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#2 Choice: GHD Gold Professional Styler


GHD stands for Good Hair Day, a hair care product manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Originally started by mimicking the design of an iron from a South Korean inventor, the brand quickly took off and is now sold in over 50,000 salons worldwide. Endorsed by multiple celebrities, this brand also is known for launching extensive marketing campaigns, most notably it’s 2009 promotion that centered on fairytales such as Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and Cinderella with the tagline “you can do anything with your hair”. It’s commonly seen as the tool used for high-level fashion shows and other televised events.

Why GHD Caught Our Eye…

The GHD brand has been around for a long time with multiple celebrity endorsements and eye-catching marketing campaigns. With so much money spent on marketing, we ran into it numerous times in our research and of course decided to give it a shot and see for ourselves what all the hubbub was about.

  • Improved heat up time of 25 seconds
  • Dual-zone technology with two next generation heat sensors one across each plate
  • Universal voltage that works anywhere in the world
  • Easy to get a refund/return faulty products
  • Ships worldwide
  • Comes with a lovely gold bag good for traveling and storage
  • Easy to reach customer service team who issued refunds and cared about customer satisfaction

  • Many customers had issues in shipping and actually received products that appeared to be the GHG gold styler, but was a cheaper version. It is important to make sure you know what platform you buy this product on and that it is legitimate.
  • The automatic sleep mode shuts off the straightener at 30 minutes which was cumbersome for some people who are still using it.
  • The two pieces of metal do not clamp all the way down which makes it difficult to straighten small, thin pieces of hair (not good for bangs or other precise styles)
  • Left quite a bit of static in many shoppers’ hair, not for every hair type


What we found

The GHD Gold Professional Styler was definitely on our radar when we first decided to review best straighteners. As one of the most commonly used devices among the top celebrities and stylists, this expensive tool does what it says it will and more. The quick heat up and dual technology are a powerful pair that smooths hair during the heated styling without causing too much damage and is able to achieve shiny sleek looks extremely quickly. However, there was no temperature control settings for different types of hair worked best on thin, fine strands. Be careful though, after continued use we noticed on especially fine hair, the strands would quickly dry out and lose that silky shine we first experienced.


The GHD Gold Professional features an auto shut off switch after 30 minutes, which ensures peace of mind to the user but also appeared to be a little bit too short as some people wanted it on over 30 minutes. It also didn’t come with any protective equipment such as a heat mat or glove and a few customers expressed their desire that a product so focused on its ability to heat quickly and at such high temperatures that these added safety tools would’ve been a better addition.


The dual zone heat technology remains GHD’s number one patent when it comes to innovations. It features two next generation heat sensors that maintain the optimum heat consistently and evenly from root to tip.

Notable Reviews

“I think it is a good tool, however its cable is faulty. I have to adjust the cable into a specific side for it to work. the power keep disconnecting. It works on my hair, but if I want to get a different style and need more heat the one temperature setting prohibits me from doing that. ”
“Doesn’t last long enough for the price. I have very thick long hair and my hair doesn’t seem as dry but I haven’t been able to master the functions of this particular flat iron. I bought it because it supposedly lasts longer than Chi… but mine stopped working after a month of using it every day.”
“Works great on my daughter’s hair, but I don’t get the same results whenever I use it. Definitely expected more from a professional quality straightener, but I will keep it for my daughter who loves the way it curls her thin fine strands from the bottom.”

Special Purchase Options

If you are interested in ordering the GHD Gold Professional 1 inch Styler you can order from the manufacturer’s page or Amazon. We recommend ordering it from the seller’s website here, because of all the complaints of receiving fakes. If you do decide to purchase this flat iron, check the warranty, the inside booklet and the warning label on the device to make sure that it is real. Register it on the GHD website to confirm authenticity if it doesn’t go through return it through amazon.


Visit Their Website Here


GHD has a 21-day “no quibbles” guarantee. If you want to return this product for any reason within 21 days you can ship it back to the manufacturer in its original packaging with your original packing slip and Order Confirmation E-mail Receipt to this address:

ghd Professional
100 East Ninth Avenue
Runnemede, NJ 08078

Customer Service

If you have any questions or want immediate assistance, you can reach out to GHD’s customer service team via email or phone with the below contact information.,

1-877-GHD-ANGEL (443-2643)


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