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BaByliss Reviews | Everything You Need to Know

BaByliss: A Leading Brand in Hair Styling Innovation

When it comes to haircare, a lot of people want nothing short of the very best. Having the right tools to be able to style your hair efficiently is always a huge help, which is why more and more brands are trying to come forward with high-quality, innovative products that customers can use. One particular brand that stands as one of the most well known of this kind of BaByliss.

BaByliss, Paris, is a company that has always tried to innovate and set the industry standards for various kinds of hair styling tools. The company has one of the most extensive ranges of hair straighteners, curlers, blowers and a lot more.

However, these premium styling products come with a pretty high price tag compared to much of their competition. Are these salon-level styling products worth paying professional-level prices?

Big on Innovation

Being able to come out with products that stand out from their competitors has always been one of the guiding principles of the BaByliss company. Because of this, the company has developed some of the most innovative products within their industry. The products that BaByliss creates are visually appealing, and efficient at the same time. For those who want hair styling products that do more than what they should, and which offer you nothing short of the very best, BaByliss products are the one to go in for.

One of the reasons why innovation has been such a strong stand for the company is because of the foundation that it was built on. The company was first started as a brand that could offer high-end products to salons. In its initial years, it worked closely with salon professionals to understand the needs of their customers and the improvements that they could make to their styling tools. By paying close attention to the developing needs of the customers, the brand was able to put forward a brilliant range of products that could even be used by people at home.

The Three Ps

When it comes to the products that they offer, BaByliss likes to follow the idea of the three Ps, which are performance, precision, and protection.

Being able to perform at maximum efficiency was one of the main criteria for the products that the brand wanted to sell, which is why there is so much attention to this facet of the products. When trying to style hair, salon professionals need tools that are absolutely precise and which don’t fall short in any way.

Protection is also a big facet of the products that the brand sells. A hair styling tool can be the most efficient, but if it causes a large amount of damage, its usability goes down by a significant amount. BaByliss knew that their products needed to have some measure of protection in place to ensure that their products did as little damage as possible to the customers using them.

Because their ionic hair styling products such as hair straighteners and curling irons do less damage to hair and are more comfortable to handle, BaByliss products are also regarded as safe enough for everyday use, causing far less hair damage as compared to other products. Many users see this as a good reason to pay the higher price for BaByliss styling products.

Design + Functionality

BaByliss products are not only known to be innovative but are also known to look amazing. The brand knows that customers don’t just want a product that performs well, but something that also looks worthy enough to be displayed.

At the same time, the brand knew that their products would have to have functionality incorporated into the design to make it even more appealing. With every product launch, BaByliss has consistently showcased products do truly stand out, not only because of the way they look but also because of the way that they perform.

Product Ranges

There is no doubt that different kinds of hair styling activities need different tools. Salon professionals don’t always recommend their high-end tools for everyday use, and sometimes, common hair styling products aren’t as efficient as the professional ones. BaByliss recognized this early on, which is why the brand has three primary product ranges that it releases its hair styling tools in.

1. BaByliss®

BaByliss’ main product line is designed for those who want hair styling tools that can help them look their very best on a day to day basis. The brand has some of the widest range of products under this category, and all of them are incredibly efficient in their way. One of the products that particularly stands out within this category is the Pro Digital 6000E. This hair dryer is one of the most advanced and efficient hair dryers and can do its job incredibly fast. Because of how well it works, this hair dryer is not only being used by customers at home, but also those using it on a professional basis. In addition to hair styling tools, BaByliss also has a few skincare products that can help customers get beautiful and glowing skin.

2. BaByliss® For Men

BaByliss For Men is a product range that is specifically designed for the male grooming needs. Currently, the product line includes a wide range of hair clippers and shavers to offer men an incredibly easy shaving experience. This product range has been receiving a lot of recognition from customers all over the world because of how well it works and protects the skin at the same time. Because of how well the product works, shaving no longer is a chore that men have to partake in on a regular basis.

3. BaByliss® Pro

BaByliss Pro is a category of products that are specifically designed for salon use. These products are known for being some of the most highly efficient styling tools on the market and are considered to be incredibly useful for a variety of hair styling activities. This line was specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of salons and the full range of customers that they get. Salons have to be ready to work with customers who have a variety of hair types, which is why it is essential to have products that can work well with all types and textures of hair. Keeping that in mind was a priority when creating these products, which is why BaByliss® has been able to come out with such a versatile line of professional grade hair styling tools.

Professional Tools Based On Research

Being able to research their market base properly has always been one of the primary ways in which BaByliss has been able to accurately create hair styling tools that work well for all hair types. Currently, the company has three research and development centers in which innovators work closely with salon professionals to device products that stand out from the ones already available in the market. Because of the in-depth research that the company always conducts, they have consistently been able to produce top quality hair styling tools that professionals would opt to use.

BaByliss Pros and Cons

As mentioned above, the brand’s major strengths are its reputation and its ability to create styling products that are highly effective but gentle enough for everyday use. The higher price point may be seen as a weakness, but again, BaByliss products are close to professional salon quality. For consumers who have a more delicate hair type or who uses hair styling tools frequently, it may very well be worth the additional money to purchase BaByliss products.

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