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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man (Under $100)

Celebrate your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with a gift that says, “I love you. I see you, and I want you to be happy even though you annoy me some days.” A Valentine’s Day gift is the perfect time to buy your man that special something he’s been waiting for. 

Whether your special someone is a “I just want socks” type guy or a buys-everything gear head, shopping for husbands and boyfriends can be a challenge to shop for. Fortunately, we’re here to help you pick out something sweet that’s equal parts thoughtful and whimsical, surprising and exactly what he didn’t know he wanted.

Some shoppers take Valentine’s Day beyond the limits of frivolity and shop ‘til they drop — all in the name of loveeeee. But to protect your budget, we reviewed top gifts and gadgets that cost less than $100. Whether your man is into gaming, food, whiskey, or the great outdoors, we have a Valentine’s Day gift he’ll love almost as much as he loves you (and for less than a hundred bucks).

Our Top Picks for the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

For the Whiskey Lover: Do Your Whiskey DIY Infusion Set 

For the Homebody: The Comfy Original  

For the Traveler: Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

For the Coffee Lover: Chemex Coffeemaker Bundle 

For the Sport, Outdoor Guy: Tribit Waterproof Earbuds


For the Whiskey Lover: Do Your Whiskey DIY Infusion Set

If the man in your life is a whiskey lover, and he already has a collection of fancy bottles to rival an Irish pub, here’s a gift that will really turn up the spice (and we mean that literally). Pair those snazzy bottles of spirits with this infusion kit that lets him customize the scents and flavors of his favorite nightcap. 

Turn his office into a secret distillery with this DIY whiskey infusion kit. How does it work? The kit has 12 glass vials — that look like a chemistry set — filled with herbs and botanicals to create custom flavors. There are three types of wood chips and six botanicals. 

He can craft a custom concoction with the kit by placing the desired wood and botanicals in one of two empty whiskey bottles. Then, pour in a favorite whiskey, let it sit, soak in the flavors, and, of course, strain before drinking.


For the Homebody: The Comfy Original

Crush this year’s Valentine’s Day gift with an oversized hoodie that makes nights an absolute treat. The outside is plush and soft, but inside the oversized hoodie is where the real magic happens. With a luxurious sherpa lining, it feels like sleeping in a cloud.

The best thing about The Comfy, other than the apt name, is that you can do your thing and move about your home comfortably, and the blanket-hoodie doesn’t get in the way. If your house is cold, you can wear this hoodie and work, do the laundry, make meals, or beat another level of your favorite video game. 

Like the Sisterhood (Brotherhood?) of the Traveling Pants pants (hoodie), the Comfy is a one-size-fits-all piece of fabric magic. Newly redesigned and slouchier than ever, the Comfy is sure to keep your bae warm during your next Netflix marathon.


For the Traveler: Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

Give him the gift of adventure this Valentine’s Day with these compression cubes that will help him pack more into less space. If your man gets uber-stressed when it’s time to head to your fave vacation spot (and packing his bag takes ages), he’ll benefit from these compression cubes. 

While you should store clothing items like suits and fancy dresses in garment bags, all other clothing can be safely stored and compressed in these cubes. Compression cubes will help him reclaim up to 50% of your luggage space. He’ll be able to bring more clothes or leave wiggle room to bring home treasures you two find in your travels.

This Gonex set comes with six versatile cube sizes, perfect for packing everything from socks and underwear to that puffy ski outfit he’s been dying to wear.


For the Coffee Lover: Chemex Coffeemaker Bundle

Is your man one of the 65% of Americans who reaches for a cup of joe each day? Treat him to a Chemex that turns the chore of brewing coffee into a moment you two can savor and enjoy. 

Chemex’s pour-over design allows you to brew delicious coffee without counter-cluttering gadgets or landfill-bound plastic coffee pods. While having an advanced espresso machine in the kitchen would be a real treat, those are very pricey, take up a ton of space, and have quite the learning curve. 

A Chemex combines all the luxury of a gourmet coffee shop with the space-saving simplicity of a modern, minimalist kitchen.


For the Sporty, Outdoor Guy: Tribit Waterproof Workout Earbuds

Because hikes and long runs are so much better with music, gift your guy these wireless workout earbuds. These have all the qualities he needs to be safe and comfortable on his next outdoor exercise sesh. Safety first: These earbuds have a transparency mode, which allows the wearer to hear ambient sounds like cars or other athletes nearby. Second of all, the over-the-ear hooks prevent the constant slipping and twisting you’ll experience with dot-design earbuds. There’s really nothing more annoying than an earbud flying into traffic when you’re in the home stretch of a long run.

They have a IPX8 water-resistance rating, which means they won’t miss a beat, even in heavy rain and sweat conditions. And, best of all, the battery life is insanely good, so even if he lives his life in low-battery mode, these headphones will pretty much always have a charge. They offer 15 hours of continuous listening time (and 65 hours of listening, with the quick-charge case).

For the audiophiles out there, these headphones have a whopping 24 different EQ styles, so your man can dial in the listening experience to fit his specific music tastes.

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