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5 Ways to Get “Spring Ready” Skin in No Time

The winter months often mean dry, flaky, and occasionally irritated skin. But in a couple of months, it’ll be all about keeping your skin from being an oily, and sweaty mess. In order ensure a flawless finish to your look and prep your skin for the warmer spring months that are fast approaching, check out our tips below. All skincare routines are not created equal and should change seasonally.


After all, don’t you want to keep your friends wondering how your skin looks so radiant year-round?


Continue Exfoliating

Don’t stop believing in exfoliation. In the summer, you’ll be shedding more dry skin — and exfoliating will increase skin-cell turnover, which will keep your skin glowing and help prevent dead skin from clogging your pores. A good skincare routine involves exfoliating one to two times a week ideally. For the ultimate spring-cleaning of your pores, you can even try a light medical chemical peel (done at the dermatologist — not at home).


Don’t Get Lazy About SPF

Consider the winter months a great time to repair skin damage and give your cells a rest from UV rays. During spring and summer months, your skin care focus should shift from repairing to prevention. That includes wearing an SPF with a minimum of 30 and using a hydrating serum. Lack of proper sunscreen can cause premature aging, sun spots, and can lead to serious skin conditions. Don’t skimp on the SPF, even on cloudy days!


Anticipate Breakouts

If you’re in tune with your skin, you may know already that seasonal changes often lead to a period of breakouts. This is normal. If you are on a retinol treatment, you may want to check with your dermatologist to see if the concentration should be upped or altered. But also keep your favorite acne-fighting products on hand.


Consider Creamier Makeup

During the summer, wearing foundation and powder makes your skin look kind of . . . well, gross. Creamy blush gives a good non-texture finish with a bit more glow. You’ll also want to switch to a creamy concealer as liquid concealers often come off easier with sweat. Once you have your foundation in place, consider a lightweight finishing powder to set your look.


Find a Mild, Yet Effective Facial Cleaner

If you haven’t yet found a facial cleanser to love, now is the time. While it will always be a trusted tool in your skincare arsenal, it will matter more during the warmer months and as the weather becomes more humid. Purifying pores, cleaning impurities, and removing oils and sweat will keep your skin looking refreshed and clean. Remember: the better your skincare routine, the more balanced your finished look will be.

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