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20 Amazon Impulse Buys You’re Gonna Want To Order Right Now

Deals so good you’ll click “add to cart” before scrolling to the reviews. 

Sometimes you need a little treat, so we put together this list of impulse buys that are wonderfully tempting and just as harmless. Just try to get through this roundup without buying something. Seriously, we dare you.


Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 30 oz

From your office to the car to your best friend’s surprise birthday party, Stanley’s new-and-improved tumbler keeps cool drinks cold and hot drinks hot with its double-vacuum insulation. Take it everywhere and quench your thirst with the built-in straw. Cleaning it is as easy as popping it into the dishwasher and letting your appliance do all the dirty work.


Sunset Lamp Projector

End your day snuggled up on the couch with your favorite blanket and your current comfort show. In the background, the Sunset Lamp Projector splashes the calming colors of a sunset over the room. Aim it at a wall to enjoy the brightest colors and adjust the size and shape of the halo to your liking.


Purroom Duck Coffee Mug

Look at how cute this duck mug is! Just look! In just a few short days, you could be sipping your favorite drink from this stupidly adorable, otherwise pointless vessel. It’s the perfect little treat — the gift that keeps on giving. As a ceramic mug, it’s corrosion-resistant and microwave-friendly. Add some joy to your morning brew when you flounce around the office with your personality on full display.


Mike’s Hot Honey

The impulse buys to end all impulse buys, Mike’s Hot Honey is a culinary delight that instantly spices—and honeys—up your meals. This hot honey adds the perfect “kick” to all your faves, from leftover mac and cheese to a crispy pile of fries. It’s so good.


Canvas Tote Bag

While we’re on the subject of duck merch you never knew you needed, behold this tote bag! That’s right: It’s not a want, it’s a need. Replace your old, boring tote bag with this exciting duck tote, complete with two little yellow duck feet hanging off the bottom. Fit all your essentials in the bag and carry up to 22 pounds with the sturdy canvas.


Medley Hills Cereal Marshmallows 1lb

A one-pound bag of marshmallows is the epitome of an impulse buy. Treat yourself to a beautiful bag of squishy little clouds that make everything more fun. Add them to your hot chocolate, breakfast cereal, yogurt, or just eat them on their own. The best part? This beautiful bag of marshmallows costs less than $13.


Crocs Unisex-Adults Classic Clogs

Are they cute? No. Are they practical? Not usually. Do you want them? Emphatically, yes. Because you know that the secret to Crocs’ success is that they are wildly comfortable and as easy as humanly possible to wear. So, slip into your clogs and prance through your life with really, really comfortable feet. When you need to go into turbo mode, throw the heel strap back and prepare to fly. Crocs may not be the most beautiful shoes you’ve ever seen, but they’re the best impulse buy to upgrade your comfort.


Mighty Patch The Original Hydrocolloid Patches

Say goodbye to zits and breakouts with Might Patches hydrocolloid stickers. How do they work? During your evening skincare routine, you’ll cleanse the skin and pat it dry. If you have any whiteheads or large pimples, put a patch on the zit. Leave it on as you sleep, and if the patch turns white (meaning it has popped the pimple), remove the patch before following your morning skincare routine.


Sol de Janeiro Hair & Body Fragrance Mist

If you want a fragrance that will have everyone saying “You smell like a goddess,” then add this body mist to your cart. Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist is a perfect summer scent. What does this best-smelling fragrance smell like? It’s a seductive pistachio and salted caramel that gives you a sun-drenched aroma.


Etekcity Digital Food Scale

Don’t have a digital scale, but baking and food prep runs in your blood? Upgrade your kitchen accessories with this food-grade stainless steel digital scale. Measure in multiple units that are accurate up to 1 gram and store it easily with its slim design. 


Mielle Organic Scalp & Hair Strengthening Hair Oil

Looking for an easy way to level up your hair rituals? Mielle’s biotin-infused hair oil is a nourishing deep treatment that smooths, soothes, and leaves hair feeling healthy and strong. Scalp & Hair Strengthening Hair Oil contains over 30 essential oils that provide nutrients for the hair and scalp.


Suprus Electric Lighter

You’ll never have to buy matches again. Suprus’s rechargeable electric lighter uses plasma tech to ignite and light your favorite candle, grill, and more. Push up the safety lock switch and press the button to ignite the lighter. The electric lighter has a safety feature that shuts off the flame after seven seconds.


Suprus Electric Lighter

Chances are you’ve seen these glasses on #CoffeeTok or in other TikTok vids. This aesthetically pleasing drinkware that elevates your morning coffee from chore to experience. Every set comes with six durable, dishwasher-safe glasses.


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Revolutionize your skincare routine with this best-selling impulse buy. The pore-tightening, oil-reducing skin and hair treatment has more than 21,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. This 100% natural calcium bentonite clay dives into your pores to draw out impurities. It’s a top impulse buy for anyone dealing with oily or acne-prone skin or for when you want to have a little at-home spa day.


Puransen Bookend Vase

When your partner comes home and says, “Gretchen, you made another impulse buy on Amazon?!” You can throw up your hands and say, “#BookTok made me do it!” The glass bookend vase is perfect for displaying your next bundle of fresh tulips, roses, or summer bouquets.


Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

You can thank us later. Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub is a skincare champion for anyone dealing with blemishes, bumps, skin discoloration, and acne-related issues. Intense ingredients like sea kelp, lemon peel, French green clay, and Madonna lily cleanse and detox the skin and leave you with healthier-looking skin.


Purifyou Reusable Produce Bags

Ditch the plastic bags at the grocery store and switch to these sustainable baddies (we’ll let you decide if that’s a typo or not). Each set has nine bags: five large, two small, and two extra-large, as well as a free gift of two wooden fish keychains. Save the earth one grocery run at a time.


Apple Air Tag

Ditch the plastic bags at the grocery store and switch to these sustainable baddies (we’ll let you decide if that’s a typo or not). Each set has nine bags: five large, two small, and two extra-large, as well as a free gift of two wooden fish keychains. Save the earth one grocery run at a time.


Atomic Habits by James Clear

Buy it, we dare you. What is Atomic Habits? It’s the internet’s favorite productivity doctrine, and it’s chock-full of techniques to change your life with habit stacking and consistency. Will it change your life? We can’t say, but it’s certainly a fitting Amazon impulse buy for readers hoping for a life upgrade that starts on the inside.


Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp

It’s not just a lamp, it’s a viral TikTok lamp. That’s how you know it’s lit. Get it? Anyway, go ahead, buy it already. The Candle Warmer Lamp is an efficient way to melt a candle using a 50-watt warming bulb. It elevates your home decor while making your house smell fabulous.

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