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7 unique CBD skincare products

Your largest organ is your skin. What you put on it can have profound effects not only on the way your skin looks and feels, but also on your health overall. CBD expert Shiona Redmond says, “CBD extracts can be absorbed through the epidermis layers of the skin to interact with cannabinoid receptors located on skin surface cells. With the skin being the largest organ of the human body, what we put on our skin doesn’t only affect the skin, but it can have long-lasting effects on our health and general wellbeing.” Many people are familiar with cannabis as a remedy for health issues. But few know about CBD skincare products and the incredible benefits they offer your skin and health. Here are seven of the best CBD skincare products that we think you’ll love.


One of the best places to use a CBD skincare product is on your face. This is because of how many people report that CBD facial serums are able to improve redness, irritation and dry skin.

Your face deserves a little extra TLC. So why not give it the best? Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum is an award-winning CBD facial serum. Fermented with beneficial plants, each bottle is rich in vitamins and minerals to reverse signs of aging and calm irritation. Their customers love it so much that “95% would recommend to a friend.”


Lip balm soothes and conditions delicate cracked lips while protecting them against everyday environmental aggressors, like the sun and dry conditions. CBD lip balm is the thing to help you out with your everyday moisture needs.

The only way to achieve a perfect pout is by applying lip balm on it regularly. Cannuka’s Hydrating Lip Balm is made with Manuka honey and CBD for a unique blend that works morning and night.


CBD lotion is a great, natural way to moisturize your skin and soothe aches. Not only does this topical product help the appearance of your skin, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can reduce pain.

Wink’s Body Salve is made with organic and natural ingredients, and it is cruelty-free. This body salve is made to both relieve muscle tension and moisturize the skin using shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, essential oils, and CBD. It lasts for hours, and you can reapply two to three times per day.


The benefits of using cannabis-infused soaps are obvious, they’re an incredibly effective way to cleanse your skin without harsh chemicals. They can even help you relax and get into the zone before school or work.

We love Wildflower’s all-natural CBD Vanilla Soap. This soap is made with all natural ingredients, including coconut oil and essential oils. This gentle yet powerful face and body cleanser lathers into a rich and soothing foam, gently cleansing your skin without drying it out.


CBD face masks are all the rage. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich mask that’s making waves for its incredible skin benefits.

The Hemp Clay Mask from Hey Bud is a popular product on the market today that has been drawing in tons of users because it’s a good solution for acne scarring and dry or oily skin. Combining CBD and clay makes for an amazing facial mask. Plus, it works for people of all ages and skin types.


Bath soaks are a grounding experience that help to heal your mind and body. The soothing properties of the CBD in the bath soak will provide an easy way to relax after work, or just before bedtime. You can also use these for a calming massage or to help relieve pain from arthritis, insomnia, headache, nausea, and more.

Releave’s Restore Bomb has 75 mg of antioxidant rich CBD to make your bath feel like magic. The bath bomb also has arnica to reduce inflammation and a gorgeous blend of essential oils to help you drift off into relaxation.


CBD hand creams are a great way to make your hands soft. They have the ability to soften skin and aid in cell regeneration, which means they will help improve your skin’s texture by increasing elasticity and reducing inflammation.

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector is made for ultra-dry hands. It hydrates for up to 24 hours, and it is especially good for people who wash their hands often. It isn’t greasy–just hydrating.