee. In this case, it’s better to look for a coffee machine with not so advanced technological functions, which would still answer your expected quality standards, but usually with a more affordable price.

Grinder. Pay attention to the type and quality to are the grinder blades (if it’s integrated in the machine,) as the smaller grinded coffee beans, the more flavourful coffee. Most semi-automatic machines do not include grinder.

Size. Coffee machines can be quite large, especially if you are looking for those producing more than one cup of coffee at the time. More suitable for bars and offices, espresso machines with more than two groupheads take a lot of space. Additionally, depending on the type of the machine, you might want to consider the size of additional equipment like the grinder or knock-out draw.

Materials. Depending on the materials that the coffee machine is made of, the durability and resistance to mechanical damage will vary. Some coffee machines even have a built in cleaning system, that further automatizes the maintenance.

Budget. Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes, with varied functions, and the budget varies accordingly. From the simplest French-press makers that cost around 50$ to the boutique makers and superstars of the coffee industry that reach several thousands in price!

Do you smell that coffee yet?


Top three coffee machines in 2018



The Barista Express Coffee Machine by Breville

The Barista Express has enough options and adjustable controls to make you feel like a real barista, while brewing your favorite morning elixir.

The Barista Express Coffee Machine by Breville is not a coffee machine, it’s a coffee wizard! It’ in line with much more expensive, boutique coffee machines, offering excellent shots with minimal maintenance and waiting times. The Barista Express has enough options and adjustable controls to make you feel like a real barista, while brewing your favorite morning elixir. It’s not the quickest of the machines, as there are more automatized machines, solving everything with a click and costing thousands more. For a people who want to experience the magic of coffee bean to cup of coffee in the home environment, it’s a perfect kitchen gadget. It comes with a built-in grinder, so that the transformation happens before your eyes, to ensure the freshest and tastiest coffee every morning. The classy design only strengthens its position as a number one coffee machine, highly demanded in 2018!

  • Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature.
  • Includes stainless steel conical burr grinder.
  • Neat design and high quality materials.
  • The pressure gauge helps in making just the perfect espresso.
  • Has an automated cleaning cycle cleaning the insides of the grouphead.
  • Includes water filter.
  • Interactive design, reminds to empty the tray.
  • You can change the temperature and the volume of coffee.
  • Has all the necessary equipment and accessories.

  • Requires learning and following instructions.
  • Pricey
  • The water reservoir and collection tray may run small.



Ninja Coffee Bar by Keurig

Ninja Coffee Bar by Keurig

This model comes with a permanent filter, a scoop, 10-cup glass carafe, and removable water reservoir.

It’s a imagined to be a ninja in the coffee machine world. Ninja Coffee wanted to create an ultimate coffee machine, an affordable one, that can do everything with few simple clicks. This model comes with a permanent filter, a scoop, 10-cup glass carafe, and removable water reservoir. It has a built-in frother for creating cappuccinos, lattes and similar espresso-based coffee beverages. Ninja Coffee is a great coffee gadget for the coffee enthusiasts who love want to have variety of options at their household and enjoy serving many different tastes. It’s rather compact, and saves a lot of space because you don’t need additional coffee gear with it. This version of a coffee machine is budget friendly and equipped with the latest innovations like the Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence that takes just the right amount of water from the reservoir, based on your choice of the brew size and the brew type.

  • It has six different brew sizes to choose from.
  • Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence technology, that automatically takes enough water, based on the brew type and size you’ve chosen.
  • Includes built-in frother, for espresso-based coffees like lattes.
  • Brews a variety of coffee styles.
  • Inexpensive compared to similar multiple systems.
  • Environmentally friendly: permanent filter and pod-free system and permanent filter.
  • Contains a cleaning cycle and reminds when to be cleaned.
  • Comes with a recipe book

  • Plastic construction.
  • Does not turn off automatically after brewing.
  • Machine is tall and requires counter clearance.



Nespresso Inissia by Breville

Nespresso Inissia by Breville

It’s incredibly compact and can fit into every interior design, weighing only 2.4kg.

Nespresso Inissia is a perfect for the people willing to get high quality coffee fast with a short waiting time and a simple-to-use machine. As usually, Nespresso uses its own pod coffee system, and comes with illustrated instructions to facilitate the learning process. It’s incredibly compact and can fit into every interior design, weighing only 2.4kg. For an entry-level machine it offers plenty of functionality. The bundle pack comes with the Aeroccino3 milk frother, so the repertoire is expanded to include creamy drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. The functionality of this smart machine makes life much easier, especially with a fast-heat up time that makes the water reach the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds. This coffee machine is affordable, compact and easy to use.

  • Compact and can fit every kitchen.
  • Light and easily portable.
  • Fast: The water reaches optimal temperature within 25 seconds.
  • The machine is durable, and designed to last.
  • Has 19 bar pressure pump.
  • Turns off automatically after 9 minutes.
  • Budget friendly
  • Comes with the standard small or large brew buttons but also allows you to program your own brew length.
  • There are plenty of different flavours and brew variations to choose from.

  • It’s loud when brewing.
  • The design is not the prettiest.
  • It keeps dripping for a while after the brewing is finished.


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