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5 must-have international beauty products

The beauty industry is worth billions, both worldwide and in the U.S. But beauty standards around the world vary. What’s popular in the States probably isn’t what’s in overseas. In France, the red lip remains iconic. Korea is all about fresh skin. If you’re over American trends, trying international beauty products is a great way to break out of your beauty box. That’s because international beauty products are slowly on the rise. But that haven’t all broken through. So why wait until these items trend in the West? Get started with these five best international beauty products you can incorporate into your routine.


This Japanese beauty product ensures you get the bang for your buck. The Aura Dew highlighter by Shiseido is a multi-use highlighter that you can easily layer on your cheeks, eyes and lips. This highlighter comes in the shade rose gold and leaves a glamorous metallic finish. According to the product’s description, “this multi-dimensional highlighter suspends ultrafine, silver, and gold Japanese pearls in a cushiony, transparent base that melds seamlessly with every skin tone.”

Not only is this product popular in Japan, beauty editor of Marie Claire Hungary, Júlia Dócozy believes this is a perfect highlighter for the Hungarian woman. Hungarian makeup tends to be subtler, as Dóczy says practicality is important. This highlighter is great for her “less is more” approach, and emphasizes whatever feature you apply it to. The Shisedo aura dew highlighter claims to keep you sparkling for up to 12 hours.


French skincare line Renée Rouleau’s Triple Berry Smoothing Peel ia guaranteed to leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. This professional-strength, at-home chemical peel helps fix damages to the skin, lifts brown sun spots and clears up any clogged pores you may have. This peel has gotten the A-list approval, as singer Demi Lovato named this as one of her favorite masks. Ingredients includes berries rich in antioxidants, with five skin smoothing fruits AHAs, BHA’s and enzymes that all help clear the skin.

Not only is this product amazing for the face, this peel also works for dry, sun-damaged hands, Keratosis Pilaris and sun-damaged chests. Renëe Rouleau claims this product works well for nine different skin types. To figure out your skin type, the skincare brand offers a quiz to make sure you’re purchasing what your skin needs. The triple berry smoothing peel should be applied as a thin layer, and rinsed 5-10 minutes later. It is typically recommended to use the peel 1-4 times a month.


Called “Britain’s best trendy lipstick,” the unicorn lipsticks by Lime Crime are a way to get high-quality pigment at an affordable price. These lipsticks are all about pay-off and comfort. Lime Crime’s lipsticks offer maximum coverage. And they ensure you won’t get that dry and cracked feeling that is synonymous with long-wear lipsticks. Just like all Lime Crime products, these lipsticks are vegan and cruelty-free. Lime Crime promises their formula will not cause blotchy patches or cause color to bleed. The color range goes from neutrals to bright and bold options. You are sure to find a shade that matches your mood.


Made in St. Barts, Linge St Barth makes sure all their products come from  “natural, locally cultivated raw materials from the island.”  Great for the skin and hair, the Linge St Barth avocado oil remains one of the brand’s best sellers. This vitamin-rich oil is versatile, moisturizing and rich, which makes it safe for daily use. Not only is it hydrating and relaxing, the oil supports the skin’s elasticity and has a regenerative effect. A full list of ingredients is available on the brand’s site (with a note that the ingredients are subject to change). Linge St Barth says an up-to-date list of ingredients is on the product packaging. Some of these ingredients include avocado, benzyl cinnamate and benzyl benzoate.


Founded by Jo Hargan, Mecca Cosmetica is basically the Sephora of Australia, where you can find a wide range of beauty brands and products. Mecca also has a beauty line of their own, and the Mecca Cosmetica Soft Focus Smoothing Primer is a must-try. Hargan says this primer is “a huge hit with customers, especially going into fall when women want more hydration and skin support.” The product is cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free. This primer smooths and nourishes your skin, improves the staying power of foundation, all while blurring any fine lines and pores.