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When Reality Gets Dumb It’s Time to Look Smart: Best Smart Glasses 2020

Hold off on the Lasik because these lenses are changing the vision game

When Google released Google Glass in 2013 there was a worldwide raising of the eyebrows as this new potential smart phone competitor rushed the scene. However, it’s 2020 where are these revolutionary smart glasses now? Google Glass and it’s respective “Glass Explorers” (the consumers who signed over $1,500 to receive the beta version) realized that while the tech was cool it proved to disturb people in the public rather than impress. Currently, the goal of smart glasses is primarily focused on virtual and augmented reality for wearers or video recording, Bluetooth, and other hands-free functionalities similar to the likes of GoPro.

Augmented reality is described as technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. Think snapchat filters or Pokemon Go, while virtual reality is a completely three dimensional computer generated view for the wearer that provides simulated experiences through sensory perception. What was most noticeably wrong with smart glasses was that their specific use was never fully theorized. Engineering appeared to lazily recreate a smart phone/screen that you wore on your face and could wear through daily life. However, despite the several halts on smart glasses and the current state this stagnant industry seems to have fallen in, powerhouse tech companies are surging forward full throttle to break through this barrier and release to market smart glasses that revolutionize the way we do things much like the smart phone did.

The Consumer Electronics Show in January 2020 showcased several products ready for market in Q1 2020 from brands like ThirdEye Gen, Vuzix, RealMax and several others.

Consider if you rewind back to the release of the first smart phone, it was not immediately welcomed into mainstream culture, yet fast forward ten years and they are a staple in everyday life. Yes betas are being released and while they are not joining the seamlessly now, the technology is almost limitless in what these new computing spectacles are capable of. With that being said, if you are considering diving headfirst into the future whether it’s for hands free video recording, augmented or virtual reality recreation, or want to watch a movie, check emails, browse the internet, even fly drones with nothing but your MIND take a look at the below smart glasses. The price point of these terminator-like accessories start as low as $50 and the technology is already capable of tons of functionalities it’s definitely worth browsing. Especially if you are into hands-free recording for extreme sports, capturing vacation memories or even just using it in case you need to file an insurance claim (no more your word vs. theirs) these smart glasses are the perfect accessory.



Vufine Wearable Display

Vufine Wearable Display

A high definition, wearable display that seamlessly integrates with your technology, truly unlocking its full potential. Whether for your smartphone, laptop or drone, Vufine+ connects via HDMI cable to provide a second monitor or mirrored display.

Coming in hot at number one is the Vufine Wearable Display. These record crisp video, allow you to wear them without too much interference. Perfect for recording video, operating drones watching video on a bright virtual display that appears as a 4 inch screen about 12 inches from the users eye. It’s also compatible with most smartphones, drones, laptops, tablets and cameras.

  • Very easy to hook up to most devices
  • Does exactly what it says it will with crisp footage
  • Customer service team issues refunds and replacements at the slightest request and extremely quickly, reviewers praised their experience dealing with issues and many potential negative situations were ALWAYS turned around

  • No bluetooth
  • Small Screen



Bone Conduction Headphones, Tayinplus Bone Conduction Sunglasses

The way it looks similar as normal sunglasses, but you can listen to music and answer the phones through bone-conduction from Bluetooth Wireless Sunglasses.

This takes the number two slot due to it’s affordable price at only $78.69 with a rating of 3.5/5 stars on Amazon. Huge disclaimer, many reviewers commented on how these are marketed as Bone Conducting Glasses but they are actually two speakers placed on each side directly above your ear. The sound quality was still very high and you are able to complete every functionality advertised (make calls, listen to music, replaceable lens) but a lot of people were turned off by the inaccurate labeling.

  • Successfully transmits phone calls with built in mic
  • Easily replacement lenses for indoor/outdoor use
  • Blue tooth functionality allows easy listening to music of your choice

  • Falsely marketed as bone conducting when it is not
  • Some reviewers complained of poor picture quality and difficult to see
  • Many complaints of the device breaking easily and hard to hook up
  • The small speakers require specific HDMI cabling


ThirdEye Gen X1 Smart Glasses

ThirdEye Gen X1 Smart Glasses

The largest battery life of any non-tethered AR smart glasses Field of View is 40 degrees meaning it is the equivalent of a 90” screen at 10 feet.

Third place goes to the only product listed that features augmented reality functionalities but it comes at a hefty price of $1,299.99. These are definitely for a serious gadget hoarder looking to expand their AR arsenal and truly delve into the world of compromised reality. Despite boasting zero reviews on Amazon, after further research the ThirdEye brand is an extremely reputable company with multiple awards as of January 2020 in the realm of augmented reality. Users experience HD augmented reality that is the equivalent to a 90” screen at 10 feet. It features a hands free app controlled by head-motion and based on proprietary software and includes an intuitive interface that let’s on-site personnel collaborate with remotely located experts.

  • Integrated with many AR Mapping and Image Recognition applications
  • Contain the largest batteries for AR Smart Glasses and are replaceable
  • Batteries last 24 hours
  • Full Enterprise Augmented Reality platform that includes live audio, video, P.O.V AR data communication between remote users- a “See What I See” application
  • Company is known to be at the forefront of AR innovation, features multiple awards, unveiled this particular product at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show in January 2020

  • Android operating system



These are just a sampling of a vast range of products that feature and excel at different functionalities. Whether you’re looking for an drone operations app, a discreet video recorder or AR headset with the same capabilities as Batman take a look at the insane technology currently available. Smart phones are no where near becoming obsolete, but with the progress of these glasses being able to covertly perch atop the brim of your nose and follow commands via head motions, the way of the future is about to increase exponentially, it’s best you don’t get left behind.


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