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9 Products to Upgrade Your Zoom Aesthetic

As more and more of us are working from home or otherwise telecommuting to our jobs, in-person meetings are becoming a thing of the past. Meetings through our computers via Zoom or other video chat software apps are the new norm. Navigating Zoom meetings is tricky and full of technical difficulties. You could experience difficulty hearing and seeing your co-workers and experiencing extreme fatigue from sitting in multiple meetings. Moreover, you probably don’t have the equipment to look your best on a webcam. It behooves all of us to step up our on-camera presentation these days. So if you need to know how to look good on Zoom? We’ll walk you through the products you need to survive all your meetings.


The standard web camera that comes with your laptop or desktop computer is not the best quality. To enhance your Zoom experience, upgrade your camera quality, buy a webcam. The Logitech Brio Pro 4K webcam comes equipped with HDR and RightLight 3 technology which allows the webcam’s built-in lighting to adapt to whatever environment you are conducting your Zoom meeting. This webcam also lets you adjust your field of view (FOV) to one of three options, and it has a built-in mic with superb sound quality. So yes, this webcam is costly, but you wouldn’t have to spend extra money on lighting or a mic since the Logitech webcam comes equipped with them.

If this option is out of your price range, then the NexiGo is a mid-range webcam. The NexiGo is a full-focus, HD web camera, compatible with any PC or Mac product, and easily clips on to monitors, laptops and tripods. To set it up, plug the webcam into your computer USB port, and you are ready to use it.


There’s nothing worse than being in a Zoom meeting and people not being able to hear you clearly. If you are dealing with bad sound quality, it can lead to miscommunication and a long Zoom meeting. Your computer or laptop may have a built-in microphone, but usually it’s not the best quality. While there are plenty of mics on the market, some require additional equipment or can be tricky to set up. USB microphones are quick and easy to set up.

If you are looking for something inexpensive but effective, check out the Fifine K668. You can purchase this plug-and-play mic for under $20. It has an omnidirectional pickup pattern and extended frequency response, which gives solid sound quality. The Fifine K668 comes with a tripod stand, a windscreen, and the cord attached to the mic is about 5 feet long. If you are in the market for something a bit fancier, with a headphone jack, a mute button and a few other useful features, check out the Blue Yeti mic. This microphone is popular among gamers, podcasters, musicians and voice-over actors. So if you want to impress your colleagues, then this mic is it.


Most people who aren’t used to being on camera professionally forget that lighting is crucial to looking good. If you don’t have the correct lighting, it can make you look ill. When purchasing a lighting source for your Zoom meetings, the better options are ring lights or light cubes.

Clip-on ring lights that can easily attach to your laptop screen or phone are in abundance, and they are all inexpensive options. Some of our favorites include the Cyezcor and the QIAYA. Both of these options are pretty standard; you can adjust the brightness levels. However, with the Cyezcor ring light, you can also change the color temperature from white light to warm light to natural light. They are great, simple options that you clip onto your screen and can use quickly.

The Lume Cube Panel Mini is a great mid-range price option when looking for lighting for your next Zoom meeting. It is an LED light where you can adjust the color temperature, brightness and running time. It comes with a USB-C recharge cord, two tripod mounts, and a laptop/monitor mount to attach to your laptop or desktop. And it weighs only 85 grams and is 3.6 inches wide, 2.2 inches tall and .45 inches deep.


Spending hours at a time on your computer and staring at the screen can lead to something called digital eye strain. Essentially, most people blink less when looking at a screen of a tablet, phone or computer. That leads to dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue and headaches. If this happens to you, it may be time to look into blue light glasses. Blue light glasses block a certain amount of blue light emitting from the screen of your digital device, which allows you to spend more time on-screen without any side-effects.

One brand that creates top-of-the-line and fashionable blue light glasses is BLUblox. This Australian-based brand is on the pricer side, with their cheapest glasses coming in around $110. However, the company takes a scientific approach to creating their lenses, and the five-star reviews don’t lie. If you are looking for blue light glasses that don’t break the bank, Foster Grant, most popularly known for making sunglasses, has very affordable blue light glasses starting at $20.