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Cholas x Chulas beauty products review

Cholas x Chulas is the barrier-breaking beauty brand that’s been a long time coming. After all, the beauty industry is growing more diverse. And now, Cholas x Chulas is proving one-size-fits-all beauty is a thing of the past. Nydia Cisneros founded Cholas x Chulas in April 2018. And part of her goal was to remedy the lack of Latinx representation in the beauty community. The brand operates between Mexico City and Los Angeles. It strives to bridge the cultural gap between the Latinx community in both locations. So Cholas x Chulas is all about combining Latinx culture with nontraditional beauty. We took a look at four of the most popular products in the line for our Cholas x Chulas review. Are these beauty products worth the price?


A staple in chola-inspired makeup is a bold eyeliner. Cholas x Chulas offers three different liquid eyeliners in the Ride-or-Die Eyeliner Kit collection. They’re called Get Lit, Mi Corazón and Cosmic Star. Each kit comes with a dual-ended black felt tip eyeliner with a stamp tip on one of the ends. In theme with the names, each liner has its own stamp. Get Lit’s stamp is a marijuana leaf. Mi Corazón’s is a heart stamp. And Cosmic Star comes with a star stamp tip. The henna-based formula makes the stamps last longer.

True to the out-of-the-box style of the brand, this liner is a great choice for those into graphic eye looks. Every kit comes with on-theme temporary tattoos, and self-adhesive rhinestones. These accessories give you the tools needed to step out of the box with your makeup look. Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Kirsten Coleman called the face rhinestones and liner stamps some of her favorite products. If you’re not into wild eye looks, the classic black felt tip pen is a good option for beginners. That’s because felt tips are easier to control and more precise. The Ride-or-Die Eyeliner Kits retail for $15.95.


Chola x Chula’s Buchona lip gloss gives a glamourous glossy look for an affordable price. The name embraces the Mexican slang term “buchona.” The word describes women with gaudy and flashy taste. This lip gloss has an aloe-vera-based formula that’s not too sticky and leaves your lips looking softer and healthier than before. (You can find a full list of ingredients on Chola x Chula’s website.) The brand offers four lip gloss shades. There are two pinks, Buchona Pink and Chicle Pink. Morena is a nude gloss. Classico is clear. And it’s safe for you to use these glosses beyond your lips. For example, you can try using the Classico clear gloss on your eyelids or cheekbones for a glossy finish. Buchona lip glosses cost $10.50 each.


As warmer weather approaches, you’re sure to see eye gloss more and more. Cholas x Chulas Kushy California Glaze is a great option to give you that wet, shimmery look. What makes this glaze special is its formula. That’s because its formula contains hemp oil extract. And that make it the first luminous pigment plant-based color glaze. This product has insane pigment payoff and a wonderful texture. Plus it even hydrates your skin. The glaze is buildable, and it leaves a glossy finish that doesn’t give you that cakey makeup look or feel. Cholas x Chulas offers four Kushy California Glaze shades. Choose from @Guerxs, Thin Mint, Acapulco Gold and @TheLittleBeast. Each Kushy California Glaze retails for $16.99.


Beyond its makeup, Cholas x Chulas also sells its own cruelty-free soaps. The Abundance Soap is a pure vegetal soap. And the company makes it only in small batches. They hand pour it and air-dry it for 10 days. They designed this soap to relax you inside and out, and to leave your skin feeling dewy. The formula blends essential oils, natural essence, olive oil, vitamin E, shea butter and glycerin. But we especially love how it smells. This soap’s scent is of warm earth and wood. It comes on a rope and with a unique bracelet hand-woven by artisans in Guerrero, Mexico. Which is a nice touch. You can by the Abundance Soap for $14.99.


With this beauty brand, Nydia Cisneros embraces Latinx women through every product. And it’s clear she wants to share it with beauty lovers of all types. Cisneros believes Cholas x Chulas embodies boldness and in-your-face looks. This is an edgy beauty brand. So these are great products for you to experiment with bold styles. They offer value, quality and a fun experience.