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Boscia Reviews | Everything You Need to Know

Boscia describes itself as skincare science developed around botanicals. They have researched which plants have natural cleaning, healing, and protective properties, and use these botanical ingredients in their products with the help of pharmaceutical grade equipment and facilities. Because of their unique manufacturing process, Boscia is able to provide preservative free skin care products.

Boscia Products

Boscia botanicals address all skin complexion types and issues. For acne prone skin, several natural ingredients are effective in treating, cleansing, and preventing future breakouts. The Charcoal Spot Corrector combines the oil absorbing properties of charcoal with the proven bacteria-fighting power of willowherb. If you are looking for a tough cleanser but you do not want dry out your skin, the Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Complexion Clearing Clay gently exfoliates skin with green clay to leave a smooth complexion.

Nature can reduce pores naturally with white and pink charcoal. Boscia’s peel-away Pink Charcoal Mask contains clay from France. Japanese white charcoal reduces pores when applied as a fine mist. The setting mist prepares skin for makeup, and the invisible charcoal provides all day oil and shine control. In order to decrease the visibility of pores, apply a toning rosewater mist.

Boscia’s Rosewater Mist is combined with witch hazel, which helps prevent pores from clogging, and aloe vera. To remove oils, refine, and detoxify skin, try Pore Purifying Black Charcoal Strips. They are press-on, peel-away premade nose-shaped cloths. When applied to the nose, the charcoal, peony root extract, and silica powder effectively pull out the dirt leaving you with a tighter, cleaner complexion.

If you are tackling dry skin, this skincare company knows how crucial balance is. Excessive moisturizer can leave the skin feeling oily, and not enough hydration makes the skin tight and dull. Their PH balanced toner starts with lavender water to relax the skin and minimize pore visibility. Added to the moisturizer is a blend of rosemary and serine. Serine is an amino acid that provides balanced moisture and soft suppleness. Rosemary extract increases blood flow, which brings out a natural glow.

The Tsubaki line of skincare products created by Boscia is specifically formulated to provide intense moisture to the facial cells. Tsubaki oil is extracted from an Asian flowering plant called Camellia. The oil is an antioxidant similar to vitamin C, and it encourages collagen growth. In the Swirl lotion, a cream and a gel are twisted together to make a full-spectrum hydration product. Because of its carefully balanced formula, the moisturizing pair softens without leaving an oily film. It also contains Omega-6 and 9, which carry the moisturizer deep into the skin’s surface.

Succulents, which are plants that include cactuses, are known for their ability to retain moisture. A succulent called Queen of the Night fuels the Cactus Water Hydrating Cream. This prized plant carries with it a sheer moisturizer. Boscia designed a combination of the Queen cactus and aloe vera to provide maximum hydration with minimum heaviness.

For a proprietary plant blend with the ultimate in moisturizing power, apply the overnight super-charging complex. The rehabilitating cream decreases fine wrinkles while restructuring the skin’s surface. The blended cream holds much needed nutrition and water in the skin. If the skin can keep its own vitamins, it can protect and heal better. Spanish lavender is extracted to create a product that fills fine lines. Orange flower increases and promotes blood flow, and extract from the soybean slows the breakdown of facial collagens. These combinations of extractions boost elasticity and tone. In additional to all of that, willowherb and jojoba add another layer of damage control and visible repair.

Are you looking for spa-quality facial masks? Boscia offers a sample pack of facial masks. This allows their clients to experiment and have a little fun trying out a variety of scents, treatments, and colors. The four packs are delivered with two packages of one of the most popular mask, the Luminizing Black Mask. This skin care mask detoxifies skin by pulling grime and blackhead-causing oils from the pores. It has been clinically proven, and everyone that tried the mask in the trial declared that their face felt 100% clean and 100% less greasy, every single participant. Almost 85% of the participants testified after using the facial mask their skin felt firmer and appeared glowing. The botanical ingredients are French clay, which pulls dirt and dead skin off, extractions captured from bark of Maritime trees, and rosemary. The soothing extracts from the eucalyptus plant are combined with jojoba to leave your skin feeling energized and revitalized.

In this same skin care pack, clients receive one Green Tea Mask, which is used to control oily skin, and one package of the Sake White Peel-off Mask. The white mask gently improves the surface texture of delicate facial skin.

Good for Different Skin Types

Choosing the right cleanser is the beginning of the perfect complexion. Combination skin is a common condition, and it can be frustrating trying to moisturize dry patches of your face while not greasing up oily areas. Boscia’s Purifying Cleanser Gel gently sweeps away dirt while leaving natural oils. The gel contains hydrangea leaves and geraniums, which add a pleasant scent. Dry skin can be washed with Tsubaki oil cleanser. It is a gel designed to lift away dirt and oil. The gel wash is infused with many Asian influences, such as seaweed kelp from Japan and oil extracted from rice.

For a truly unique cleanser, try Jelly Balls. Currently they are available in pink Tsubaki and black charcoal. Jelly balls are squishy, like a water balloon. You hold the ball in the palm of your hand. Run water over it to activate it. The ball will begin to foam. Rub the soft ball around your face to wash it. Rinse after you have ran the ball thoroughly over your face. When you are finished, simply put the Jelly Ball back in its carrying case. It will be fresh and ready to go when you are.

Boscia Pros and Cons

Boscia botanical facial products are free from preservative and heavily plant based. All of their items are individually crafted for specific complexion needs. There is a cleanser and treatment line for acne, and they have a regiment to help refine and protect aging skin. The extracts and plant-based ingredients are expertly explained in fine detail.

Boscia products are several times as expensive as the skin care products you could buy at a drugstore or supermarket, but they get good customer reviews. Aside from the higher price tag, the only downside is they do not offer an affiliate program. After trying the products, you might just want to become a distributor, but you must be an authorized dealer.

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