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Clairol Reviews | Everything You Need to Know

Clairol: A Revolutionary Brand in Hair Color

Perhaps one of the world’s best known brands of hair dyes and products is Clairol. Many people don’t know that Clairol has been around since 1956, when the company released its first hair color kit that could be done at home. At the time, the concept of an at-home hair color kit was revolutionary and Clairol has continued to be one of the leading innovators in the hair color industry ever since.

Clairol’s mission is a simple one: to help women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin (and hair!). While the company has branched out slightly in the innovation sector, it has always stayed true to its main focus of providing the best possible hair color products.

Clairol Company Background

Even prior to 1956, Clairol has an incredibly fascinating history that is centered in Paris, France. It was discovered by fashionista Joan Bove in 1931. It was the era of the depression and Joan Bove was an upscale woman who was known for her incredible beauty and sense of style. She traveled to Paris with her husband, Lawrence Gelb, where the two discovered Clairol, a hair dye that changed the way hair dye was perceived and revolutionized an industry.

Prior to the discovery, hair dye was often seen as a negative thing. The dyes that were available simply coated the hair, creating an extremely harsh color. When this harshly dyed hair was seen on a woman, it immediately came with negative connotations because it looked cheap and brash. However, Clairol actually worked to deeply penetrate the hair shaft. This penetration produced a very soft and natural color that could not only conceal grays but could often pass for a natural color. The couple purchased Clairol and struck up a business in New York City that immediately took off.

When Clairol launched in 1956 it was the very first line of hair color that change the hair color as well as condition and shampoo, all in one. The company launched with the advertising campaign of, “Does she…or doesn’t she?” This campaign showcased how natural Clairol looked.

Along the years Clairol has had many notorious advertising taglines, most written by female copywriters. Those campaigns include famous lines such as:

  • It Lets Me…Be Me!
  • If I’ve only one life…let me live it as a blonde!
  • The closer he gets, the better you look.
  • SHAKE UP what your mama gave you. Find the color you were born to have. (Current slogan)

The company has also had many other innovations, including 1-800-CLAIROL. This was a revolutionary hotline that allowed women to call in for absolutely free color advice. It also launched the first hair dye to come from all natural ingredients in the ‘90s, as well as the first 10-minute hair color.

Clairol Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the company’s biggest strengths is its desire for innovation and passion to always be on the cutting edge of what women are looking for. The brand’s other biggest strength is its tireless passion to genuinely make women feel good about themselves and feel beautiful in their skin. Overall, Clairol receives very few negative reviews and is generally seen as a good value for the money.

Perhaps one of the most frequent weaknesses that those who review Clairol find is the fact that very long hair often requires two boxes. However, many people often rebut that statement with the fact that if Clairol provided a lot more dye to accommodate those who choose to have extremely long hair, a lot of product would simply go to waste for those with short to medium hair. Also, many people with long hair find that Clairol is affordable enough that it isn’t much of a burden to purchase two boxes. Many users appreciate the fact that the company isn’t wasteful with the amount of product it offers based on the average user with average-length hair.

Overall, Clairol is affordable, yet is one of the highest qualities of hair colors available on the market. It truly rivals salon-quality hair dye and makes sense to purchase if you plan to do a full color at home rather than pay salon prices. The 10-minute wait time is definitely preferable over the 30-minute wait time of traditional colors. Also, the fragrance after the dye is actually pleasant.

Below is a brief overview of some of the products that Clairol is best known for:

  • Nice N Easy: This is a permanent color that Clairol is probably best known for. It comes in over 50 shades and has a gentle formula that conditions while dyeing the hair.
  • Natural Instincts: This is a semi-permanent color that is gentle on the air and ammonia free. It is also available in 12 shades of Crema Keratina, which contains Keratin, which is great to promote healthy hair.
  • Root Touch-Up: Just as the name implies, this is a permanent dye that provides complete gray coverage and is designed to be used in between full dyes to touch up the new growth. It is also available in a temporary product, called Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder.
  • Perfect 10: This is a permanent dye that works in 10 minutes and is a high-gloss crème. It is available in 14 different shades.
  • Shine Happy: This dye is within the Natural Instincts line and is not a permanent dye, but does add an incredible amount of shine.
  • Ultra Lift: This is specifically designed for dark haired women who want to lighten several shades.
  • Balayage for Brunettes: This provides ombre highlights specifically for brunettes.
  • Balayage for Blondes: This color line provides ombre highlights specifically for blondes.
  • Born Blonde: This revolutionary dye lightens up to 6 color levels in one step, which is amazing for women with dark hair who want to go blonde.
  • Frost & Tip: This product is specifically designed to give blonde highlights by utilizing the hook & cap method.
  • Natural Instincts Haircolor for Men: Available in five shades and is specifically designed for men.
  • Textures & Tones: This dye is specifically designed for relaxed or natural hair. It is available in 13 different shades that are designed to provide a great deal of moisture while coloring the hair.

Clairol has come a long way since 1956, and now offers a wide variety of hair coloring products and dyes for both women and men, as well as different colors and textures of hair. It’s affordable enough for just about anyone’s budget and gets generally positive reviews.

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