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Alpha Elite Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Review

If you’re into shooting games as much as I am, then it’s important to find a keyboard and mouse that react super fast. Because if I’m in the middle of Black Ops 4 with a swarm of Zombies coming at me, the last thing I want is my equipment to be a split second too slow.

And if glitching software and ghosting keys are happening in real time, I’m in real trouble. Unfortunately, it happened to me recently with a certain popular keyboard I own. And it wasn’t the first time. This led me down the path of considering other options.

A friend who I trust with all things gaming suggested I give the Alpha Elite Gaming Keyboard and Mouse a try.

It turned out to be one of the savvier gaming moves I’ve made yet.

From an aesthetic perspective, these are two of the more dynamic-looking devices I’ve seen. The keyboard features 104 easy-to-strike RGB keys in 7 colors and 3 adjustable pulse modes. All are customizable.

As far as durability and quality go, gamers of all levels can expect two premium products that will last them a very long time. With the keyboard, you get a wireless, Mac-compatible and waterproof device that doesn’t need software. Music to the ears of most gamers who get tired of having to always download or install new software.

Turning to the Alpha Elite Gaming Mouse. Wireless and lightweight, it incorporates a top-notch professional gaming engine. As for the grip and fit, I have extra big hands, so I need something larger. This mouse didn’t disappoint, I’m happy to say. It also doesn’t jam and comes with an adjustable four-speed DPI switch (800-2400 DPI).

The same friend said I should single out Apakula’s customer service team in this review. He had a question about the pulse switch on the keyboard and needed some guidance. The young woman who helped him was professional, kind and knew each product cold. From the time he dialed until he clicked off, it took less than 5 minutes.

The California-based company behind Alpha Elite, Apakula Gaming, provides their customers with a 10-year warranty for every product they sell. If, for whatever reason, the keyboard or mouse stop working, they will replace them for free. Both devices also come with a 90-day money back guarantee. By contrast, a lot of brand names only offer a 30-day return policy. Sounds like the folks at Apakula have more than an awesome gaming experience in mind.