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The best Peloton workouts that users love

Peloton has taken over the at-home fitness world. Becoming a Peloton member is an investment, costing about $2,500 for the first year and $500 each year after that. If you decide to make this investment, it is very useful to find the workout classes that are best suited for you. The Peloton community is growing. Die-hard groups on Reddit and Facebook are sharing the best Peloton classes you must take. So we rounded up the best Peloton workouts that Peloton members themselves recommend.


If you’re looking for the perfect mix of a productive workout and fun, Robin’s 30-Minute Lizzo Ride is one of the best Peloton workouts for you. Instructor Robin Arzón’s goal is to “[guide] Members past their limitations and excuses with inspiring, authentic anecdotes.” Many users describe this ride as their go-to, especially when they need some cheering up. One user wrote that the Lizzo ride pulls them “out of a funk” every time. To that, another Peloton owner replied, “Absolutely same! Whenever I’m in a funk and just want to spin my stress away, I hit play on that one and my mood is so much better.” This ride is also popular with a lot of pregnant women. Lizzo’s music gives the class energy, and Arzón uses her words of female empowerment to motivate users.


We don’t always have time for a long workout. So Emma’s 10 Minute Core Strength class is a great way to get a powerful workout in even if there’s not a lot of time on your hands. This class, instructed by Emma Lovewell, is very popular. In fact, it was the first Peloton class that members took more than one million times. Although this class isn’t new, Peloton members still use it often. One member wrote they keeping going back to this class because they’ve “taken it so many times and it still challenges” them. Lovewell’s goal is to have Peloton members train hard and enjoy it so much, they won’t realize the class has flown by.


Most Peloton classes include one instructor and one format. But there are some special classes that have two or more instructors. The “Two for One” or “All for One: cycling sessions are a great way to get to know the instructors. Many new members find that these classes help you find out what instructors work for you and which ones don’t. Because of the mix of instructors, the ride is not one specific workout. “Each instructor takes a song, so each song is a little different workout,” wrote one Peloton member. “Some climbs, some tempo, intervals, etc. The energy stays high.” Check out Pelo Buddy’s list of Peloton classes with more than one instructor.


Instructor Cody Rigsby’s 30-Minute Pop Ride is a member favorite for its pop playlist. This class is a good choice if you went a simple yet fun workout, because it has a lower difficulty level. Rigsby is a former personal dancer who brings that energy to his classes. A lot of members reported breaking their own personal record, or PR, during one of Rigsby’s classes. That includes this 30-Minute Pop Ride. “All of the chatter and fun music kept me so distracted that I managed to PR,” wrote one member. “The fun rides with lower difficulty ratings are easy for me to sustain all of the target metrics.”


Stretching is important for the body. It can improve your range of motion and athletic performance. Adrian Williams’ 10-Minute Full Body Stretch class is a quick way to incorporate stretching in your routine. And it’ll help improve your flexibility too. Peloton members report that this class focuses on hip flexors, forearms and wrists. Are you looking to become more flexible? Williams recommends “any of [his] 10-minute hip flows because the benefits are so obvious and encouraging.” Williams is a popular instructor when it comes to stretching. That’s because, while some instructors speed past the stretches, Williams “gives you time to settle in the stretch and really feel it.”


This cycling class, instructed by Denis Morton, is full of ’80s throwbacks songs. It’s one of the best Peloton workouts for beginners because it includes a 12-minute warm up and allows you to tailor the intensity to your liking.  Morton suggests settings during the ride but encourages members to “choose their own adventure.” One user describes this class as “low-key but not necessarily low impact.” Morton is a fan-favorite instructor because of his encouragements and “the way he talks about body mechanics.” Not only are you working out, but you’re learning about what your body is doing at the same time.