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Aveeno is a natural skin and hair care brand dedicated to bringing buyers powerful and effective skin and hair products with ingredients sourced from nature. Their products are used for nourishment and moisturization, and they range from use meant for the face, body, and hair, to sun protection and baby products.

All of the ingredients that they utilize in their products are harvested from plants grown in regions with the most ideal environments for the health of and growth of the plant. This makes for higher quality, more beneficial ingredients. Aveeno’s scientists are recognized for their high standards of ingredient selection, formulation, and manufacturing. Their end goal is to preserve the highest possible strength and purity of their resulting product.

Aveeno Company History

The Aveeno skin and hair company began in Canada in 1945 with their founders, brothers Albert and Sidney Musher. The Musher brothers were American inventors and philanthropists who were curious about the way in which nature was being used as medicine effectively for centuries. They were interested in the chemistry and interaction of natural substances to bring about beneficial cosmetic and medicinal remedies. This led them to experiment with raw cereal, where they eventually discovered how to make a finely milled colloidal oatmeal bath.

The Mayo Clinic, a trusted nonprofit academic medical center, proved the Musher brothers oatmeal treatment to be effective in treating eczema sufferers. It is still widely used by people who have issues with eczema to this day. The Aveeno brand was ultimately formed out of these findings, with their name originating from the Latin word for oat, “Avena sativa”.

As of today, Aveeno works with scientists and health professionals such as dermatologists, pediatricians, pharmacists and scientists to continue discovering new and healthy ingredients in nature for cosmetic use. Their formulations have been scientifically proven to relieve damaged skin and hair, and their products are regularly recommended by professionals in the health and wellness fields.

Environmental Concerns

Aveeno strives to be environmentally ethical and responsible in their manufacturing processes. In their packaging, they attempt to use less material and include more recycled and recyclable material. They are now owned by the consumer goods and manufacturer company Johnson and Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, whose stated goal is to “support a healthy future for people, the planet, and business.” In addition to this, Aveeno supports “community development and beautification”.

Although Aveeno is advertised as an all natural, sustainable skin and hair care brand, they do mention that at times, implementing non-natural ingredient alternatives is a necessity, for quality, safety and efficacy reasons. The most common reasons they will use ingredients that are not natural is for the purpose of preserving certain products or ensuring their products are as effective as they can be.

As for animal testing, Aveeno says on their site that they do not conduct animal testing anywhere in the world, “except in the rare situation where governments or laws require it”. Their reasoning behind this logic is that they will not ever compromise on the safety or efficacy of their products, but will also not stop seeking alternatives to animal testing.

Aveeno sells several categories of skin and hair protecting and nourishing products. The main nourishing ingredients from nature that Aveeno uses are Oat, Soy, Blackberry, Feverfew, Wheat, Shiitake, Southernwood, and Lotus. For body care, products include:

  • bath treatments
  • body washes
  • cleansers
  • creams
  • lotions
  • moisturizers
  • shaving creams
  • sprays
  • scrubs
  • treatments

With body care solutions for:

  • dry skin
  • sensitive skin
  • dark spots
  • relaxation
  • eczema
  • sun protection
  • redness
  • moisture
  • anti-itch
  • anti-aging and firming

For skin care Aveeno offers:

  • bath treatments
  • body wash
  • cleansers
  • cream
  • eye cream
  • lotions
  • makeup removers
  • moisturizers
  • night creams
  • sunscreens
  • rubs
  • treatments

Skin solutions for:

  • dry skin
  • sensitive skin
  • dark spots
  • sun protection
  • redness
  • moisture
  • anti aging/ firming
  • dull skin
  • acne
  • calming
  • color treated

Sun Treatments:

  • lotions
  • moisturizers
  • spray
  • stick
  • sunscreens for dry skin and babies

When it comes to Aveeno hair products, they sell conditioners and shampoos, with hair care solutions for:

  • sensitive hair
  • relaxation
  • eczema
  • breakage prone hair
  • sulfate-free

Finally, the Aveeno product collection for babies puts to use Oat kernel, Oat kernel flour, Glycerin, Mineral oil, Sodium benzoate, Acrylates, Coco-glucoside, Polyquaternium-7, Guar Gum derivative, Dimethicone, Cetyl alcohol, and Isopropyl Palmitate.

  1. Oat Kernel Extract: A distilled liquid that is produced from oat kernels. It is used for natural moisturization and works well for eczema.
  2. Oat Kernel Flour: A powder produced from the fine flour of oats. It is used as a skin protectant that locks in moisture and prevents dry skin.
  3. Glycerin: A naturally occurring vegetable derived moisturizer. It keeps the skin hydrated and maintains the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  4. Mineral Oil: A gentle skin conditioner that protects the skin from moisture loss.
  5. Sodium Benzoate: A common preservative used to keep products fresh. It “extends the shelf-life of many personal care and food products including baby washes, toothpaste, mouthwash and foods like salad dressings and jams.”
  6. Acrylates: C10-C30 Acrylates are molecular compounds used in various lotions, washes, and kinds of toothpaste. They “thicken and stabilize skin-care products to make them easier to use when bathing your baby. Some babies are allergic to natural-source thickeners, but these compounds are safe and hypoallergenic.”
  7. Coco-Glucoside: A mild cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin’s natural oils; derives from coconut. It helps glycerin seep into the skin.
  8. Polyquaternium-7: A conditioning agent found in shampoos and conditioners; hydrates the skin; hypoallergenic compound that helps to condition and moisturize skin and hair.
  9. Guar Gum Derivative: A natural thickener derived from the guar bean that grows mainly in India and Pakistan. Guar beans are a vegetable. It helps to thicken bath products solutions, hair conditioners, and skin-care products while giving moisture to the skin.
  10. Dimethicone: A silicone that acts as a skin conditioner and protectant found in many lotions. Works as a skin-conditioning agent that protects the skin barrier from moisture loss and forms a natural seal that keeps hydrating ingredients locked in.
  11. Cetyl Alcohol: A solid alcohol compound that is derived from palm oil and is used in personal care products. It helps to thicken products, increase foam in cleansing, and prevent separation of other ingredients.
  12. Isopropyl Palmitate: A colorless liquid derived from coconut oil. It provides moisture to the skin to keep it smooth and soft.

Aveeno’s whole baby collection includes:

  • daily care
  • eczema therapy
  • soothing relief
  • calming comfort
  • continuous protection

Their baby products are pediatrician recommended, paraben free and phthalate free, and hypoallergenic.

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